Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! There is so much to love right now, the holidays are right around the corner and we’ve been having some amazing fall weather this week.

o n e

I have shared my love for ALDI a few times, but here is yet another reason to give ALDI a try:

ALDI to go Full Organic, Bans Pesticides and Rivals Whole Foods as the Healthiest Grocery Store

I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I am so excited about the changes coming to the store and I will definitely be expanding my grocery list when shopping there.

t w o

Metallica’s new ablum was released this week, as well as their rendition of Enter Sandman with classroom instruments on Jimmy Fallon. I love these!

t h r e e

The Joe Biden memes are everything this week. If you need a good laugh, please go check them out. There are so many articles going viral right now about the memes and here is one about the man behind the memes.

f o u r


Heather invited me to be her guest at Wine Women & Shoes last night benefiting the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation. It was such a fun night towards such a great cause.

f i v e

In case you missed it, I shared this week that I will be running the Chicago Marathon next October with Team RMHC. It feels way too real now that I have actually announced it to the world. I’m so nervous already.


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