Friday I’m in Love…on Saturday

Happy Friday and happy April! Apparently I haven’t shared my loves in about a month (and I can’t even get them posted on the right day), so we have a lot to catch up on, let’s get started.

o n e

In the world of sports, college basketball and March Madness has come to an end. I am sad to see basketball go, but I am excited about the new regime at IU. UCF ended their season in the final four of the NIT tournament, so that was exciting! Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to any games this year, that’ll be a goal for next year. Greg is thoroughly excited that baseball is back. He also opted to sit out of fantasy baseball this year, so watching games has been more laid back than it has been in years. Let’s go Mets!

t w o

This just in, parenting is hard. Here are a couple of good articles I’m loving lately: 9 Reasons Why I’m The Mean Mom, Not The Cool Mom and Dear Working Mom. Also related, I’ve been listening to the Simple Families podcast and Denaye has some really great episodes.

t h r e e

I don’t know why it took me so long to try coconut milk, but I’m obsessed. I’ve completely replaced my coffee creamer with it and I had it on my cereal this week. It’s delicious! My new drink at Starbucks is iced coffee with vanilla and coconut milk. I swear I’ve been talking about it all week. As far as dinners go, we’ve been having a lot of our usual favorites, but we are definitely adding these grilled shrimp tacos with avocado salsa in to the rotation. Yum!

f o u r

We were late to the game with watching Moana, but Greg randomly brought it home a few weekends ago so we finally watched it. It is SO good! I think Greg and I may have liked it even more than the kids. We’ve also been listening to the soundtrack nonstop on Spotify, which is just as amazing as the movie. If you haven’t seen or listened to it, I highly recommend it. We also saw the new live action Beauty and the Beast the day before we left on the cruise. It was also really good!

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What have you been loving lately?!