38 Weeks [Round Two]

Just two weeks shy of our due date
and I thought for sure we would have had this baby by now.
That shows how much I know, especially considering my doctor told me
yesterday that haven’t made much progress and he doesn’t expect anything
to happen any time soon… so, we wait.


Overall, I am feeling pretty good.
The heartburn has completely disappeared in the past two weeks,
probably because this baby has dropped, even though I have felt low for a while.
I am still having pelvic and groin pain when baby moves just in the right spot,
but I have been sleeping a lot better too.
I am definitely not complaining, but I don’t think labor is right around the corner.
The Braxton Hicks contractions, however, are still frequent, strong, and somewhat painful.

I am measuring at 38 weeks and didn’t gain any weight from last week to this one.
The baby’s heart rate is still in the 130s, but I’m trying not to associate that with my gender guess.

Random cravings I have had recently include slurpees from 7-11 and Skittles.
I could have eaten Skittles and Chipotle every day this pregnancy, but I have refrained.

We have gotten some things done around the house in the last couple of weeks.
One of my biggest concerns was getting both of our cars cleaned inside & out.
I know that is really random, but it was really stressing me out.
Thankfully, that is done and it looks like we have two brand new vehicles.
The car seat has also been installed, so we’re good to come home from the hospital.



Items on the agenda include celebrating a second birthday, a prenatal massage,
picking up a couple more items for the hospital, and a haircut.
I’ll be working through next week or until the baby comes, whichever happens first.

36 Weeks [Round Two]

It’s October!!! The best month of the year, and the month we have another baby!
(Do you hear that baby, this month!)

It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I don’t anticipate that changing.
Let me quickly run down the third trimester pregnancy symptoms that have been going on here:

Foods are quickly making their way out of our dinner rotation,
Mexican and BBQ to name a few. After a great night celebrating a friend’s birthday,
filled with Mexican food and fried ice cream, I was paying for it around 2am.
I learned my lesson. I’m starting to be more aware about what I’m eating.

Lots of pain
Specifically in my lower back, pelvis, groin, and tailbone.
This baby knows exactly the right spot to hit to send sharp pains everywhere
and stop me in my tracks.

Uncomfortable sleeping
I have been sleeping at a slight incline for a couple months now
because I am a total back sleeper. I cannot lay on my side because I wake
up a couple hours later and my hips are throbbing.
Last time, I honestly had no problem sleeping (even though I thought I did at the time),
this time has been way worse. I’m sure the heartburn doesn’t help,
but I just can’t get comfortable, or every time my bladder is full,
I have a Braxton Hicks contraction. And… without fail, I wake up between 5:50-5:59am
EVERY SINGLE DAY…. when my alarm goes off at 6:00am. How annoying is that?

There are some other not pleasant things happening,
which I am hoping are signs that labor is not far away.
But, I am also not going to get my hopes up… and I’ll spare you the details.

Now on to the more fun stuff…

My last appointment was at 35 weeks, baby’s head is down,
but is not low, so I’ve been bouncing on my exercise ball,
encouraging him or her to go ahead make their way down.
I have had one real contraction and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.
At one point, I was worried I wouldn’t remember what contractions felt like…
oh, I remember. No worries there.
I’m still feeling a good amount of movement (and hiccups), but I think
baby G2 is staying in the same spot.

I feel like I have a very long to-do list still, and I’m not sure how.
Every time I have crossed something off, I feel like I’m writing two more things down.
Greg and I are worried about very different things, which is probably a good thing,
but also annoying at the same time because I think my worries are more important,
even though they probably are not.

The car seat has sat on our floor for the last two weeks, but it will be installed soon.
Our hospital bags are out, and I’ve added a few more items to them,
but they are no where close to being done.
I purchased some new feeding and pumping supplies, which prompted me
to drag out all the old stuff to toss and start sterilizing the new stuff.
These are items I hope we don’t need right away, but I can’t imagine taking the time to
sterilize things when we have a newborn and a toddler running around, so I’m doing them now.

