my weekend in photos


saturday morning i got up and headed to campus for the operation give back wounded warriors 5k. this was my second year running this race and it did not disappoint. i’ll share more about it this week.


soon after, we headed to the fields for kenley’s soccer game!


greg had to work on saturday, so i decided to meet a friend at sea world with the kids. of course we had to see the dolphin show!


it was hot, so we tried to do all of the indoor attractions. checking out the fish!


crosby had class at mygym bright and early this morning, then kenley joined for open gym.


after a family trip to the ymca, we had a little bit of downtime to play upstairs.
the boy wanted a puzzle, and he sure got one.


kenley had her last race of the healthy kids running series tonight. she got second place!


she had such a great time.


she earned her second medal! she’s come a long way since her very first race last fall.


we had a fun, crazy busy weekend and it didn’t seem like we stopped moving.
after the next couple of weekends, we’re planning to slow down for the rest of the summer.

how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos


in case you missed it this week, kenley got three stitches in her forehead on monday afternoon.
on friday afternoon, she got them out! we went out to dinner to celebrate.

selfie with my little man.

these two.

unfortunately, she has not been cleared to play soccer yet, so we cheered on her teammates after pictures on saturday morning. we took a small pit stop at the park on the way home.


we took advantage of the amazing weather we had this weekend and went for a bike ride / run.
we made stops at starbucks and the park, but ended up going over 2.5 miles!

greg and i went out saturday night to celebrate dos de mayo with some friends! we watched the end of the clippers/spurs game, but were in bed before the fight began.

crosby had class at mygym this morning, then we hit up the park, yet again!

week 3 of the healthy kids running series and kenley got first place again! go girl!

teaching her how to open peanuts at five guys.

this one went down head first at the park today, then decided he wasn’t going to take a nap. needless to say, he had an early bedtime.


we were on the go most of the weekend, but it was a good one!
how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos


i couldn’t pass up these pretty things when i stopped at the store for soy sauce on friday.

after my alarm went off at 5am on saturday morning, i laid there and thought of every excuse i could think of not get out of bed. reluctantly, i did and i am so glad i forced myself out there. i got in six miles at a slower than normal pace, thanks to not running all week. it sure felt good though.


afterwards, we headed straight to the soccer fields. this was the first time the girls were actually on the field at the same time. they loved it.


kenley did a really good job and played almost the entire game. she will run towards the ball until the ball actually gets to her, then she will run the other way. it’s so fun to watch.

after having friends over for dinner on saturday night, we got up and headed to mygym this morning. crosby had his first class, then we stayed and played during open gym. the kids loved it.

after nap time for everyone, kenley and i went to the y. since my race schedule is pretty empty right now, i’m trying to do mix in strength training and cardio with my run schedule.


we finally had amazing weather for the healthy kids running series! stretching and getting ready to run.


at the start line, ready to go! kenley got first place tonight!


we had a busy weekend and it went by very quickly, but it sure was fun.
how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos

pajama day at school on friday! i promise they were excited about it.

my grandma shipped me her entire set of china this week. i spent some time unpacking it, admiring it, and putting it away in our dining room this weekend. when we registered for our wedding gifts years ago, we opted to hold off on fine china for a number of reasons…but now i know why. i am so thankful to have this beautiful set that means so much to me.

saturday morning soccer.

he’s a rockstar with his fork these days.

the girls doing arts & crafts before dinner on saturday.

early wake up call to get in 6 miles with kayla before her next half marathon on saturday. it was so humid! i followed it up with spin & strength at the Y in the afternoon. needless to say, today is a rest day for me.

after a slight weather delay, they were able to get in the healthy kids running series this weekend. everyone was so excited.

first race of the season! she did a great job.

he wanted to get down and run with everyone else, but you can’t tell it here!


we had a busy weekend, but it sure was good. how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos


kenley celebrated her birthday on friday at school then we met up with her old teacher who was back in town for dinner.
it was great catching up with her and we were excited her trip coincided with kenley’s birthday.

chocolate covered pretzels

while greg worked on friday night, i did some birthday party prep.

rainbow fruit

birthday party prep continued saturday morning.
the rainbow fruit was one of my favorite parts of the party.


// chambray button down // leggings // bow-tie boots // plaid rolled-sleeve shirt // 

ready to party!


these two.

crosby had a great time partying too, he’s ready for his own party.

// boo pajamas //

and then we woke up on sunday with a three year old!


// ruffled tee // striped long-sleeve henley // 

we headed down to our favorite shaded park to get some pictures of the kids.
i’ll be posting many more soon.


sunday was the last day of the fall healthy kids running series.


kenley did awesome! it’s amazing how much she improved since the first race.


since it was the final race, she got her medal!
the first of many race bling to come.


we had a wonderful weekend celebrating our little three year old.
how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos


i found this picture on my phone. i think greg may have wanted to share what we were doing on friday night.
all of this, plus the season premiere of shark tank!


kayla and i met up for six miles on saturday morning.
don’t be fooled by the smiles, it was a struggle.


one perk of being up before the sun is actually seeing the sun come up. it sure was pretty.


this little dude is eleven months old.

and his latest trick is dancing!


my view on saturday night.
this is real life.


daddy built a fort today!


i went to the meet and greet with my running group today and made this sweet shirt.
seriously, love it. i’m getting mentally prepared for 13.1 come december.


week two of the healthy kids running series!


she did much better this week and she’s even making new friends.
so cute.


we had another fun, but busy weekend. i’m guessing that is going to be the norm for a while.
how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos

crosby loves pushing things around the house. friday night it was the caboose to the train.


my alarm was set for 4:45am on saturday morning. i got up and ran my first 15k! in the rain, i may add.
full race recap to come.


after a rainy saturday, we had mexican and margaritas for dinner. yum!


the boys played.


and the girls had a dance party.


the new bats exhibit opened at the orlando science center this weekend.
so creepy!


we arrived as soon as the doors opened today so we had the place to ourselves for a little while.


look at this cute little guy.


and this cute little guy playing in the tunnels.


we had been talking all week about kenley’s “big race” coming up and today was the day.


once we got there and she saw all the kids, she started mean-mugging everyone.
when the gun went off, she just stood there.


after some persuasion she actually started running.
by this time, most of the kids had already finished the 50 yard dash.
hilarious, cute, and still fun. we’re ready for next week!


we had a busy, yet relaxing weekend over here.
how was yours?