30 Days of Thankful :: Part III

In case you missed Part I or Part II.


// 19. // I am thankful that we are (were) getting close to closing on our new home.
// 20. // I am thankful that tomorrow is moving day.
// 21. // I am beyond thankful for our first home. It has served us well over the past (almost) 5 years.


// 22. // So thankful for this girl. Among many, many, many other things. Happy Thanksgiving!
// 23. // I am thankful for Christmas decorations.
// 24. // I am thankful for our new dryer. Even though we didn’t want to have to buy it.
Who knew a load of towels can be dry in 40 minutes on medium heat?


// 25. // I am thankful for our new house. And that we are turning it into a home.
// 26. // I am thankful for fresh, clean, tight sheets…there isn’t much better than that.
// 27. // I am thankful for technology. And for FaceTime.


// 28. // I am thankful for Christmas traditions, new and old. And for this elf, who has yet to be named.
// 29. // I am thankful for family. Immediate and extended. Near and far.
// 30. // I am thankful for our first real mailbox. Something that you definitely take for granted!

In an effort to be thankful every day in November, instead of just on Thanksgiving,
I realize there is so much more that didn’t make the list.
We have so much to be thankful for and we are doing a better job of intentionally being thankful.
Each and every day.

30 Days of Thankful :: Part II

I am continuing 30 Days of Thankful in November.


// 10. // I am thankful for the friendships we’ve made since moving to Florida. Every last one of them.
//11. // I am thankful for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve, for our country.
// 12. // I am thankful for Target and for being able to wander through the aisles uninterrupted.
Something that I took for granted for many years.


// 13. // I am thankful for this little side job that has big perks.
// 14. // I am thankful for HGTV.
// 15. // I am thankful for this one breakfast sandwich and for my husband
who remembered to put it in the fridge the night before when I forgot the three days before.


// 16. // I am thankful for my place of employment. Because, if nothing else, we have a good time.
// 17. // I am thankful for Christmas crafts and for taking my mind off the million things I should have been doing that day.
// 18. // I am thankful that this one is a good eater…most of the time. Something I take for granted.

30 Days of Thankful :: Part I

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably have noticed a trend in my posts this month.
Instead of just being thankful on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be a good idea to be thankful every day,
hence, 30 Days of Thankful, for the month of November.
I’ve seen a lot of different versions floating around social media, but I encourage you to join in on the fun!


// 1. // I am thankful that my little one loves the jogging stroller so we can exercise together.
// 2. // I am thankful for the proximity of our jobs, so we can have lunch dates at one of our favorite restaurants.
// 3. // I am thankful for stripes, because we (obviously) love them!


// 4. // I am thankful for Summit Church…and Jesus.
// 5. // I am thankful for sleeping babies (er, toddlers), because they are so cute and innocent.
// 6. // I am thankful for having the freedom to rock my vote.


// 7. // I am thankful for this laugh. The best sound in the world. How can you not love that face?
// 8. // I am thankful for (and looking forward to) the next chapter of our lives.
// 9. // I am thankful that I am a Hoosier, for college basketball, and for the Big Ten Network.

Sometimes it’s the little things, sometimes it’s the big things. We have so much to be thankful for.