my weekend in photos


crosby had a rough week with croup, but he had his first tee ball game on thursday! overall, he did well all things considered.


after a short work day on friday, we were back on campus to tailgate before the ucf game.




friday night lights!


the knights win!


five miles before our busy morning.


between the four of us, we were three different places on saturday morning. work, soccer, and tee ball. so thankful for friends who treat my kids as their own, cheer for, and take pictures of while we weren’t there. it takes a village!


fort building on a lazy saturday.


another lazy afternoon on sunday. just what we needed.


i wish we would have started this on saturday. now i’m determined to finish!


after a busy friday and saturday morning, we did nothing the rest of the weekend. i really wanted it to be a true fall weekend with football and pumpkin spice everything, but it was still 90 degrees out, so we stayed inside. it was still glorious and a much needed chance to regroup before a crazy busy season that is right around the corner.

how was your weekend?

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