my weekend in photos


i’m becoming a fan of sparkling water as a replacement for soda.


evening stroll friday night.


real wisconsin cheese from our wisconsin visitor.


taking a break while shopping.


playing with her new toy while we watch the hoosiers dominate!


cel was in town! so happy.


ryan’s third annual oyster roast, celebrating 30 big ones!


the dudes.


margot came to visit. kenley loved it, except she kept calling her “carly” (as in charlie, her brother).


kyler and kenley testing out the new bike trailer…
in the house since it was too cold to use it outside.


we had a great weekend with a great visitor and fun times with friends,
but we’re ready for the warm temperatures to return!

how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos


my weekend started very early friday morning, 4:30am est to be exact.
i headed to the other orange county for a quick trip and stopped over in houston on the way.


we requested to take the scenic route from the airport up the pacific coast highway.
you can see why. absolutely breathtaking.


i had to get my first in and out burger and fries, animal style.
delicious, i tell ya.


the hoosiers played at 9am in cali. 9am. how amazing is that?
we (the girls) watched the game, snuggled up on the couch in our pjs, eating kilroy’s breadsticks.
it was perfect.


that afternoon we celebrated our dear friend mandy and baby l.
many more pictures to come.


mbk and kirby threw the beautiful shower, it was perfect in every way.


meanwhile, greg and the nugget were home watching football.

Baby gear assembly extraordinaires. @cel779

celeste and i went to work after the shower assembling lots of baby gear for our bedridden friend.
we had entirely too much fun.


while i spent the day traveling across time zones, kenley was home being cute.


it was a very quick trip across the country, but it was worth every minute.
i had a great time with the girls and showering mandy with love.

how was your weekend?

giveaway :: sally sarah designs

I am thrilled to offer a giveaway today!

Sally Sarah Designs offers handmade baby bibs, taggie blankets, hair accessories, skirts, and more!

I am pretty sure Kenley has one of everything in her shop.
Some of Kenley’s favorites are the baby bibs, taggie blankets, and Sophie leashes.
Some of mommy’s favorites are the interchangeable headbands.

The holidays are right around the corner, so the winner will get a $15 shop credit
to buy a little something for someone else… ooooooor yourself!

And here’s a little treat for everybody.
Enter coupon code KENLEYDEE and get 15% off through Tuesday, November 27th!

Visit Sally Sarah Designs // Etsy // Facebook // Blog


Here are the giveaway details:

Giveaway ends Friday, November 23rd at midnight

One winner, chosen at random

One entry per person

To enter: leave a comment on this post & tell me your favorite item from her shop


Good luck!

Our Must Have List Part III

Here is Part I and Part II of our list.

Last I left off we had made it through the first seven months.

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

We use our high chair religiously, especially now that Kenley is eating solids on a regular schedule.
Even before solids, the high chair was a great place to let her sit and play.
I honestly wish I would have gotten it out sooner, so we could have put her in it when she was younger.
We especially love this particular high chair because it sits directly on a chair at our kitchen table.
Our eating area isn’t huge, so I didn’t want a bulky high chair taking up a ton of space.
When we have friends over, we remove it so we get the chair back, but it really does save space!

Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat

Kenley has outgrown her infant car seat, which is both happy and sad.
Happy because she was getting too heavy to lug around in that thing anyway and
sad because that means she’s not a little tiny baby anymore!
A friend recommended Britax to us when we were registering and we received the Marathon
before Kenley was born, so we used the convertible car seat as our second car seat,
and opted against buying a second base for the Chicco.
When it was time to buy another car seat, I definitely wanted another Britax.
I found last year’s model of the Boulevard still available for at a cheaper price, so I jumped on it.

Baby Bullet

This could go for any food processing device, really. We have been making Kenley’s food at home,
and this little guy has helped out in that process immensely.
We have some additional storage containers for the freezer and fridge, like the OXO Tot and Munchkin brands,
but we also use ice cube trays for freezing foods and toss them into a freezer bag.
This works especially well when we make a ton of food at a time.

