Friday I’m in Love {May}

It’s been a while (an entire year, actually!) since I’ve shared my Friday loves, so I am back! Misha and I will be turning this into a monthly gig, but I definitely wanted to bring it back because it’s some of my favorite posts to write. I also love hearing what you guys are loving, so please share!


{1} Summer is here and I was ahead of the game in the swim suit department this year. I was impressed with the Athleta catalog that I received in the mail, particularly the shape, body type, lack of airbrushing on the models, and of course the cute suits, so I thought I would check them out. I found the Offshore Reversible Bikini and Tankini and fell in love. I tend to go with more sporty suits and this one fit the bill. I ordered all three pieces online and they fit perfectly! I will definitely keep an eye out for more sales this summer.

{2} I’ve been taking graduate courses for a while now and I am currently on hiatus (hence the impending blog revival), so I actually have time to read for fun! I got the Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and I’m so excited to get some good use out of it this summer. I recently joined Goodreads to keep track of books I want to read, so please feel free to send me suggestions! Related, we all just got library cards at our local library. The kids were so excited to check books out for the first time. I am planning many trips to the library this summer!

{3} We just finished the season finale of Timeless this week. This show is so good! I will be devastated if it doesn’t get renewed for next season. We’re also getting back into The Crown on Netflix after a hiatus, especially after the royal wedding this past weekend. Give me all things royal family right now.

{4} The kids have been wearing Hanna Andersson pajamas for a while now and I may have already mentioned how much I love them. But, I am here to say how much we are still in love with them. The quality is unbeatable. It’s amazing how well they hold up after being worn and washed so many times. The regular price tag is high, but you can definitely find them on sale (like, right now!), which puts the price comparable to other brands. PS, here is a link for 20% off.

{5} The Letterfolk boards have been all the rage lately. I am currently eyeing the mini boards for my new office. I’ve been using ours for my favorite praise and worship lyrics, mostly because I’m not that creative with the sayings, but I love walking by it each day and reciting what it says. I also love following Letterfolk on Instagram and seeing all of the witty sayings that others come up with. People are so clever, I’m envious!

Happy Friday! What are you loving this month?


*this post contains affiliate links.

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