Marathon Training {Week 12}

This has felt like the longest week ever as we have prepared for the hurricane to arrive in Florida. I also can’t believe I am less than a month away from race day!


Rest day!


Tuesday was a nine mile repeat ladder workout with target paces:

1 mile warm up
400m (8:15-8:45)
800m (8:30-9:00)
1600m (8:45-9:15)
x 3
2 mile cool down

I crushed this workout. My ladder times were as follows:

400m (8:22), 800m (8:40), 1600m (9:02)
400m (8:24), 800m (9:01), 1600m (9:00)
400m (8:40), 800m (8:46), 1600m (9:13)

It felt so good to run nine miles before work. I was on a runner’s high most of the day.




I headed to the Y after work and rode on the spin bike.


After coughing during the night, I woke up feeling pretty crappy so I skipped my early morning run. We ended up getting out of work early due to hurricane prep and I had every intention going to the Y to get in some treadmill miles, but once I got home, I went right to bed.


The kids were out of school so we headed to the Y for a little bit. I ran and walked three miles on the treadmill. It was hard and I was really worried about my long run on Friday. However, it was good to sweat a little bit.


The training plan called for 18 miles, but we weren’t sure what weather to expect on Saturday morning. We were all okay with trying to get in as many miles as we could and calling it a day if needed. There was a little bit of lightning during the first 8 miles or so. We stopped at Publix at mile 5 to pick up the second group of girls for our run. We figured we had their cars if we needed to stop at 13 miles. We got out to our 9 mile turnaround and it was drizzling a little bit. The rest of the run was great though. We stopped at our usual McDonald’s at refill our Camelbaks between miles 10 and 11. From there it seemed like we were outrunning the dark clouds. It started drizzling a little bit again at mile 17 which was by far the hardest mile. I was mentally and physically done at that point. It was my slowest mile of the day, but I finished all 18!




Afterwards, we headed into the Walmart Neighborhood Market for some last minute “necessities”.



I got in 4 recovery miles on the treadmill at home since we weren’t in any position to run outside. Thankfully, I had no excuse but to run since we were cooped up inside.

Hopefully, Irma doesn’t interrupt any runs this week, but only time will tell! One more week until it’s taper time!


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