monthly miles {october}

After running the biggest race of my life, running took a backseat to all of the other fun activities we had this month.

Total miles: 50.8

Fun places I ran: Chicago! This will go down as the best place I ran all year.


Races I ran: The 40th anniversary of the Chicago Marathon.


Favorite running thing this month: The Lululemon Train Times 6″ Short. These shorts got me through a lot of long runs and a marathon. I wore the black ones on race day.

Longest run: 26.2 miles and I earned the title of marathoner.

Non-running workouts: I went to piyo and boot camp this month. I really have missed piyo and I hope to make it to class more through the end of the year. I did boot camp for the first time this past weekend and I really liked it! The class went by quickly and it was a great variety of strength and cardio. I also did the stand up paddle board while we were in Mexico which I loved.


Next month: My next race is the Celebration half marathon in January, so I’ll continue running and training for that race over the next month. My long runs will decrease significantly from what I’ve been doing the last four months, so I am looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to running for fun and not being tied down to a training plan.

Happy running!

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