monthly miles {april}

We are creeping back into the heat here in Florida and it’s only going to get worse!


Total miles: 52.48


Fun places I ran: Disney World! Other than that, just the normal routes in our area.


Races I ran: Run Disney Dark Side Half Marathon — I am working on a full race recap to come with a lot of pictures!

Favorite running thing this month: REST. As much as I hate to say it, I took a FULL WEEK off this month from running and working out. Following spring break, I was having what I thought to be groin pain. I stopped my first long run of the month after two miles because I didn’t want to push it. I ended up at the chiropractor and he said it was my hip flexor and psoas muscle, as opposed to my groin. Aside from resting, I have been focusing on stretching. I ran my race last weekend and it hurt pretty badly on Monday, but has healed up nicely this week. I definitely will be listening to my body over the next few months. I want to go into marathon training completely healthy!


Longest run: 13.44 miles

Non-running workouts: I got on the elliptical a few days this month. I say it every month, but now that I don’t have any races on the calendar, I will be doing a lot of strength training in the coming months.


Next month: I am dedicating the month of May to fundraising for Team RMHC and the Chicago Marathon. If you’d like to donate to a great cause, visit my Team RMCH page!

One thought on “monthly miles {april}

  1. Good idea…listening to your body. Wish I could have heard mine talking to me February 11 while I was walking way too far and too fast on the beach 😏 sprained ligament still hurts. 🙁
    This, too, shall pass, but it just takes longer for “my people.” 😂

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