Candy-Free Valentines

Thanks to Pinterest, I really love making valentines, especially candy-free ones! This year was no exception! I chose two super easy options that fit the kids perfectly. Kenley loves her fruit and veggies, so she is giving little clementine cuties to her classmates. I associate all things nautical with Crosby, so as soon as I saw the nautical themed valentines to go with the Pirate’s Booty, I knew they would be perfect.

You’re a cutie!

I had all of the supplies needed for the valentines, aside from the clementines, which I picked up at ALDI. I put these together while catching up on How To Get Away With Murder over the weekend and they were super quick. The party bags I had were too tall, so I cut them down after I had assembled the valentine. You can also get the smaller party bags if you’re buying them specifically for the valentines.

The supplies needed are as follows:

candy free valentines

candy-free valentines


I also had all of the supplies needed for these valentines too, aside from the Pirate’s Booty which I had delivered in just two days, thanks to Amazon. I technically didn’t even have to leave the house to make these and I just love how they turned out.

The supplies needed are:

candy free valentine

 toddler valentine

Seriously, these were so easy and so cute! If you still need more ideas for candy-free valentines, you can see my past valentines here, here, and here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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