More on Cloth Diapers

It has been quite a while since I first shared about our cloth diaper experience, so I want to give a big update on what we’ve learned and where we are today. This post is long overdue and has been sitting in my drafts for, er, over eight months. My apologies.

Crosby started using cloth diapers around two months old when Kenley was still in diapers, which seems like a lifetime ago. Two weeks of two kids in diapers and we were more than ready to start the potty training process. Oh, the laundry….so much laundry. One thing we learned very quickly was that the cloth diapers Kenley was wearing were not going to hold up for Crosby. The elastic was completely stretched out in all of her diapers since they were so heavily used for two whole years. Yep, we used the same diapers from start to finish with Kenley. There are refresher kits available to update the diapers to prolong the use, but the decision for us was to spend time updating our old diapers or spend money on buying new diapers. Time won and we decided to purchase some new diapers. Another reason I chose to buy new diapers for Crosby was that there were better diapers out now! Times were a-changing. I had purchased five of the new BumGenius Freetime diapers on sale for baby G2 and I immediately fell in love.

Quick recap, we used BumGenius 4.0 diapers with Kenley and loved them. The BumGenius brand is amazing and the diapers were great. The 4.0 diapers require you to stuff the inserts into the diaper cover. BumGenius then upped the game and made an all-in-one diaper (the Freetime) that required NO stuffing! Not only is there no stuffing, then are also less bulky than the 4.0 diapers, which is another reason I love them so much. I wanted to replace my entire stash with the Freetime diaper, but I ended up keeping a few other brands around. Here is the rundown of our diapers:

BumGenius Freetime – Again, love these! These are also available at Buy Buy Baby and you can use a coupon, making them only $15!

cloth diapers

BumGenius 4.0 – The Lovelace print was one of the last ones we got for Kenley, so we still use those two diapers. Crosby has rocked that print, but they are usually at the bottom of the pile since the elastic is getting pretty stretched out. Another good thing about the 4.0 is they double as swim diapers if you remove the inserts.

BumCheeks – I ordered one more BumCheeks to add to the two we had with Kenley. These require stuffing, but I really like the bamboo inserts. I have only ordered these off Baby Steals.

cloth diapers

Best Bottoms – I wanted to try a new brand this time around and Best Bottoms came highly recommended from a friend. They are a little bit different than the BumGenius brand as the insert snaps onto the cover. The cover grows with the baby, but the inserts do not, so they are sized small, medium, and large. The Best Bottoms are not bulky and the prints are adorable!

GroVia All-In-One – These have been my least favorite diapers, mainly because of the way they fit the kids. We used them far longer with Crosby than we did with Kenley, but they have been retired. The elastic around the legs was really tight, so they may fit babies with leaner legs a little better.

As far as our routine and other accessories, we really haven’t changed a thing. At home, we use cheap wash cloths as cloth wipes and they get washed with the diapers. The only annoying part is that I find them ALL over my house (clean, of course). We could not live without the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer, which has come in handy for many other reasons along the way (i.e. a puking toddler in the middle of the night). We rotate between two Planet Wise pail liners that hold the dirty diapers between washes and we have two Planet Wise wet bags for school and on the go. We had to replace one of the wet bags that we got for Kenley because the zipper broke, but the other is still going strong. They are very durable and have gone through the wash more times than I can count. I recently saw something that is called the Diaper Dawg and it looks amazing, but I can’t say for sure since we don’t have it. This is something that would be highly useful and one of those things where you ask yourself, why didn’t I think of that?

cloth diapers

This whole process is really second nature to us. We’ve been cloth diapering continuously for over three years now, which is mind blowing to me. I’m not really sure how that is possible. While cloth diapers are always our first choice, we do recognize that disposable diapers are sometimes just more convenient. The rare occasions that Crosby has a diaper rash (most likely from antibiotics), we lather him up with diaper cream and put him in a disposable until his rash is gone. He wears a disposable every night and whenever we are traveling. Sometimes if we will be out for an extended amount of time, we’ll opt for disposables. We have really only bought the Up & Up brand of diapers from Target which have worked great for both of our kids and they are far cheaper than the name brands.

