my weekend in photos


kenley and i had a girls night out on friday. we saw my son pinocchio jr. at her school! we knew a few girls in the show so it was super fun.


on saturday, we headed to hollywood studios! the weather was nice and cool but got colder as the day went on.


crosby was so excited to meet bb8!


hanging out with the storm troopers.


cruz from cars 3!


greg and kenley rode the tower of terror before we left. kenley said she half liked and half didn’t like it, but then said it was her favorite thing of the day.


sunday run day with the girls. it was freezing! it felt like 34 degrees out.


gloves and socks to keep our hands warm. we’re not used to this.


our advent calendar activity was building a gingerbread village!


we ended our productive sunday with instant pot chili and chocolate chip cookies with friends.


these boys are incredible!


we had a fun weekend.

how was yours?

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