Friday I’m in Love

Happy Good Friday!
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o n e

Greg and I had our first date night this week since we added another child to the mix.
It was long overdue and we had a great time!
We had awesome seats to the last Magic game of the season against the Pacers, and we got to see Victor [Oladipo], my favorite Hoosier, play!


t w o

Volvo released a prototype this week of a space-saving rear-facing inflatable car seat.
How amazing would this be for travel?
Let’s hope it’s available for purchase before our trips this fall!

t h r e e

If you haven’t seen this and you’re like me, grab a tissue.

f o u r

How perfect is this tee?


Happy weekend!

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! Be sure to pop over to Misha’s blog too to see what she’s loving.
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o n e

I’m always sad to see the college basketball season come to an end,
but I love the way it goes out.

t w o

Greg proclaimed this is the best dinner I’ve made to date:
Baked Spaghetti from Six Sisters’ Stuff
I prepared it on Sunday for Monday’s dinner, which helped immensely.
I also only used 2 cups of shredded cheese instead of the 4 cups it called for and it was still delicious.
Give it a try! I’m definitely adding it to our dinner lineup.

t h r e e

Freshly washed sheets.
Really, there is nothing better and I always forget how much I love it
until I climb into bed the night the sheets have been washed.
It’s even better when your husband does it without you knowing!


Happy Friday, ya’ll!

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday! Don’t forget to head over to Misha’s blog to see what’s she’s loving this week.

o n e

As soon as I saw this book was coming out, I knew we had to have it.
No, really. I pre-ordered it.
It is awesome.
Greg and I crack up every time we read it, so naturally Kenley thinks it’s hilarious too.
It’s the little things, ya know?

t w o

Two words: March Madness
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’m talking, right up there with Christmas.
What’s better than continuous basketball for four straight days and rooting for Cinderella teams?
Never mind the fact that my bracket was busted the first game of the day yesterday.
You win some and you lose some, I guess.
I’ll be cheering for most of the underdogs from here on out, as well as the remaining teams in the Big Ten.

t h r e e

Let me tell you how much of a hot mess I am.
I got up from lunch on campus this week and LEFT MY PURSE hanging on the back of the chair.
And by purse, I mean my entire life in one bag.
Miraculously, I got a call from another office saying a student turned it in there.
Thank you Jesus. What an amazing person.
Unfortunately, they didn’t leave their name, so there was no way for me to repay them,
but I fully intend on paying it forward.
That student restored my faith in humanity this week. Whoever you are, thank you.


What are you loving this week?

Happy weekend and happy spring break!

my weekend in photos

friday was a bittersweet day as i packed up my office and worked my final day as the coordinator of club sports

we started the weekend with a good, long, hot run.
it felt great to get back out there and do a little more than our normal walks.
i am definitely feeling it today though.

kenley’s newest face. half scared, half smile, fully creepy.

greg and i had a long overdue daytime date at the magic/pacers playoff game at amway

it was fun to watch my hometown team take on our home team

the pacers won in an exciting, overtime game

a huge thanks to sally, nathan and charlie for actually babysitting kenley while we went to the game!

nothing says happy cinco de mayo like a huge tray of chips and queso from tijuana flats
and the biggest bowl of guacamole you’ve ever seen.
we also had build your own tacos and some great amigos to celebrate with.

and of course corona light with a lime

to top it off, the super moon! it was so bright.

we had a semi-productive sunday and treated ourselves to frappachino happy hour


how was your weekend? how did you celebrate cinco de mayo!?


More basketball?!

The last four days have been jammed packed
with March Madness and constant basketball…
and I’m not complaining!

Greg worked the CBI Quarterfinals tonight
where the UCF Knights were victorious!

Do you know who won the CBI Tournament last year?

Virginia Commonwealth University…
yep, that’s right, who is headed to the Sweet 16 this year.

That means there is definitely hope for the Knights  next year!