What other burning questions do you have that I didn’t cover? Who is considering cloth diapering?

my weekend in photos


thursday, we headed to kenley’s school for breakfast with the toddler rooms.
it was so fun to see her in action, but also quite chaotic.
santa made an appearance!

So excited for the 'jama party at school today. #latergram #ilovechristmas

i always loved the day before christmas break at school, even as i got older.
kenley is already getting a taste of what fun it is too.
she was so excited to wear her pajamas for the ‘jama party at school on friday.

thankfully, we started putting together some christmas gifts early…
i will tell you there were curse words being mumbled during the process.

a major portion of our weekend consisted of laundry.
including diapers. washing and stuffing. repeat as necessary.

you may have to adjust your volume to hear it, but little man was a snoring machine during our snuggles.

kenley has been learning to ride her trike since her birthday.
she’s getting the hang of it!
while many of you may be jealous of our weather today, it’s entirely too hot considering christmas is in three days.


our weekend was good, but we are more excited for this week!
how was your weekend?

my christmas vacation in photos

since i haven’t had the slightest idea what day it has been for the last week,
i figured this would be a good way to recap our christmas vacation.
have no fear, the my weekend in photos series will continue next year.


first happy meal at the airport!


we headed to indiana in the middle of a snow storm after an hour and a half delay.
overall, kenley was so so good. and slept in the most awkward position on the flight.


she was slightly confused to find a dog when she woke up the next morning.


trying to stay warm with temperatures in the high 20s.


check out that snow outside!


we were able to meet brittney, patrick & will for lunch!
brittney and i have been friends since birth, so it was fun to see our babies together.
it was also will’s first birthday!


katie & ashton were able to come play too!


kenley and ashton are about three weeks apart,
and played together so nicely.


it was fun to watch kenley open presents even though she wasn’t entirely sure what was going on.


michael, rachel & arie


we were so thankful that the peña’s braved the weather to come down to visit.
kp, jack & kenley… nothing but trouble!




cozy on the couch, all snuggled up, home for the holidays.


reading my christmas gift on the way to the airport that inspired us to get to work when we got home.


kenley trying to stay occupied on the way to the airport, too.


yet another awkward sleeping position.


more christmas presents once we got home to florida!
the little apron kills me.


kenley and kyler have been enjoying christmas break.


a trip to homegoods means lunch at which wich! so happy about both.


and an ikea trip means frozen yogurt!


four days worth of clean diapers and one cute helper.


we had a wonderful trip to indiana and a great christmas,
and have enjoyed the extra days off to do several house projects,
which i am anxious to share!

how was your holiday? and weekend? (it is the weekend right?)

my [long] weekend in photos


greg and i were twinsies for college colors day on friday.
i was wearing cream and crimson in my heart, don’t worry.
please ignore my awkward hair/sunglasses on my head.


melissa was in town this weekend. so happy.


we celebrated with beers and friends.


greg celebrated by drinking a 40, which you cannot buy in florida. fun fact.


kenley, sporting her college colors, and kyler


…and then they were bored with me.


kenley and cooper having an intense conversation


snuggling with baby jackson


successful saturday morning trip to IKEA with the jenkinson’s


we have learned to take every toy out of the bin. it’s fun!


sunday morning brunch with amy & melissa


strolling on park ave


finally, a picture with mommy!

freshly stripped diapers, so fresh and so clean.


labor day food babies (ryan’s words, not mine) at 4Rivers smokehouse


melissa’s food crawl, spanning 4 days
tijuana flats, lazy moon, briar patch, publix subs, 4Rivers smokehouse, and sweet! cupcakes


needless to say, we had an awesome, action-packed, fun weekend with melissa in town.
how was your long weekend?

