Marathon Training {Week 2}

On October 8th, I will be running the 40th Chicago Marathon as part of team Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Another week has come and gone. Here is the breakdown for week two.


I rode on the spin bike on Monday morning while I read my book for class. It felt good to be working out and doing something productive for class.


I did the same speed workout as I did in week one, 8x400m. My goal was to jog rather than walk during the 90 second recovery from the 400m. I definitely walked a lot less and I still hit my goal pace of 8:15-8:30. My splits ranged from 7:56-8:26.


Rest day!


I was aiming for consistent splits of 10:15 on Thursday for my tempo run. My splits were: 10:22, 10:16, 10:13, 9:55, 9:53. I was happy that my last two miles were the fastest, but that wasn’t the goal. Overall, it was a good run.


Heather and I did the elliptical to celebrate her birthday! I did three miles and I was feeling it in my feet. I had a busy day of work and was on my feet most of the day. I rolled on an ice bottle on Friday night in preparation for my long run on Saturday.



Due to the holiday weekend, there were only a few of us running on Saturday. We got in 12 long miles in the hot and humid weather. Afterwards, we took a family trip to the Y and I did piyo. It was hard, but I knew I wanted to get a good stretch in after my run.




I had a 4 mile recovery run planned but didn’t want to set my alarm, so I started just after 7am. I ran 1.5 miles then stopped by to get Kenley for the next 2.5 miles. She rode her bike and chatted with me during my run. It was so fun.

Week two is in the books!