my thanksgiving weekend in photos


greg had to work on wednesday night, so we visited him after i picked the kids up from their camp day at school.


we enjoyed the very last little bit of cool weather.


i swore i wouldn’t get on the ferris wheel again, but they dragged me up for another go around. it actually wasn’t as bad as the first time and you can’t beat the view of the christmas lights.


thanksgiving morning started with a four mile run with about 18 other mamas and our friend richard. it was a great way to start the day and the weekend.


we hosted grammy for thanksgiving. it was a great meal with a delicious apple pie. we ate too much and watched a lot of football.


crosby didn’t have any thanksgiving dinner and woke up friday morning feeling yucky. it turns out that he had strep throat and unfortunately our doctor didn’t offer any black friday specials. bummer. we ended up at the target pharmacy and i was pleasantly surprised that target wasn’t crazy at 9am on black friday. he started feeling much better by friday evening.


after some errands on saturday morning, we headed over to port canaveral for the race expo. we hit up the florida brewing company and the kids got to play games while we tried some beers.


we stayed the night in port canaveral on saturday night for my race this morning. the kids had fun staying at the hotel and getting out of the house.


i ran the space coast half marathon this morning and had an amazing race, but i have been feeling it the rest of the day. i will post a recap and more pictures this week.

we had a great thanksgiving day and especially loved hearing all of the things that the kids are thankful for. we loved having grammy visit and we had a great time over on the coast. it’s back to reality tomorrow.

how was your long weekend?

3 thoughts on “my thanksgiving weekend in photos

  1. What a super fun weekend. So sorry about strep hitting your house – I hope your other little stays healthy. Way to go on those runs, girl! That’s great.

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