DIY Crayon Letter

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a fun project for Greg and I!
It’s so easy too!

I found the tutorial here
and modified it ever so slightly.

The first one we made was for baby Lucas in New York
and we were so happy with how it turned out.

diy crayon letter

The shadowbox is from IKEA (Ribba, of course)
Crayons were purchased at Target
The rest we already had… cardstock, sharpie, hot glue gun, exacto knife.
We actually used one of our kitchen knives because it was bigger and easier to use.

It’s so simple, pick out a font that you like and print it out very large.
You can trace it onto the cardstock, but we just used the point of a mechanical pencil
without the lead out and traced around it so you could see the indention on the cardstock.
We lined up all the cut crayons to make sure they fit, then glued them on!
Lastly, write the name with a sharpie and frame it!

Believe me, if we can do it, you can do it!

diy crayon letter

Thanks to the Trendy Treehouse for the tutorial!

Updated: This continues to be a go-to for baby gifts for our friends.
Here are a couple more examples of this fun project!

diy crayon letter

diy crayon letter

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