Finally, I have taken pictures of the nursery and will be sharing it tomorrow!
Thanks for being patient!


The time has come. Cast your vote.
Blue or pink?
What do you think?

34 Weeks [Round Two]

I am still standing by the fact that this third trimester is moving by pretty slowly,
but I’m also trying to enjoy it as much as possible as this will probably be
the last time I will feel a wiggly baby inside of me. However, it’s not easy some days.

At 34 weeks, I feel very much like I did around 37 or 38 weeks last time.
I have had that all too familiar “the baby is going to fall out” feeling,
and I still have six weeks to go! Braxton Hicks contractions continue,
literally, right now as I type this. They have again woken me up a few times,
but it’s nothing more at this point (thank goodness).
My feet are hurting more and more.
I am not swelling (yet) like I did last time, but my feet just ache at the end of the day.
I am starting to have lower back and tailbone pain,
so I’ve broken out my exercise ball to sit and bounce on. It helps while I’m sitting there,
but then it’s right back at it again. I will really start to use it as we get closer to delivery.
My rings still fit, depending on the day, but more often I can wear them all day,
which, to me, means I’m not that swollen. Woo hoo.


Now on to the fun stuff… yoga is awesome. I really enjoy it, and I feel really good the next day.
If I could go twice a week, I totally would, but the class is only offered on Monday evenings.
It’s really a great way to begin the week.

We have registered at the hospital, so they are expecting us whenever the time comes.
At my appointment last week I asked when we should think about that
and the nurse said that most do it around 28 weeks and after, so I figured it was time.

I have washed all of our new baby clothes
and the ones I’ve pulled out from Kenley’s stash that I know we will probably use.
It’s not much right now, but it’s plenty to get us through
and I have vowed to myself (and my husband) that I won’t buy any more baby clothes.
I, however, have no idea what he or she will be wearing home from the hospital,
so I may need to buy just one or two more things.

We have also washed and assembled some baby gear and we may install the car seat soon.
I know it seems crazy early for that, but I would rather it sit in the car than on the floor.

I have laid out a total of two items that will be going to the hospital with us… I consider this a good start.

The room is coming along beautifully. We got so much done this weekend,
and we may even be at a stopping point until the baby comes.
I am excited to share with you where we are and what I’m thinking in terms of gender specific color.


Baby G2 is still very active and the poor things has the hiccups at least once a day, sometimes more.
My doctor thinks (s)he is head down, but he’ll continue to monitor the position at each appointment.
I still don’t know how it’s possible because baby seems to be all over the place, but I’ll take his word.
I don’t have much of an update from my 33 week appointment.
We were chatting away while he measured my belly so I have no idea if I’m ahead or not,
all he said was “good” and we moved right along. He was also very vague about baby’s heart rate,
which gives me nothing to go on. He said it was between 130-140 bpm, good.
I guess no news is good news, so I’ll take it!

32 Weeks [Round Two]

I feel like we’ve reached another slow part of this pregnancy.
While I can’t believe we are at 32 weeks, I am physically feeling like we are much later.
Surprisingly, I don’t feel as big as I did last time around. It is mostly the late pregnancy symptoms that
I’m sure will not let up any time soon. I already have a decrease in appetite,
which is somewhat depressing since mama loves to eat.
I eat Tums daily, sometimes more than once.
I feel like this baby could be here in the next four to six weeks, not eight.

At my 31 week appointment last week, I was measuring at 32 weeks,
so we’re back ahead one week. Next week I’m sure will be something different.
Baby G2’s heartbeat was low at 125bpm. I’m very anxious to see if it will
still vary from appointment to appointment, or if it will stay low.
Then, will the heartbeat be a real indicator of if it’s a boy or girl?!
I’m starting to get anxious to know who this squirmy baby is!