my weekend in photos


came home friday to a pretty pink box at my door. the start of my latest adventure. i’m now a consultant!


greg worked late, but we enjoyed a beverage together when he got home. my first 19th hole. delicious!


held the diapers off until saturday so i could sun them outside since it had been a while. totally worth it.


love coming into to this sweet face after naptime


sweet benjamin came over for a play date


our america-loving nuggets


such a fun afternoon catching up with jessica and watching ben & kenley play

after nap time, kyler came by too


sunday, ann & jackson came over 


jackson is a week and a half old and so sweet, tiny, and wrinkley
i had to keep a very close eye on kenley. she was very interested in him.


greg and i were trying to remember what it was like to have a newborn
it’s crazy how quickly you forget


the rest of the weekend was spent sewing, cleaning, and grocery shopping
how was your weekend??

Nine Months!

We are back in action. My laptop returned to my possession today,
with a new screen and a bonus (under warranty) new keyboard!
I feel like a brand new person.

Therefore, I am combining our nine months & 39 week posts into one.
Can you believe Kenley has been on the outside just as long as she was on the inside?


Our photo shoots have turned into me following Kenley around snapping pictures.
This girl is in a constant state of motion. There is no staying in one place,
let alone sitting still. Forget about it.
She moved on the inside all the time and she does the same thing on the outside.
Long gone are the days of cuddling, which I truly miss, and fresh are the days of exploring.


New this week is clapping! We joked on Sunday that Jack needed to teach Kenley how to clap.
Jack is a clapping machine and he must have planted the seed because not two days later,
Kenley started clapping, following our lead. It’s so fun to watch her learn new things.


Kenley is a big fan of the sliding glass door.
Majority of the time, she crawls right into it, but it doesn’t phase her at all.
She’s up and down, standing against the door, banging on it with her hands.
She likes to hide behind the curtains, pull on them, try to stand up with them.


We are back to our normal routine since returning from vacation.
Kenley had to relearn how to fall asleep on her own after a week of sleeping in a pack-n-play
and occasionally getting shh-ed to sleep. It took about a week, but she does a good job.
We are still without tootie and haven’t looked back.
In the mornings, she’ll typically wake and play for a little bit in her crib before crying out for us.
If it’s any before 5:15am, we usually let her play as long as possible.
She’s still pretty inconsistent with her wake up and morning feeding times.
It can be as early as 5am and as late as 5:45am, but she does go back to sleep until about 7am.


We are continuing with the solids and I think she is starting to wean a little bit on her own.
Her milk intake is dropping slightly and she is eating three solid meals a day.
I think we’re still being pretty conservative with her solids, so I’m hoping to start expanding
and trying new foods more regularly, at least something new every three days.
She’s eating some finger foods and does a good job at it, but again, I think we can start introducing more.


She now has four teeth, two on top and two on bottom.
She still puts everything in her mouth and when she gets your fingers in there, it hurts!
The drooling continues, some days are worse than others.
She has discovered her tongue and the fact that she can make noises with it.
If you make noise with your tongue, she’s in heaven. She loves grabbing at your mouth and teeth.


She is still letting go while standing and I was able to capture it quickly before she plopped down.
The length of time that she’s standing is increasing, but that’s about as far as we’ve gotten.

Greg and Kenley are off to the doctor tomorrow, so I will update her most recent stats following her appointment.
I am anxious to see where she stands since we haven’t been to the doc since our six month appointment.
She is in mostly 9-12 month clothing, but still can fit into some lingering 6-12 mo. outfits.
We are still obsessed with our cloth diapers and the entire process. While it has definitely changed since
we started on solid foods, I would say it’s just different, not necessarily worse.

