6.5 Years Old

This half birthday completely snuck up on me! I’m not sure where the time is going. Kenley is officially six and a half years hold and only has about six weeks left of kindergarten. She is doing really well in school and has adjusted well. The days are still pretty long for her so she’ll occasionally nap on the weekends when her attitude warrants a nap. She hasn’t had much homework (thank goodness), but she does have weekly spelling tests and some math tests. All of the grades were required to do a science experiment and their projects were showcased at the science fair last month. Kenley’s project will represent her class at the Orange County STEM Fair next month!


Soccer has started back up again, so she is excited to be playing again. We never got back into gymnastics because the gym was just too far from school and it was too much for a weeknight. This year, she’s already ran/walked the Lady Track Shack 5k and ran the Smile Mile on behalf of her school! We may start a new sport this summer, but I’m not sure what yet.


Since we got annual passes to Disney in September, she has become quite the thrill seeker. Her favorite ride is basically any roller coaster at Disney. Everest at Animal Kingdom and Rock n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios is her favorite. She’s been on Tower of Terror twice and is trying to convince Crosby go to on it next time, but each time, she really doesn’t like it. I am really impressed with her as I can assure you, I was not riding these type of rides as a six and a half year old.


I am pretty sure Kenley is growing about an inch a week. I can’t believe how long her legs are and how big her feet are. In January, she got glasses which she wears (almost) daily at school and most of the time on weekends. She has also lost two teeth! Her bottom two teeth were the first to go and her top two are starting to get wiggly. She’s getting her first six year molar which she’s complained about a bit. She has also had strep throat twice in the last month!


Happy half birthday, Kenley Dee!

2.5 Years Old

It’s Crosby’s half birthday and he is officially two and a half years old! This concludes the month of half birthdays for our family. April is almost as exciting as October. We celebrate the kids’ half birthdays with a donut to have something exciting happening in the spring since all of the real fun happens in the fall. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

2.5 Years Old

Crosby has a lot of updates this month!

This month was his first trip to the dentist! Kenley didn’t go until she was three years old and really didn’t like it at all, so I wanted to start Crosby sooner with the hopes that he doesn’t think much of it. It also helped that his big sister was there too. To be honest, he could care less about it and did a great job! Since he was a first-timer, he got his name on the board!



Another first this month was our trip to the ER a couple weeks ago. As I was arriving at school to pick up the kids on Thursday evening, he was playing on the playground and had a mishap with the slide. His bottom canine tooth went straight up into his top lip very close to the crease. As soon as I saw it, I knew it needed stitches and I do not do well with things like this. Of course, Greg was at work too, so we all headed to urgent care to see what they could do. Turns out, not much. After thinking everything through, I ended up going back to the house to change out of my heels and suit jacket and to put Crosby in some comfy clothes. I dropped Kenley off at Kyler’s house and Crosby and I were on our way to the ER. He ended up getting called back around 7:45pm, right at his bedtime. I’ll spare you the details, but he did awesome and I did horrible. I had to sit down because I was about to pass out. He got three stitches in his lip and one dissolving stitch on the inside of his cheek. He was limited to bland, soft foods for the week and no straw or sippy cup which was actually the hardest part. The stitches were removed on the following Wednesday and we celebrated at Tijuana Flats.


Another awesome update is that we have completed the three day potty training boot camp! We are huge fans of the three day potty training method and we started on Saturday. Crosby went back to school yesterday and had a great day. I will have a longer update next month after we have been at it for longer, but overall, I am very impressed with how quickly he’s picked it up.

Other than those big updates, it’s been normal two year old stuff around here.