Fisher-Price Whale of a Tub

This tub could have definitely made the last two lists, but it just missed the cut.
Sorry whale.
But honestly, we love this thing and Kenley loves it too.
We have used it since she was able to take a regular bath and are still using it.
The infant “baby stopper” piece comes out so she can sit in the tub and splash away.
Bath time is definitely one of our favorite times.


Items from previous lists that we still use regularly:

Boppy Pillow
Medela Pump in Style
aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets
Sophie the Giraffe
Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine and the Cloud b Gentle Giraffe


There you have it, probably the last installment of our must-have list.
What must-haves do you use that we left off?

my weekend in photos


playing with the girls after work on friday


visiting baby margot and charlie before running errands on saturday


eating lunch with us like a big girl.


then and now. kenley has just about outgrown her infant car seat.
it’s amazing how different she looks in nine months.


good thing our new car seat came this weekend!


we stocked up on lots of fruits and veggies. thank you whole foods.

loves to dance.


the rest of our weekend has been consumed by the olympics in london.




my weekend in photos

we have a two part update this weekend

part i: mommy/daughter weekend


friday night, we skyped with daddy since he was away for the weekend


saturday morning, michelle & i took the girls to buy buy baby for a little shopping and girls morning out
the store was awesome, especially since it’s only been open five days
we’re pumped to have one so close now


the girls got to ride in the back together for the first time


playing together


later in the day, cooper came to play with kenley
neither of them look thrilled to be having their picture taken


after bedtime, i enjoyed some me time and got to do some crafting


this is how sunday looked…and felt


thank goodness for wellies because kenley and i had to get out of the house
i think she was feeling the crappy weather too and was not happy about it


snagged this at tj maxx after running  walking briskly in with a 20+ pound baby IN the car seat
best $8 i ever spent at that store

part ii: daddy’s weekend away

greg headed up to atlantic city this weekend to meet his buds for the orion music festival
((the reason for the late post since he gets back today))


he got to meet miss lindsay, which i am pretty jealous about


america & metal (his words, not mine)


metallica about ready to take the stage, only his most favorite band of all time


day game in philly, which also made me pretty jealous


phillies v. rays


we both had wonderful weekends, but we’re sure glad to have daddy back!

how was your weekend?

32 weeks :: weekend away

We visited Grammy’s house this past weekend for the first time since
we celebrated Christmas in early December when Kenley was only seven weeks old.
She was such a tiny little nugget back then. Can’t hardly believe it.
I would like to think that we packed less this second time around,
but I don’t think we did,  I just think our necessities have changed.

 We left right after Kenley had her last meal and was ready for bed,
the car was locked and loaded and she was asleep as soon as we hit the highway.
She slept the entire way, which was our hope, and went to bed relatively easy once we arrived.
It was obvious the next morning that she knew we were someplace different.
She kept looking around side to side, quite hysterical actually.

Saturday was great, sleeping wise. Sunday, not so much.
You could tell that she wasn’t feeling very well all day,
between her teeth and some tummy issues, she just wasn’t a happy camper.
She actually let me cuddle her on the couch and take a nap with her,
which doesn’t happen often. I loved it, but hated that she didn’t feel well.
Bedtime was a challenge too, but we powered through.
Monday seemed to be a little better
and once we got back to our own bed, all was right in the world.

Some fun things that we learned during our weekend away:

Swimming is fun!


The Bumbo makes a great high chair for meal time,
which makes me feel better since we rarely use it at home.


Umbrella strollers are awesome and easy to pack (thanks Charlie for letting Kenley borrow yours!)


Never underestimate the power of a nap.


We love our cloth diapers (especially after using disposables again).
Even if you feel like you’ve over packed, you definitely forgot something you need.
Roll with the punches. She was definitely out of her element, but overall she did great!

32 weeks today!