Update: 19 lbs 12 oz – 60th percentile
28.5 in – 90th percentile

Happy 9 month birthday Kenley Dee! You are becoming more fun each and every day!

my weekend in photos

freshly stripped diapers, so fresh and so clean

how she can even do that is beyond me

this girl is obviously going to grow up loving music

headed down to disney for spring training baseball

she was pumped

stripes rule my life right now. new phone case.

tummy time and drool. typical.

obviously it’s in her mouth

busted out the high chair today, no real food yet though

got reacquainted with this old thing

facetime with uncle michael

new sleepy face

how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos

it was a crazy weekend in our household. 

friday night, greg worked, so i hung out with little miss.

saturday, i worked, so greg hung out with little miss.

saturday night, we celebrated ryan’s birthday. kenley hanging out with her bud amy.

we ate some steamed oysters… yum!

kenley was down to party. she slept for a few hours.

then was awake for another hour or so, smiling away.
we thought it was going to be a disaster night, sleeping wise, but she slept great when we got home!

i failed at life and forgot my good camera, so i didn’t even get a pic of the birthday boy.
sorry bud.

sunday i crafted…

because we celebrated 4 months!

had ourselves some delicious lunch

walked 4.3 miles in the beautiful weather we had.

got to dry the diapers outside today…i get overly excited when i get do to this.

how was your weekend? did you get a long weekend?
happy president’s day!

Cloth Diapers? What?!

This is usually the reaction we get when we tell people that Kenley is cloth diapered.
And to be honest, it was Greg’s initial reaction, too, when I told him I wanted to do it.
Thankfully, our friends, Sally & Nathan had cloth diapered their little one,
which gave us someone to ask questions and see first hand how it all goes down.

For most people, when we say cloth diapers, they think of the old fashioned
cloth diapers with the large safety pins that hold them together.
Honestly, I would have too, but believe me, there are no safety pins,
that would have been a deal breaker for us.
All of our diapers have either velcro or snap closures, so they are super easy to put on.

The number one reason that we decided to cloth diaper was to save money. That’s how I sold Greg on the idea.
We crunched some numbers and that was the end of the discussion.
We talked about this towards the beginning of our pregnancy, so we had the opportunity
to register for majority of the items we needed and search for good deals.
One of the cons of cloth diapering (some say) is the cost up front.
Yes, you do have to get majority of your diapers and supplies before you start the process,
but after that, you’re set… even for your future children down that road!
The fact that they are adorable is an added bonus.

We started Kenley in disposables because (1) we had no idea what we were doing as parents
and (2) the cloth diapers we have are for babies at least 8 pounds, so they were too big for her at first.
We made the switch over to cloth when she was three weeks and close to 9 pounds.
We already had majority of our diapers & accessories, so we were set.
Even if you don’t have all the items when your little one is that young,
I don’t see any reason that you wouldn’t be able to make the switch later on.

There are a lot of different cloth diaper systems and many different brands
and we are by no means experts on any of them, but I can share what we use and why we like them.
Our favorite diapers are the BumGenius One-Size Stay-Dry cloth diapers.
They grow with her by adjusting the snaps (up to 35 lbs!).
These come with inserts that you stuff inside the cover.
We usually add an extra insert for the night time diapers since she is in them for longer.
Like I said, they are super easy to put on, very soft, and easy to stuff.

There are several accessories that we cannot live without and wouldn’t want to!
First and foremost…the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer.
You know that little thing called poop? Well this takes care of it!
It attaches to our toilet and we just spray off the poopy diapers.
Which I’m sure brings me to another one of your questions,
no poop enters the washer at any time, thanks to this bad boy.
While the diaper sprayer is awesome, I’m not going to say it doesn’t get messy or gross sometimes.
Poop is gross. You know that, I know that.
We just deal with it, wash our hands, and move on.

