my weekend in photos


friday night sunset.


friday was parents’ night out at the y, so we went out for dinner and drinks while the kids had a blast playing.


our run on saturday was a struggle, but at least i got to see these lovely ladies.


we headed to legoland in the afternoon.


riding the horses!


after an unsuccessful attempt to ride the new ninjago ride, we headed back towards the end of the day to try one more time and walked right on! it was super cool.




after a morning of homework and meal prep, we headed outside before the storms rolled in.

when we got the bikes out, i asked kenley if she wanted to take her training wheels off. she ran inside to ask greg to take them off. after two tries, she was on her way! she did such a great job!


we had a good weekend! today was hit or miss due to some poor listening ears, but kenley is so excited about her training wheels coming off!

how was your weekend?

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