Marathon Training {Week 13}

Happy Monday!

Hurricane Irma really impacted this week’s runs, but I pieced them together to get as many miles in as I could.


Rest day/hurricane day. I only left the house to walk around the block and we didn’t have power, so I couldn’t get in a treadmill run.


I skipped the early morning run on Tuesday due to barely sleeping (on the couch). I got in four miles quick miles around my neighborhood with the hopes of trying for speed work the next day. I also checked out the storm damage along the way.



Since we stayed at the hotel on Tuesday night, Heather offered to meet me for a run on Wednesday morning. I realized at 4:45am that I forgot to pack socks, so we settled for 3 miles together (me being sock less). I did some weight training once I got back to the hotel. After we got home, I put on shoes (and socks) and headed out for 5 more miles in the heat.





Heather and I did 2 miles on the treadmill before meeting up with the group at 6am for 4 miles outside. The 4 miles were a mix of running and walking and chatting.



Rest day.


We met at 4am to start our longest long run of training. Due to different schedules, there was only 6 of us that ran on Saturday. We had a large loop planned out, but ended up doing 11 miles out and back for our total of 22 miles. It was a hard, but good run. The last 7 miles were directly in the sun between 8am and 9am and it was downright hot. We were all on the struggle bus at that point. Our route ended about a half of a mile short so we got in a little recovery walk after it was over.


This run was a challenge physically, but also mentally and emotionally. We shared stories of how supportive our families have been and how amazing our friends are. We were treated to Starbucks coffees after we returned from our run from our friends, in addition to an onslaught of sweet and encouraging text messages. I teared up just reading through them. I’ve been blessed with such an amazing support system throughout this journey.




I was supposed to get in 5 recovery miles on Sunday but I arrived at the Y a little too late for 5 miles. I could only get in 2.5 miles before childcare closed. The miles felt pretty good considering how tired my legs were. 2.5 miles are better than no miles!

Less than 3 weeks until race day. Bring on the taper!

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