my [long] weekend in photos


friday date night.


10 miles on saturday with the girls. we headed to the cross seminole trail for a change of pace. it was a great run.


we had these crazy kiddos over for dinner on saturday night. they had such a great time.


sunday park time!


after a hard workout at the y and a trip to aldi, i spent a couple hours in the kitchen doing some serious meal prep. i knocked out some breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week.


this is where greg spent most of the weekend, with a special appearance of one of our rental cars (that’s a story for another day). we took on a big project and it looks great! i’ll be sharing soon!


just in case you needed a smile going into the week.


we had a great long weekend. we did some work around the house, watched football, and saw some friends.

how was your weekend?

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