30 months / 2.5 years notes:
Weight – 30 pounds at the ER
Hair – Light brown and needs a haircut!
Teeth – 18! His two bottom molars came through this month, and his top two are not far behind.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – Mostly 2T clothes, but some 3T, and size 8 or 9 shoes
Diapers – He was in size 5 disposables during the day and size 6 at night, but now he is only wearing his big boy undies! Hooray!
Likes – ALL of the cars, trains, planes, construction vehicles, trucks, car loaders, anything that moves; Jake Legos; reading books; singing songs; running; chasing and being silly with his sister; really, anything his sister does; riding his balance bike; playing with friends; watching Disney Junior; seeing the animals at Animal Kingdom Lodge; getting an M&M for going in the potty; swimming and playing with the water table; his baby froggie.
Dislikes – Pooping on the potty; waking up in the morning; getting dropped off at school; getting into trouble; time-outs.

Happy half birthday little man!

4.5 Years Old

Today is Kenley’s half birthday and just like that, we have a four and a half year old.

This girl is growing so fast. I had to go back and read her post from her 4th birthday and I can safely say that age 4 has been our favorite so far… which I am sure I will keep saying, but the first six months of 4 have been so different than age 3. She seems so much older than four and a half on most days, just by what she says and the things she asks. Greg and I are usually stumped or frustrated that we have trouble explaining what a word or concept means to her because we have never thought about it before. It is also very hard to explain what a word means without actually saying that word. She is very inquisitive.


Kenley visited the dentist this month and needed several pep talks leading up to the big day. This was her third visit and she hadn’t been thrilled about the first two  visits, so she had it in her mind that it was going to be terrible. However, I was pretty concerned about a tooth, so I stressed the importance of her getting x-rays done and getting a good cleaning. At her appointment six months ago, the dentist mentioned two of her teeth that we needed to keep an eye on and she was right…both of them already had cavities this time. As I sat there feeling like a failure of a parent, she said the both teeth were doomed from the beginning just by the way they were shaped, so there was nothing we could have done about it. Kenley will have both of them filled on two separate occasions, which is a bummer, but they aren’t painful now so we will avoid that by getting them done. The good news is that Kenley has asked to go back to the dentist several times since we’ve left, so hopefully her fear has subsided and the two fillings go well.


We have officially submitted the paperwork for Kenley to start VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) this fall and she will be at the same school. Realistically, not much will change for her, but a portion of the day is free, so Greg and I are excited about that part. She is currently evaluated four times throughout the year now in preschool and already been evaluated on the VPK standards this spring. You know how it is…all about the assessments and milestones. She does very well in school and absolutely loves it, so we are very happy about that.

I’m not sure how, but sleeping has definitely gotten better with age for this girl. She willingly goes down for naps and for bedtime most nights. She can get by without a nap if needed, but sleeps hard when she does take a nap. She also will nap anywhere which she gets from her mama. If we are going someplace and we tell them they need to take a nap in the car, she’s in her car seat and has her eyes closed within the first 10 minutes. She also crawled into the stroller at Disney a couple weeks ago and went right to sleep. As long as she doesn’t fight taking a nap, we will offer her a nap, but I am also mindful of not letting her sleep too long during the day. She really will only be able to nap for another year or so, so we aren’t in a rush to drop it just yet. I hope she understands how awesome naps truly are and that she will miss them once she starts school. Her bedtime is 8:00pm and we are usually still pretty strict with that since she will get up at 6:30am the next morning no matter what time she goes to bed. The girl loves a schedule, I can tell you that. Her brother, on the other hand, will probably be done with naps when she is done with them.


Here are some of her favorites at four and a half:

Color: pink & purple
Food: strawberries
Thing to do: swimming
TV show: Sophia the First (I would have guessed she would say PJ Masks)
Book: The Foot Book
Part of school: The playground
Dessert: Chocolate chip ice cream
Brother: Crosby (good answer)
Construction truck: Dump truck
Song(s): Christmas carols & anything Sugar Crash Kids (especially Make Believe)
Lunch: Turkey (I would have guessed sun butter & jelly)
Animal: Zebra
Outfit: The heart dress

I then asked “which heart dress?” and she said “I don’t know, but I want to buy one.”

