Marathon Training {Week 10}

On October 8th, I will be running the 40th Chicago Marathon as part of team Ronald McDonald House Charities.


I rode on the recumbent bike at the Y and listened to a podcast. It felt good to get my legs moving.


For the hill workout we ventured out to run an overpass in the area. I did one mile warm up, 4 miles of hills back and forth on the overpass, and one mile cool down. It was a good change up from our normal speed workouts on Tuesday. I felt really good after my run, which was much needed. It had been a while since I had a really good run.



Rest day!


Heather and I started early and did 3 miles before meeting up with the group for another 4 miles. 7 miles total at a 10:19 pace.



Another rest day!


We met up at 4:30am for our long run on Saturday. We ran the little loop which is 2 miles, then headed out on the long loop for another 12 miles. The last 3 miles were supposed to be at marathon tempo pace and my last 2 miles were the fastest miles of my run at 10:06 and 9:26. Overall, I felt really good during and after my run. It was also great to see Kayla who I haven’t ran in a long time.






I put off my run all day long as I was still trying to recover from my late night on Saturday night. I finally got out the door just after 5pm and got in 5 miles for my recovery run. It felt pretty good but my legs were definitely sore as the night went on.


Six more weeks until race day!

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