Our Must Have List Part II

Here is our first must have list, in case you missed it.
Some items we still use everyday, like the car seat (obvi), breast pump, and Boppy,
and there are some things that we’ve grown out of  like the swing and the play mat,
but there are other new items that we’ve grown into that we love, so we want to share.
This list is probably more for months three to seven.

Fisher-Price Jumperoo

This was a hand-me-down that we are so thankful to have gotten!
I feel like it was just yesterday that we had to put my sports law book under her feet so she could reach the ground.
Now she can reach the floor perfectly and loves to jump around in it.
It plays music and lights up with is fun for her.
It’s also great because she can stay in one place and we know she can’t go far.

ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier

I love the Ergo, but we didn’t get it/start using it until she was a little older and weighed more.
We also have a Moby Wrap that was also a hand-me-down and it worked great when I was home with her
during the day and when she was a newborn and didn’t weigh as much.
The Ergo is so easy to put on and is very comfortable.
I’ve worn it on the front, as well as on the hip and would say that I prefer the front better right now.
We may still use the Moby later on, but the Ergo is much more handy to just put on and go.
I also think it’s a little more manly than the Moby wrap, so Greg has no problem wearing it around.
As silly as it sounds, I also love having the zip pocket on the front for my cell phone. It’s the small things.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

We love Sophie, but this also goes for any other teething toy as well.
From about four months on, everything has gone into Kenley’s mouth, so having these toys on hand has been great.
We are now starting to utilize the teethers that can be put in the freezer (for small periods of time only)
as well as just a plain damp washcloth that she can chew on.
Anything that can help with the teething, chewing, drooling phase is a must!

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

Growing up, I didn’t sleep with any kind of noise maker. Just the silence.
Probably because my dad is the lightest sleeper you’ve ever met!
Freshman year of college, however, Lisa and I slept with the TV on every night. EPSN. Every night.
I quickly grew accustomed to sleeping with either the TV or the fan on at night,
but let’s be serious, I can sleep anytime, anywhere, so it’s not a must for me.
From the day we brought Kenley home, she has slept with the sound machine.
We usually keep it on the rain forest or the white noise setting.
I like to think it helps her sleep, but it also allows us to be as loud as we want
and not have to worry about waking her up, especially when we have friends over.
We also have the Cloud b Gentle Giraffe that we can strap to her car seat or strollers if she needs to sleep.

Burp Cloths

I swear, we have at least 12 burp cloths and I still think I could use more.
It seems like we are going through these like crazy, whether it’s spit up or drool,
we also have them within an arms reach.
I will say that with the Carter’s brand, the cute fabrics fade so fast when you’re washing them so often,
they still do their job, but just don’t look as cute.
I’ve actually started making some for friends with leftover fabric and the plain Gerber burp cloths.
In my opinion, it’s the perfect gift because I know they will get used!
Bottom line, you can never have too many of these bad boys.


What other goods do you mommies use that I’m missing?

my weekend in photos

it was both an eventful and uneventful weekend for us,
if that’s possible…
greg and i are fighting colds that we seem to just be giving back to each other.

headed to the orlando brewery for happy hour to celebrate two birthdays

nicely put

if i’m going to be on a  one drink limit, it’s going to be a damn good beer
organic blackwater dry porter
i’m definitely broadening my horizons  

this is how our counter looks 99.9% of the time

wandered around downtown avalon to check out the vendors

peas turned into pea puree 
doesn’t that look appetizing?

first solids
much more on that later

daddy-daughter fun
yes, our easter basket is still sitting on the counter
:: sigh ::

first bump on the head, smack dab in the middle of her forehead
thanks to falling over onto the laptop


like i said, we didn’t do much, but had some big events
how was your weekend? 


my weekend in photos

mani/pedi with the girls. my new fave color for the spring.
turquoise & caicos.

nap time.

ready to mash some food when the time comes.

‘stay in your jammies all day’ saturday.

staying warm and awake at our lax game on saturday evening.

woke up to [near] freezing winter weather today.

nom nom nom.

not a very eventful weekend in the gilbertson household.
and that’s ok.

what did you do?