Marathon Training {Week 14}

It was another weird week following week 13 and hurricane Irma. Greg left town on Sunday to visit his brother in Colorado.

Monday & Tuesday

Rest days due to single parenting duties, soccer practice, and open house. I was also still recovering from my 22 on Saturday, so I didn’t really mind the two days of rest.


I pushed my 5 mile speed workout to Wednesday after work when Greg got home. The workout was 400 repeats:

1 mile warm up
400m (8:15-8:45)
Recover (90 seconds)
Repeat 8 times
1.2 mile cool down

My 400m splits were 8:18, 8:32, 8:45, 8:30, 8:19, 8:29, 9:43, 9:28. The 9:43 split was only .14 miles which was my own fault for hitting the lap button unintentionally on my watch. Overall, it was a good workout. Afterwards my calf was really bothering me. I spent the rest of the evening rolling it.



I woke up with a very sore calf on Thursday so I opted to skip my 6 mile run. There was no need to push it this week. I knew I needed to let it rest and heal.


Another rest day.


Thanks to taper time, we only had 12 miles on Saturday. I ran intervals with Heather during the run which was a great change of pace. My calf hurt afterwards, but I spent the rest of the day moving it to keep it loose. I also got a pedicure and wore my calf sleeve the rest of the day.




I went out for my recovery run at 1pm on Sunday. It was hot. I got in 3 miles and felt pretty good. It was good to get my legs moving though I was dying of sweat when I got home.


Two weeks until race day!

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