Shark Bite Half Marathon {race recap}

Back in January, I ran my first half marathon of 2019, the Shark Bite half marathon in New Smyrna Beach. Fun fact: New Smyrna Beach is the shark attack capital of the world… hence the race name.

This was my first time running this race. The best part about it was my dear friend from college, Kelly, was in town so we ran it together!



The morning started out a bit chilly (remember: January), so I had on a long sleeve shirt. I did not think, however, that we’d be picking up our race packet that morning and the race didn’t have a gear check. Therefore, I started the race wearing a tank, t-shirt, and a long sleeve shirt. Needless to say, the long sleeve shirt was stripped off very quickly once I warmed up.


We ran a solid 11 miles, then opted to do more walking for the last two miles. Overall, it was a fun race. Mostly because of the company. I loved getting to run and chat for 2+ hours with Kelly!



After the race, we got our beers and our pint glasses and walked along the beach. It almost felt colder with the wind coming off the water after the race, so it was a short lived beach walk.


Hands down, this was the largest medal I’ve ever run for!


Thanks for a good run, NSB!

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