Happy half birthday Kenley Dee!



18 Months

Little man is constantly on the go!


Crosby started swim lessons this month! It was a rough first week on everyone but he’s doing much better. It’s been sporadic due to some weather issues but we are hoping to get back on track this week. We are excited to see him progress. Kenley started swim lessons around 22-23 months old, right before her second birthday, so Crosby being a bit younger has been a different experience. He will be ready to start swimming this summer for sure!


Since spring break, Crosby experienced some separation anxiety going back to school. I did not expect this at all, especially since he was home most of the week with my parents and I am the one who drops him off at school in the morning. It wasn’t like he got to spend the entire week with me, I continued to work my normal schedule. For about two weeks following spring break, he cried and cried at drop off at school. After a couple minutes, he was perfectly fine, but hearing him scream “mommmmmmmy” while I walk out the door was crushing my heart. He has never done that in the 15 months he has gone to school. All of a sudden, he was perfectly fine and it was like it never happened. He now runs right into his classroom and starts playing and could care less that I walk out the door.


Typical weekday schedule – 6:00-6:15am wake up, Cheerios & cartoons in mommy’s bed, breakfast with Kenley at the table, off to school with Mommy, fun day at school with his buddies, Daddy picks up after 4pm, home to play upstairs, swim lessons, dinner, bath, pajamas, books, bed around 7:15pm.


It’s crazy how different our mindset is between our first child and our second child. When Kenley was 18 months old, she seemed so old. She has been in a toddler bed since she turned 18 months old and I cannot even imagine Crosby in a toddler bed right now because he still seems so young. Don’t get me wrong, I do not consider him a “baby”, but we have a three and a half year old to compare him to, so it’s just different. He is in full toddler mode, getting into everything, climbing on everything, throwing things, just being a boy. But he is also my cuddly, lovey boy who loves hugs and kisses. If you’re in our house, Crosby will come up and hug your legs, no matter how well he knows you, especially if it is nearing bedtime. If he wants your attention, he will grab your cheeks and move your face towards his.


Eighteen month notes:
Weight – 23 pounds, 3 ounces (75th percentile) Again, very similar to Kenley’s 18 months stats.
Height – 33.25 inches (80th percentile)
Head – 18.98 inches (70th percentile)
Hair – Brown, but starting to lighten up. He got another haircut last week.
Teeth – 12, but definitely working on some more.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 18-24 months and 2T
Diapers – Cloth diapers by day, disposables by night, size 4
Likes – Making animal sounds, especially the animals that say “rawr”, throwing toys off the changing table, climbing, running, going “side” (outside), pointing out the “light”, Daniel Tiger, reading flip books, cars, trucks, airplanes, running and tackling, singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Five Little Monkeys, rocks, pointing at airplanes in the “sky”, being tickled, “shoes” and “socks”.
Dislikes – The changing table…hates it.

18 Months

Happy half birthday Crosby Martin! We can’t imagine our life without you, sweet boy.

3.5 Years Old

It’s been a while since I’ve given a detailed update on Miss Kenley, so I figured her half birthday would be the perfect opportunity. We officially have a three and a half year old and I still ask myself everyday how in the world that is possible? Wasn’t she just born yesterday?? Seriously though, it’s been six months since we celebrated her turning three? I know I shouldn’t fixate on this, but time is flying!!


I am not even sure where to begin. I really should be letting Kenley tell you about what she is up to because she totally can. She is now at the age where she tells us exactly what happens during her day at school and most of the time, she’s right. School is going so well for her and we love her teachers and her class. Her last report stated that she continues to be a leader in class (which helps since she is one of the oldest) and that he loves to be the first to do things… also adding that she is practicing waiting her turn. They have worked through the entire alphabet at school with help of the weekly “letter bucket” which she loved doing when it was our turn to fill the bucket. She can recognize every letter of the alphabet and will point out all of the letters in words, phrases, book titles, on posters, etc. Sometimes she goes from right to left, but most of the time she starts from left and goes to the right. The other morning on the way to school she counted all the way to 60, with a little help from me on numbers 40 and 50. I hear that she exclaimed “my mommy is 30!!” to her class when they counted to 30 during circle time one day. Thanks girl. She can also count backwards from 10 and it usually ends with “blast off!!”. She really loves school and we know this by her frequently reenacting school activities at home with us, Crosby, her animals, or anyone who will listen.


