my weekend in photos


my morning run got cancelled due to the nasty weather so we headed to the y, which was crazy packed. greg and i headed out for a run in the rain after dropping the kids off and it was so fun.


we had some gloomy weather on saturday, so we headed down to i-drive to do some touristy things.


our first stop was the orlando eye! it was our first time up in the eye and it was really fun. we’ll definitely go back when the weather is nicer to hopefully see more.


our next stop was the sealife aquarium. kenley and i have been on a field trip, but it was the first time for the boys.


checking out the scuba diver!


our last stop was madame tussauds which was actually really cool. i definitely would like to go back when it is less crowded.


the rain brought in some chilly weather which made for a cold run this morning. it was 36 degrees, which felt like 31 and i now realize i do not own warm running clothes. brr.


warming up with hot lattes!


after church and lots of meal prepping, kenley talked us into going to the park. these florida kids didn’t last long.


we didn’t either.


we had a good weekend with some great winter weather. how was your weekend?

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