Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! I have been seriously slacking on my Friday loves, but I want to pop in one more time before the Friday posts go on hiatus for the summer.

o n e

The gap x wonder woman collection is amazing! I wanted everything, but settled on a t-shirt for Kenley and a running tank for me. Both are so cute!

product photo

t w o

The 2018 Simplified Planner covers have been revealed and I am in love. I am certainly not wishing away 2017, but I am already looking forward to my new planner for 2018. I am leaning towards the Fancy Floral, but I also love the classic Happy Stripe. What is your favorite? I am also so excited about the new updates to the weekly version.

t h r e e

The month of May has been a whirlwind of fun things happening now that school is winding down. The kids finished their soccer seasons, we went on their class field trips to SeaWorld, and Kenley has started gymnastics! She’s had two classes and loves it! She immediately requested a leotard too. These girls definitely look the part!


f o u r

Now that I have researched this, I now know the coffee nut M&M’s have been around for almost a year, but I just found out about them. They are a-mazing! I am telling you to go buy some but also warning you that they are addictive! I’ve only bought one bag which are now gone, but I have wished I had them several times since.


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What are you loving this week?


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