With Kenley, I felt Braxton Hicks contractions starting around 20 weeks,
I wasn’t sure what they were at first, but I felt them the entire second half of my pregnancy.
I expected to feel them this time too, but wow, are they different.
They are MUCH more frequent and sometimes painful.
The day before my baby shower, I was actually getting nervous and
started to time them. They weren’t as frequent as I thought, but they were
very unpleasant. So much so that I was relieved to walk in and see my mom
at my house. I told her that I felt like I was going to go into labor that weekend.
I obviously did not, and my doc says he’s not surprised that they are painful.
It’s a common misconception that BH contractions are painless, and again,
it’s common to have symptoms earlier & stronger the second time around.
The real concern is if I start having contractions that are consistent,
and we have a while before those start, I’m sure.

I’m still wearing my wedding rings, which shows that I am not as swollen
this time around. I couldn’t keep them on past 30 weeks last time,
but I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to wear them.


I feel like I am carrying much lower this time.
I don’t think it’s possible that I’ve already “dropped”, I just think
this is where the baby is hanging out… and that I probably don’t have any ab muscles
left to keep baby up any further. Awesome, right?
I had to buy a couple layering tanks (I love these from Old Navy) that are long
because some of my shirts are actually already too short.
I may be graduating to dresses in the next couple of weeks.

In the next few weeks, I hope to have gotten the nursery in some sort of order,
and maybe even share a few pictures!
As well as get started on packing our hospital bag… per Greg’s request.
Somehow, i have completely forgotten everything about labor & delivery,
so if you have suggestions for what to pack in our bag, let me know!

30 Weeks [Round Two]

30 weeks down, 10 to go! Again, I’m not sure how that is possible.

Here is some evidence of our squirmy baby.
I am surprised that the movement is on the left side in the video
because this baby loves to camp out on the right side constantly.
With the constant movement, it’s hard to tell what position baby G2 is in right now.

I am feeling pretty good, but I am starting to feel the third trimester.
I have been carrying Tums with me everywhere I go to help with the
random spurts of nauseous, upset stomach, and heartburn.
This did not happen until way later last time but my doc is not surprised
because he says it’s normal to feel everything earlier and more severe the second time around.

Braxton Hicks contractions have been in full force. I have them every day,
sometimes all throughout the day. At one point they actually woke me up while sleeping.
Not exciting.

Also, after I shared my little theory with you last time,
I went in for my 29 week checkup and I’m measuring right at 29 weeks.
Apparently, I had a little bit of a growth spurt before my 27 week appointment
that has evened itself out, so I am not hopeful of the miscalculation of my due date.
I’m also trying to get into the mindset that there is a chance that we
could have a November baby… Only time will tell though!

On to the fun news…
We have decided on names! This is a huge relief because we were struggling
to find a name for a baby girl for weeks and weeks.
We are so excited… I said I want to have a boy and a girl now because I love them both so much.
Not happening though. What will this little baby be?!

Nursery progress is still going very slow. We know what we need to do,
it’s just actually doing it that’s the problem.
I am intentionally leaving things unfinished with the hopes of adding
some gender specific items in the room, so I know it won’t be perfect
before baby G2 gets here, but it’ll be pretty close.

Our other house projects are coming along nicely,
which is giving me more peace of mind. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing them soon!
I still need to make a pretty big to-do list of everything we need
to accomplish over the next 10 weeks. We also have a little girl’s
birthday coming up too that we are getting excited about!


Until next time…

28 Weeks [Round Two]

Hello third trimester!
Um, how are we here already?
My first trimester went at a snail’s pace, but where the heck did my beloved second trimester go?!
I cannot believe we are two thirds of our way through this pregnancy,
and only 12 weeks away from meeting our little nugget.

Yesterday, I had to partake in my second round of glucose testing.
This is not because I failed my first test, but because they couldn’t get a reading from my first blood draw.
Translation: they probably lost it. Awesome.
I am really hoping I pass since I have already tried both flavors of the drink and they are both equally terrible.

One hour glucose test, take two. Went with the lime instead of the orange this time. They are both horrible, FYI. #preggoproblems

I have been feeling pretty good. Worn down at times, but nothing too serious at this point.
I haven’t made it back to prenatal yoga yet, but now that my class is over, I am planning to go next week.
Per the doctor’s orders, I haven’t done any physical activity for the last nine weeks, so I am feeling very out of shape.
This is not really how I expected this pregnancy to go since one of my goals was to keep up with my running.
At the very least, I think the yoga class will help my body prepare for labor, so I am thankful I can go back now.

