Marathon Training {Week 4}

On October 8th, I will be running the 40th Chicago Marathon as part of team Ronald McDonald House Charities.


I went to the Y and rode on the spin bike while I read for class. #multitasking


Speed work was on the agenda. I did my first ladder workout for a total of six miles.

1 mile warm up – 10:17
400m – 8:09
90 second recovery
800m – 8:21
90 second recovery
1200m – 8:26
90 second recovery
1 miles – 8:38
90 second recovery
400m – 8:21
1.75 miles cool down – 10:30

I hit or exceeded all of my goal paces for my workout and I felt really good.



Rest day!


This was supposed to be a tempo run, but it definitely did not turn out that way. My splits were 10:10, 9:48, 9:27, 10:10, 9:16. After the first four miles, I knew I wasn’t consistent so I picked it up on the last mile just so I could be done. It was a struggle and we were all really happy to be done.



I took an extra rest day this week.


My alarm went off at 3:42am for our 4:30am start time. We ran a route from Oviedo that took us through two different counties. Overall, I was really pleased with my run. It was better than our 14 mile run last week and we added on two miles! The last two miles were definitely hard and my legs were feeling it, but I ran my longest run ever — 16 miles!! I also found out later (the hard way) that I had some pretty bad chaffing, so I’ll definitely be taking measures to avoid that in the future.





I slept 10 hours Saturday night and it was much needed. I got in a five mile recovery run and shared two miles with Kenley while she rode her bike. It was hot!

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