3.5 Years Old

Crosby is officially three and a half years old as our month of half birthdays comes to an end.


He is doing so well in school and receives great academic reports from his teacher. The not so great reports come in the form of “jumping from cot to cot during nap time”, “climbing the bookshelf”, or “standing on the chair”. There was a solid week this spring where we received a call every day due to some sort of incident report that needed to be signed. He also gave us a scare this past weekend at Disney which resulted in a visit from the paramedics (stretcher and all!) at the resort. He got a nice goose egg on the back of his head coming down the water slide and ended up acting very strange around dinner time. Thankfully, we think he was just dehydrated and there was no need for the stretcher. I can’t say enough about how amazing the Disney staff and paramedics were though!


Crosby started his first season of soccer this spring! I’d be lying if I said it’s been a fun experience. After seeing how interested he was in the fall with Kenley’s team, we thought he would go out, practice, play, and love the sport. Our expectations were way too high. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of tears during both practices and games. He will occasionally play in the game if Greg or I run around with him. He will even run up and kick the ball, but is upset when someone takes it away. We have a few games remaining, so hopefully he turns a corner, but I am not getting my hopes up!


Below are some of Crosby’s favorite things:

Color: red and orange
Food: apples and pears
Thing to do: go to school
TV show: Paw Patrol
Book: Cars
Part of school: the swings
Dessert: gummies
Sister: Kenley
Construction truck: bulldozer
Song(s): Tooty Ta!
Lunch: sandwich
Animal: tiger
Outfit: bathing suit


3.5 years notes
Weight – Probably around 35 pounds
Height – Around 38 inches according to the theme park rides
Hair – Light brown/dark blonde
Teeth – A full set of 20
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 3T and some 4T; size 10 shoes
Diapers – Size 2T/3T undies
Likes – Legos, taking apart Legos, doing puzzles, Moana and Maui, sleeping, swimming, ice cream, the Moana soundtrack, school, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, reading books, picking up sticks, brushing his teeth, pancakes, riding his balance bike, playing at the park, doing whatever Kenley does, dinosaurs, cuddling, hugging
Dislikes – soccer, throwing up, getting woken up in the morning, getting into trouble

Happy birthday to our favorite little man!

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