I have had no problems in the food department. Everything still sounds good, most of the time.
Greg has been feeling it too. All he wants to do is eat, which is really all I want to do too,
so we make a good team. Except, he gets to work out so he doesn’t gain weight, and I’m gaining a whole lot!
The same thing happened the last time around!


I am definitely feeling some sort of way about this belly.
It’s no surprise that I have less “padding” around the midsection this time.
My pre-pregnancy weight was much lower than it was the first time
and even though the scale says I have gained a lot of weight, I don’t feel like I have.
At the same time, I feel like my actual uterus is huge! Yes, that sounds weird, I know,
but it feels like my uterus is taking up every square inch of my midsection.
I know I’m only going to get bigger, I’m just not sure where I am going to put it!
At my 27 week appointment, my fundal height was 29 inches (meaning two weeks ahead).
I have sworn all along that my due date is actually October 21 (by my last menstrual cycle),
but since then they have given us due dates of October 28, 29, 30, and 31, based on our four ultrasounds.
At our last ultrasound, baby G2 was measuring on track for a October 29 due date,
so I’m not sure how my uterus is two weeks ahead of that?
In my head, my due date is sooner and the baby is just a little smaller than Kenley was,
but I’m pretty sure that’s just wishful thinking.
Now that I just put that all out there,  I’m sure I probably just jinxed myself
and I’ll go past my due date, into November… 

On another note, I feel every single little movement this crazy baby makes.
I didn’t think I felt them so prominently this early last time. It’s obvious that there are
hands, feet, elbows, and knees all over the place in there and you can clearly see them from the outside.
My mom was able to see this little nugget moving around through my phone while we were on FaceTime.
It’s insane.
I’m also not sure when this baby is actually sleeping, which causes some concern for life after the womb.
He or she has 12 weeks (give or take) to get into some sort of sleep schedule!
I am definitely not complaining about all the movement. That is one thing I will miss when I’m not pregnant.

Lindsey’s Nautical Baby Shower

Our dear friends Lindsey & Mitch are expecting a baby boy very soon and
I had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower with three other awesome ladies to celebrate the occasion.
This was definitely a “divide and conquer” baby shower, which was great.
We all noticed that we weren’t stressed on the morning of the shower,
when we definitely would have been if we were throwing it ourselves.

We chose the nautical theme based on the nursery decor and it couldn’t have turned out better.
Nautical is very in right now so it was easy to find inspiration on Pinterest of fun
ideas that we wanted to incorporate. Here are all the fun details:






The menu included: chicken salad & croissants // fruit // caprese skewers // sausage balls //
veggie pizza // antipasta salad // cucumber water // arnold palmers // punch


Lemon and Cookies n Cream cupcakes for dessert


Red velvet cupcakes in a jar for the road


The hit of the party was the chalkboard print, which we all LOVED!
They are wonderful for many occasions and can be found here.



It was fun thinking back to all the previous showers we have been to together.
Sally was pregnant with her first at Lindsey’s bridal shower, then found out on
the day of my baby shower that she was pregnant with her second.
I am now pregnant at Lindsey’s baby shower. It’s been an eventful five years of friendship!

We all had such a wonderful day celebrating Lindsey and baby Wyatt.
He is already so loved and we can’t wait for him to get here!

26 Weeks [Round Two]

We had, what will probably be, our last ultrasound yesterday.
It was at a different doctor’s office so the machine was a little bit more high tech,
which made it more fun, and we got a few more pictures of the little nugget.
The common consensus from everyone is that it is a boy.
I tend to go back and forth, depending on the day, which makes it fun.
However, I always call the baby a “he”… I’m not sure why, but it’s just a habit now.

When Kenley saw this picture she immediately said “baby”, which I thought was interesting.


