monthly miles {february}

February has already come and gone! Here is a quick recap of my monthly miles.

Total miles: 46.06 — It was definitely a light month thanks to a round of antibiotics due to bronchitis.

Fun places I ran: All of my runs this month were at our usual spots, either starting at the YMCA or at Starbucks. I also ran on the treadmill at the Y more this month which is fun when there is someone to run with!


Races I ran: No races this month!


Favorite running thing this month: The first thing is my LED running light. This was free in my swag bag from the Celebration half marathon and I really love it! There is no brand name on it so I am assuming it’s a generic light used for promotional purposes, but it gets the job done. I wear it around my ankle for our early morning runs. The other thing is podcasts! I listened to more podcasts this month thanks to my treadmill runs. I am still loving I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein and a new favorite is Ali on the Run.


Longest run: 8 miles on two separate Saturdays. I opted to stop after 8 miles instead of doing 10 miles one of those days and my body thanked me later.

Non-running workouts: PIYO! I finally got back to piyo this past Saturday and I am so happy. I have missed it tremendously! I also got in several workouts on the elliptical at the Y, which was nice. Update on last month’s goals: I failed miserably at keeping up with BBG. I just couldn’t really get into it. I started out really strong with the plank a day challenge for February but quickly got sidelined thanks to the days of coughing. I started it back up afterwards, but didn’t ever get back to doing planks daily.


Next month: I am looking forward to a lot of fun miles in March in different places. I have two races and we are going away for spring break so I’ll have a lot to report back on at the end of the month.

Happy running!

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