4.5 Years Old

Crosby’s half birthday snuck up on me a little less considering Kenley’s was last week. I made a point to go back and read Kenley’s 4.5 year old post because I love seeing how similar they are to each other. I made a comment about how great age four is and I fully believe that to be the case. I think it continues to get better, but there is such a big difference between the ages three and four. Crosby has been no different. He is truly a little boy now and is still as sweet as ever (most days). He continues to be such a cuddler, lover, and a hugger. He’s always up for a snuggle or wants to hold a hand.


On the other hand, he’s a wild man. He’s constantly active and when he gets excited, he talks a mile a minute. If he doesn’t have your undivided attention when he wants to say something, he’ll be sure to get it. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard “mommy” more times in a minute than I do with him. He’s fearless in the sense that he will run, climb, jump, or flip on anything. He’s also scrapped up a lot too. His poor knees always have Band-aids on them. He skipped training wheels altogether and started riding his two-wheel bike just after his 4th birthday. After much debate, we opted to skip soccer season for him this spring, but we’re going to try out gymnastics this summer to see how he likes it.

We are still loving Crosby’s new school. He is learning so much and I am really impressed with his writing. He filled in a couple of lines on Kenley’s spelling homework this week and I had a hard time telling it was his writing instead of hers. His class goes on walking field trips and visits the businesses in our community, which is so stinking cute. He’s officially registered for VPK in the fall and only has one more year until he’s going to be a rising kindergartner.


One of the biggest differences between he and Kenley are their sleeping habits. They’re pretty much polar opposites. Crosby is much like his mama and Kenley is just like her daddy. C-man is not a morning person and occasionally has to be woken up to get ready for school. Kenley pops out of bed about the same time every single day and is immediately ready to start the day. It takes Crosby a while to wind down and actually fall asleep at night and for naps. Both of the kids nap on one day of the weekend, usually when it’s most convenient for us.


Crosby has really gotten into Star Wars since we started going to Disney. Hollywood Studios is our favorite park and his absolute favorite ride is Star Tours. He is constantly building with Legos and most of the time he builds his own versions of AT-AT walkers, TIE fighters, or snowspeeders. His book of choice for bed each night is one of two Star Wars books with all of the different stories in them. Somehow, I always end up reading the story where Darth Vader says “Luke, I am your father.” I’m not sure what else happens in any of the other Star Wars stories. We still haven’t watched any of the movies, but they are on the list for family movie nights.

Crosby Martin, you keep us on our toes and keep us laughing every single day.

Happy half birthday!

2 thoughts on “4.5 Years Old

  1. four is such a great age, independent enough, curious enough, but still little. My oldest is my better sleeper too. he falls asleep quickly and wakes up early (no matter what time you put him to bed) my youngest struggles to fall asleep and would sleep in to 10 if I let him. Oh well… life is fun when you are 4, even on the mornings you don’t want to see the sun

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