my weekend in photos

friday morning teeth cleaning turned into getting two “small” cavities filled
(i blame the pregnancy hormones)
luckily we had a lunch date planned at lazy moon for a big slice of pizza

very early saturday morning overlooking lake eola

getting ready to walk in the march for babies 5k for jack’s pack

pit stop between miles two and three for a rainbow fruit bar. delish.

had an awesome time representing jack’s pack in florida
our weather was a little better that morning than the crew in indiana
and everyone thought kenley was baby jack. ha.

the early morning resulted in several naps,
which resulted in sleepy face

saturday night we headed to the jenkinson’s for game night
and kenley and kyler’s first sleepover…at least half the night 

kenley loves to grab everything, including kyler

stopped by the festival of chocolate at the ucf arena

then headed down to avalon park to take on the food truck bazaar

they were out of our favorite dessert. bummer.

the girls played while we ate some delish food including flatbreads and a korean taco box


how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos

went swinging with grandma and grandpa

home from tampa to see these two faces i missed

family dinner

beer and scrabble. real scrabble. not words with friends.
actual family togetherness.

saying bye after a super fun spring break together

food truck wars

while the little one napped

largest display.

we may or may not have tried them. oops.
it did entice us to order them and they were damn good.

heading out for a long walk  

play time before church while we had breakfast


we are ready to get back in the swing of things this week.
how was your weekend? 

my weekend in photos

alicia stayed to play after her conference on friday night

miss kenley was excited about that

we strolled up and down park ave on saturday morning

the weather was heavenly

may be my new fave

meeting miss kyler for the first time! just three days old.

cannot believe what a difference three months makes!
it’s hard to believe kenley this small.

food truck bazaar

nap time

mexican coke made with real sugar…calorie free of course. ha.