my weekend in photos


on friday, i toured the future site of ucf downtown.


tijuana flats for dinner with friends.


legos and pajamas. he’s in heaven.


post-church meal prep!


the nice weather has returned! beers and football on the veranda.


we were determined to get her tooth out today. daddy got it out on first try!

we had a very low key weekend, which is why there were very few photos documented. it was much needed.

how was your weekend?

One thought on “my weekend in photos

  1. Love the glasses. Kemler Cash, also in Kindergarten, lost that same tooth Friday at school! His daddy was there visiting for their MLK peace march and program. Laidback weekends are the best!
    If I knew your number, I could send you some pictures of new grand 👶Just retuned last night after a visit “up North “ ❤️
    Have a great week. Wish I had all my meals planned out like that 😊
    Good job.

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