Smile Mile {2018}

On Saturday, Kenley ran her first Smile Mile! The races were broken down by age and gender, so she ran with the other six year old girls. She ran representing her school, TLE, which had the third most runners out there on Saturday!




We were excited to see her head out of the corral. She did a good job hanging towards the back of the pack at first to avoid the chaos. In the race prior, several six year old boys got trampled out there!

We didn’t get to see her run the mile so we headed over to the finish line to wait for her to come in. She came in jogging, looking all confused about why we were cheering for her, in just under 11 minutes!




It was so fun to see several of her friends out there running! The weather was also amazing. It was a great morning of running.



We’re already looking forward to the Smile Mile next year!

2 thoughts on “Smile Mile {2018}

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