Kenley’s schedule recently became very full. She just finished up six weeks of class at MyGym and loved it. We are going to be taking advantage of open gym time when we can until she starts another session of classes. She just began her first season of youth soccer through the YMCA. Her team practices on Monday evenings and has games on Saturday mornings. She has had two games so far and has done pretty well. Her attention span can be short lived, but she has actually gone out and chased the ball around, which is great for her first season, let alone her first two games. The Healthy Kids Running Series just started back up again so she is very excited for her “races”! It has been busy, but she has been enjoying all of these fun activities. Once soccer and running are done for the spring, we plan to take it easy this summer and enjoy the sun and the pool.


Here are some other fun tidbits…

Sleep – We have a pretty strict bedtime routine right now which is 100% necessary since we have probably heard every possible excuse to NOT go bed from this one. Our routine includes dinner, bath, pajamas, playtime (preferably quiet play) or one show (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Daniel Tiger), at 7:15pm the phone alarm goes off which means it is time to brush teeth, have a drink of water, go potty, read three books, then lights out. Majority of the time it’s a short “I don’t want to go to bed” whining and then she has to tell us something she forgot to tell us, then it’s bedtime. She is usually in bed, tucked in for the last time, and door shut by 7:45-8pm. She will sometimes sing for a little bit in bed or go right to sleep, other times she rolls around until her covers are all messed up and we got back in to tuck her back in yet again. She also will sometimes get a reward (M&M, jelly bean, Dum-Dum) in the morning for staying in her bed and going to bed nicely the night before. Anything we can do to make the process more smooth, we will. As for naps, she does nap at school for about an hour or an hour and a half. On the weekend, if we are out and about then she probably will not nap or she will take a short nap in the car. She does pretty well without a nap, but it’s always touch and go. She will definitely go to bed earlier on days she does not nap. If we are home, then she still goes down for a nap. There have only been a handful of times where she rested in her room without actually sleeping when we were home.


Food – She is a very good eater but recently has had an opinion about what she likes or doesn’t like. Sometimes we have to persuade her to try something that we know she likes already. She loves all fruits and veggies and will usually eat these things first on her plate. She would do without the meat if she could and likes most carbs. Randomly, she loves olives! Her favorite lunch is a sunbutter and jelly sandwich (which she refers to as peanut butter and jelly, but she goes to a peanut-free school, so sunbutter it is). Her favorite treats are ice cream sandwiches, Annie’s fruit snacks, and Mum Mums (with the sprinkles). She only drinks water and 2% milk unless it is a special occasion where she gets to have a juice box of some sort.

Music – She loves to sing! Every other Tuesday they have a music class at school which she loves. She sings most of the nursery rhymes, but also will tell me if she likes or doesn’t a song that comes on the radio. Of the current hits, she likes Sugar, Uptown Funk, Welcome to New York, Shake it Off, All about the bass, Fancy, and Love me like you do.

Clothes – Shirts, dresses, pajamas are all 4T, shorts and skirts are 3T, undies are 2/3T, shoes are size 8 or 9.

Favorites – Lego Duplo, Lego Juniors, play kitchen/pretend cooking, puzzles, Play-Doh, books, shopping cart, baby dolls, baby doll stroller, Skip Hop Zoo suitcase and backpack, bicycle, car, sticker books, the park, Daniel Tiger, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, pretend play


Bow-Back Tee // Denim Skirt // Bow

Happy half birthday Kenley Dee! We love you more than you know.