Pinterest Christmas: DIY Cookies in a Jar

I am finally here to share my first Pinterest Christmas project with you!

Pinterest Christmas

This year, I made (actually, I am in the process of making) cookies in a jar for the teachers at the kids’ school. I went with the Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie because I asked Greg and our friend Ryan what cookie they would prefer to receive as a gift and the answer was “oatmeal”. I figured the cranberry white chocolate makes it a little more festive since this is a Christmas gift. I found the recipe through Pinterest (obviously) from Thrify Jinxy.

Here are all of the ingredients and supplies needed:



I got majority of my ingredients at Aldi (which is another blog post for another day) except for the brown sugar since they didn’t have any. The 32 ounce ball jars were purchased at Ace Hardware for $10 for a case of 12! Do not purchase these from your local craft store… they are way more expensive. Michael’s had them priced at $3 PER JAR!


My original game plan was to do one ingredient at a time over several jars, but after I made the first complete jar, I just continued to go one jar at a time. Here are a few things I learned from the process —

I do not own an 1/8 teaspoon measuring spoon, so I eyeballed the measurement using my 1/4 teaspoon measuring spoon.

You will make a mess in the process and if you have little ones, they will want to help, which means they will want to eat all of your white chocolate chips.

Once you start adding in the ingredients, you may think they aren’t all going to fit in the jar, but it really ends up fitting perfectly every single time.

The layers of your jars though will not be perfect. I know, this was a hard one for me to swallow, but some of my jars looked better than others. Live with it!



I really love how they turned out! I am planning to add a little ribbon with the instructions for baking tied on to them, but right now, I just like to admire my hard work. I definitely recommend these cookies in a jar if you are still thinking about giving some homemade gifts this year!


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my weekend in photos: happy new year

One resolution for 2012 is to start (check!) and keep up with the series my weekend in photos.
My cousin Misha has been doing it and I really enjoy seeing what they do each weekend.
So, here it goes!

someone special got me roses

kenley’s first disney trip: dinner at fort wilderness lodge

amazing weather this weekend to ring in the new year

born this way: ready to party

been dying to make these since i spotted them on pinterest. delish!

sipping monster on the rocks to ring in the new year

another pinterest find: turn your hangers backwards on jan. 1st and if you haven’t worn it by june 1st, get rid of it!

Seven Weeks!

Our serious little girl is starting to develop a little personality!
We started to see a smile here and there this past week
and Greg has gotten her to laugh a couple times!
(Of course, she doesn’t do this for mommy all day long…
such a little daddy’s girl already).

We had a GREAT weekend with one of my bffs Celeste!
She was in South Florida for work
and was nice enough to make the trip to Orlando for the weekend.
It was SO nice to see her and have her meet Kenley.

Sunday night marked the first night in her own room!
She did awesome & we have all slept so much better with her in there!

Kenley and I are beginning to go out more and more, which is so nice.
I went in for my 6 week check-up this past week (which I will update you on later),
and we popped over to see Jessica & baby Benjamin, who is just 3 weeks old and so sweet.
We also celebrated Michelle & baby Jenkinson who is due to arrive late January!
Kenley already has little baby friends here in Orlando, which is awesome!

We have had a couple family outings, the first to a cookie exchange party!
I made no-bake cookies (one of my favorites) and tried out mint chocolate chip cookies!

[Taken via Instagram]

We also went to Greg’s company holiday party last night, which was fun!
Kenley did so well and was wide awake for most of the party!
She’s such a night owl!

Look at that little smile! 🙂