We got good news from the doctor yesterday and I have been cleared to resume activities!
I’m not sure how much activity I’m going to be wanting to do over the next 14 weeks,
but I’m planning on resuming prenatal yoga classes, at the very least.



I cannot believe how much I’ve popped out in the last three weeks!
I knew I felt bigger, but wow!

I got to partake in my one hour glucose test today which was thrilling.
Crossing my fingers that I pass with flying colors!

At this point, I’m just trying to make it to August when my class is over (one more week!),
so I probably won’t update until we hit our third trimester.
I’m not even sure how that is possible, but we’re just a few weeks shy at this point.
I promise I will be sharing our nursery progress & inspiration soon…hopefully.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.

25 Weeks [Round Two]

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last update.
A lot has happened. The short rundown is that we celebrated the
4th of July, our 5 year anniversary, and went on vacation!

There were also a slew of doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds in there too.
Each day I am realizing more and more that the whole “every pregnancy is different
saying is absolutely, positively true. From the surprise of getting pregnant,
to the weird pregnancy symptoms and random cravings.
On top of that, I have been seeing a lot of my doctor, more than last time,
but we’ve also gotten to see more of little baby G2 in the process,
which I am not complaining about!

Here are some shots of our last ultrasound at 23 weeks, including our first 4D ultrasound!





Upon seeing the pictures, my mom swears it’s a boy because he/she looks just like my brother.
Again, it’s still killing people that we don’t know, but you will be happy to know that
I stood very strong during our last ultrasound…especially since it was just me!
I willingly looked away each time she told me that she was moving towards the lower half of the body.
At this point, I am determined not to find out. It’s getting fun!

Overall, this second trimester has been going well… going FAST, but going well.
At first, 25 weeks doesn’t sound that bad, but last night it dawned on me that we
only have 15 weeks left… which caused a little big of anxiety.
I am feeling good, most of the time, but also starting to feel very large.
Very. large.
I know that I still have a long way to go, but this past week I have felt ginormous.

The progress in the nursery and the baby name department has stalled.
I have been teaching a class for the past 4 weeks, which has been a lot,
so a lot of other projects around the house have stalled too. I only have two more
weeks of class and one long to-do list started for the month of August.
I am hoping to post some of our nursery inspiration then.

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with some evidence of my growing belly,
I’ve been slacking in that department!

20 Weeks [Round Two]

While I still feel like the weeks are creeping by, I cannot believe we’re already at the halfway mark.
I had a routine check up Tuesday and all is well with baby G2. Heartbeat was 130 bpm,
which is on the lower end of the normal 120-150 range.
What does that mean? Are boys known to have slower heart rates or girls?

It’s funny to read that I was only in maternity clothes for a couple weeks at this point last time,
since I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for about 9 weeks now.
I really wish I could wear these maternity leggings every single day. They are so comfy.
I put them on as soon as I walk in the door each day.


We are making some progress on the nursery, but it’s a much slower process this time around.
It seems like we’ve been bouncing back and forth between different projects & rooms,
making it hard to focus on the nursery. Plus, it doesn’t help that I think I’ve decided on
something, then I change my mind two days later and want to do something totally different.
It was much easier with Kenley’s room, I knew exactly what I wanted and had a clear vision.
I’m hoping to share some inspiration with you soon!

I’ve become bored to death with regular water, so I’ve been trying some new things.
The Arizona Arnold Palmers are delightful, but I’ve also discovered the citrus flavored sparkling water from Whole Foods
thanks to being a little bit early to my doctor’s appointment this week.
I’ll be stopping there from now on when I go for my checkups.
I’m still eating anything and everything in sight, with exceptions of Amy’s Burritos.
These used to be my go-to for quick lunches, but since the first semester nausea, I’ve been totally turned off by them.
Hopefully my love for them will return, but at this point, I’m not sure.

This could be my new favorite drink. Good thing my doctor's office is right by Whole Foods!

We have a couple busy weeks coming up, so I will be trying to rest any chance I get,
but we’re really looking forward to our little babymoon that is right around the corner!