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pinterest christmas diy

This week I’m sharing a hodge podge of different little crafts I did to decorate this season. You know how much I love to make ornaments, so I continued that tradition this year. After finding this adorable fabric scrap ornament, I dug up a pack of styrofoam balls that I had purchased way back for probably a very good reason, which I cannot remember now. I also had a little bit of scrap fabric left over from my Christmas garland I made last year, so this project was a freebie! I started with the ribbon and a stick pin so I could hang my ornament. I then cut the fabric into (approximately) one inch squares and started poking them into the styrofoam ball. The fabric stuck on its own, so I didn’t need any pins. I would imagine you could use any tool that has a sharp point. I ended up using a this little cleaning gadget that came with my sewing machine. I love how it turned out and I definitely want to make more in the future.

diy ornaments

diy ornaments

The other ornament I made this year was Crosby’s birth announcement ornament! Misha also made one for Eloise and did a little tutorial on it, so check that out here!

diy ornaments

This year I felt like I needed more festive decor for our TV unit in the family room. I had my eye on these waterless snow globes and felt like they would be perfect. I picked up a few extra Ball jars at Jo-Ann Fabrics (they also make smooth edge jars too!), as well as the fake snow. I found the trees on Amazon for $12. The small globes are candle votives that weren’t getting used in the house, so I decided to use them. I used the flat lids of two other Ball jars and attached them to the votives with spray adhesive. They look great from a distance, but not the best up close. I should have spray painted the lids white, but I’m not losing any sleep over it. They look great where they are!

diy christmas decor

Along with the snow globes, made a little festive vase. The (p)inspiration came from these JOY bottles and I just modified it a little bit. If Santa were to bring me a Cricut machine for Christmas, you will probably be seeing these JOY bottles again next year. For this project, I used one of the many frappucino bottles I have tucked away and painted it with the frosted glass spray paint. I put three rubber bands around the bottom of the bottle to make three stripes. I filled the bottom of the bottle with fake snow and put in two stem of cranberries.

diy christmas decor

Thanks for keeping up with our Pinterest Christmas projects this season. For more projects and inspiration, check out the other blogs in the A Pinterest Christmas series [Emerald City Diaries | Greg & MaggiThe Gilbertson Family | The Pena Family | This Grey House | Without A Doubt]. Share your Pinterest Christmas projects with us! Comment on one of our blogs, link back to a post, or use #PinterestChristmas2014 on Instagram!

A Pinterest Christmas: DIY Ornaments

Welcome to week two of A Pinterest Christmas blog series happening this December,
where myself and several other friends and friends-of-friends across the country will be making fun,
Pinterest inspired (Pinspired) holiday decorations, treats, and keepsakes.

pinterest christmas logo

We put up our tree just two days after moving into the new house over Thanksgiving.
It was high on my priority list, because, who doesn’t love decorating for the holidays?
Once it was up, I realized that you can now see almost the entire way around the tree,
unlike in years past when we put in a corner of the room and just had to decorate the front.
With that being said, we needed more ornaments!

(P)Inspiration – Scrabble Ornament


Knowing I didn’t want to take Scrabble letters from my game,
Michelle and I searched for replacement letters, only to find,
it is more economical to purchase Super Scrabble and get 200 letters!
This worked out well since there are only two “K” letters in the entire game,
and both of our girls have “K” names.

Michelle’s hubby cut the the Scrabble trays to fit each name and
we hot glued the letters on to the tray and added ribbon.


We also tried to create other fun, Christmas themed phrases and words.
They looked adorable at first, but I soon found myself re-gluing the tiles together,
and then, again.
So, I’m not sure how long these will last on the tree.


(P)Inspiration – House Key Ornament


This ornament could not be more perfect!
I got the Baby’s First Christmas kit from TJ Maxx and was able to get 4 ornaments out of it!



Since we have not closed on our old house, I still had my house key!
I was able to do an ornament for our first home and for our new home,
it worked out perfect.

We ended up having more putty to work with, so we got creative.


His + hers wedding rings with our anniversary date.
I really love it!

(P)Inspriation – Keepsake Ornament

Misha made this for Kenley’s first Christmas last year,
so I made it a point to save the birth announcements we’ve received over the past year.


for miss lindsay


and miss kyler

I also made one for Ben for his 1st birthday in November,
even though it wasn’t his first Christmas, but failed to take a picture of it;
and I am planning on making one out of our wedding invitation.

Have you made any fun ornaments lately?


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