Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday and happy March!

o n e

I am rarely on Facebook these days, but I happened to see a friend post about a food chopper that she just ordered. Considering all of the food prep we’ve been doing, I immediately ordered it. The Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper is the jam! I first used it for bell peppers and wasn’t a huge fan because they turned out pretty watery. I used it next for onion and cilantro and it was amazing! I think I chopped the peppers too fine so I probably will try them again. Overall, I’m a fan. It’s so fast and easy!

t w o

Greg and I really love iced coffee (with vanilla and cream) and it’s our go-to drink at Starbucks. Greg did some research and found a copycat recipe from Starbucks themselves! He’s been grinding, pressing, and icing coffee each week for us and it’s so good!

t h r e e

Thank you Target for the best shirt of the year. Both of my kids got a new Strong Like Mom shirt to sport. Bravo, Target, bravo!

f o u r

The Hoosiers got a big win last night in the Big Ten tournament giving us a glimmer of hope for making the tournament. Either way, we’re ready for March Madness! Bring on the basketball!


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