my weekend in photos: happy new year

One resolution for 2012 is to start (check!) and keep up with the series my weekend in photos.
My cousin Misha has been doing it and I really enjoy seeing what they do each weekend.
So, here it goes!

someone special got me roses

kenley’s first disney trip: dinner at fort wilderness lodge

amazing weather this weekend to ring in the new year

born this way: ready to party

been dying to make these since i spotted them on pinterest. delish!

sipping monster on the rocks to ring in the new year

another pinterest find: turn your hangers backwards on jan. 1st and if you haven’t worn it by june 1st, get rid of it!

The Randomness Continues

Since this is your second look inside our pantry in about a week,
you can tell that our life is really exciting right now.
Deal with it.

To be honest, we actually were really excited to organize our pantry
after we got such a bangin’ deal on more of the OXO Pop Containers.

Yeah. $50 for a 12 pack at Sam’s Club.
Those of you who frequent Bed Bath & Beyond or Crate & Barrel regularly know
that these are not cheap. A 10 pack goes for $100,
and I’ve never seen them on sale.

We registered for some of them way back when
and completely fell in love with them.
So much so that we buy them for anyone who is getting married
(and who is registered for them of course).

So you can imagine our excitement when we saw them yesterday
as we were wondering through Sam’s Club aimlessly…
which can be very dangerous, fyi.

Now, everything is in it’s correct place
and sealed tight for freshness!

You would not believe how much space we freed up!

A Very Random Saturday

We had one of the most random Saturdays today.

Our community declared today
“Community Wide Rummage Sale” day,
so we walked around and tried to find hidden treasures,
such as a dresser we could fix up for the guest bedroom, etc.

What we did find was…

An ice shot glass maker set and a lava lamp
for a grand total of $7

To top it off, we got a nice cool beverage
from a lemonade stand
then a treat from the ice cream truck!

In total we walked about 5 miles today,
in about 90* weather, so we were spent!

Double Pepperoni

It had been a very long since we’ve enjoyed Pizza Hut…
until tonight!

Which sparked a conversation about Book It!
Remember that awesome book program back in the day
where you got stars on your button and free pizza from Pizza Hut?!


Don’t worry, there were several people enjoying the pizza and wings,
not just the two of us.


Homemade Treats

We made some homemade treats tonight!
Popsicles made out of Crystal Light Raspberry Ice Tea

We’re freezing them tonight and we’ll let you know how they are tomorrow!


Hippie Fest!!!

Tonight the UCF Arena hosted Furthur,
Furthur consists of Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, formerly of the Grateful Dead.
The crowd consisted of 99% hippies & 1% music lovers…
all of which were stoned.

Needless to say, it was some of the best people watching I have ever witnessed.
I may or may not be stoned right now, not entirely sure…
(the same can be said for anyone within a 1-mile radius of the Arena tonight)


I <3 Publix

I say this at least once a week.

Publix has the best sales, buy one get one free,
10 for $10 deals, everything.

Shopping really is a pleasure there.

I was all excited about the Lipton sides that were on sale today,
so I got 10 for $10, what a deal. Then I realized that
we already had 6 at home!

Guess what we’re having for dinner this week!

The Date is Saved!

Check out this adorable save the date we got in the mail this weekend!

I am so happy and honored to be standing next to Celeste
in her wedding in September!

It’s going to be a fun year for sure!