So here is how it works in our household.
The dirty diaper goes straight to the bathroom,
the wet ones go straight into the pail, insert and cover separate;
the dirty ones get sprayed off with the diaper sprayer and then go into the pail.
Our pail is just a regular trash can with a lid lined with a Planet Wise Pail Liner.
We have two liners so when one is in the wash, the other is in the pail.
The pail, nor the bathroom, smell like dirty diapers at all.

Then it’s time to wash. We wash the diapers every other day, well, night, now that I’m back at work.
The entire pail liner goes from the bathroom straight to the washer.
We’ve got it down to a science now that if you dump the diapers into the washer
using the bottom of the pail liner then you don’t ever touch the dirty diapers.
The pail liner goes right into the wash with all the diapers and wipes.
We use cheap wash cloths with a spray bottle of water for wipes.
It’s so much better for her bum and so much easier to toss the wipes and the diapers into the same pail.
For detergent, we use the Rockin’ Green detergent, as well as a homemade concoction we found here.
After the wash is complete, we dry the liners and hang dry the covers.

Daycare, traveling, and just general out-and-about days do require a little extra planning & packing.
When we don’t have access to the diaper sprayer, we use the Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners.
These go between her bum and the diaper to catch any of the poop,
they go right into the toilet and get flushed, eliminating the need to spray off the diaper.
They were great when we traveled for Christmas in December.
When we’re out and about, we just pack up the diaper bag with extra diapers and the wet bag.
All dirty diapers go in the wet bag and get sprayed off when we get back home!
Same with daycare, we pack up her diapers & wet bag each day and the dirty diapers get sent home with her each night.

There are a lot of pros to using cloth diapers (cost efficient, less waste, no blowouts, cuteness),
but we completely understand that cloth diapering is not for everyone.
In no way are we judging those who do not cloth diaper.
It is a little more work than just tossing a dirty diaper in the trash,
but it works for us and we are completely obsessed!
We are always open to trying new brands and systems and I love getting new cute patterns,
so if you have other suggestions, let us know!!
If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer, let me know and I’ll be sure to do so.
If you’re thinking about cloth diapering, check out Cottonbabies Cloth Diaper 101, it’s a great place to start!

Three Months!

Kenley is three whole months old!

She has been changing a lot recently.
She’s really starting to like her tootie (aka pacifier) more and is doing a much better job at keeping it in her mouth.
She loves playing on her play mat. I can put her on it and she will just bat at her toys, play, and smile.
She loves her little octopus which we recently found out makes noise!!
I think Greg and I were way more excited about this than she was.
She also loves being nakey baby and really enjoys the bath.
She doesn’t really love tummy time, but she’s doing a good job of holding her head up.
She is quite the little chatter box too. Talking, cooing, and making all sorts of noises.

Since we’ve started daycare, she really is developing a schedule of her own.
She’s not taking long naps during the day, probably because there is so much going on,
so by 7 or 8pm each night, she is exhausted and ready for bed.
She’s also been sleeping until 6 or 7am (most nights), which is SO nice!
She’s eating about every three hours during the day and can go most nights without feeding.

She is fully into 3-6 months clothes in most brands and is pushing the 6 months clothes in Carter’s.
I’m so glad that another mom told me that Carter’s clothes are sized a tad different when I was pregnant.
If it’s 3 months, they should be able to wear it UP TO 3 months.
In my opinion, that’ s so different than saying 0-3 months….but maybe that’s just me.
So any new or soon-to-be moms… take note!

She is still fully cloth diapered and we are completely obsessed!
Expect a long post about that soon.

We have met so many new people since our last monthly update.
We celebrated Christmas in Indiana (you can read about it here and here)
and rang in the new year here in Orlando where it was in the 70s and sunny.

Cameron & Kenley with their grandmas!

Zeta aunts Meghann & Katie

Stacy, Luanne and Hailey at Disney!

Sweet baby Ben came to play!

Zeta aunt Mandy came to visit!

Are baby jeggings not the cutest think you’ve ever seen?
Thanks Auntie Lisa for keeping her so stylish!