5.5 Years Old

Kenley is five and a half!


She continues to thrive in school and VPK. We are rounding out the end of the year in just over a month then she will officially be a kindergartner. Registration and orientation  at her new school are just a couple weeks away. While she is thrilled, it’s going to be an adjustment for me. They’ve been talking about going to kindergarten a lot at school. Her teachers encourage drop off at the door to help start the transition and her class has been eating lunch in the cafeteria, rather than in their classroom. Each little thing she tells me, I get tears in my eyes. We also have been reading Kindergarten, Here I Come and The Night Before Kindergarten. Both of the books are super cute and I highly recommend them. She rarely takes a nap anymore at school, but will still take nap at home if she’s tired enough.


Outside of school, she’s currently playing soccer. This is her fifth season! I can’t believe that it’s already been two years since her very first season. She is playing with the same team that she played with in the fall and it’s been a really fun season so far. Once soccer is over, we’re considering starting basketball or gymnastics in the summer. If you ask her, it will be gymnastics. She loves to be outdoors, ride her bike (without training wheels!), and swim in the pool.


Continuing with the half birthday tradition, here are some of her favorite things:

Color: purple and pink and violet
Food: candy, carrots, apples, and stawberries with sugar on it
Thing to do: find Easter eggs
TV show: the cartoon Rapunzel
Book: the You Choose book
Part of school: run on the playground
Dessert: chocolate cake with donuts on top
Brother: Caleb
Construction truck: a purple dump truck
Song(s): Fight Song (Rachel Platten)
Lunch: peanut butter and jelly (sunbutter)
Animal: cheetah
Outfit: a dress

Happy half birthday Kenley!

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