Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

o n e

On Tuesday, the 5am running crew got together for a little holiday get-together. It was great to actually see each other in real clothes and make-up. It was also the same day that the Chicago Marathon announced who was accepted through the lottery, so we celebrated! Majority of these ladies are running the marathon in October and I am so excited to be on that crazy journey with them. Related to this, I came across this great article this week: 8 Reasons Why Mommy Needs to Run and I love it.


t w o

Greg and I went to the Magic game against the Clippers on Wednesday. We knew more players on the Clippers than the Magic this year and I’m still bummed that Oladipo is gone, but we had a good time and loved spending some time together! We headed out early to run a few Christmas errands…’tis the season!



t h r e e


These crazy kids had pajama day at school yesterday. It is hands down the best day of the year in their eyes (and I don’t blame them). They also got to watch a movie, eat popcorn, and drink warm cocoa. The week before holiday break is the best! Pajamas are from Old Navy, here and here.


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We’ll be back next year for more Friday I’m in Love!

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