my weekend in photos


thursday night we headed down to disney for dinner atop the contemporary hotel.
the food was great and the company was even better.
it was a great way to end christmas break!


i am already starting to work on my word for 2014.
we did absolutely nothing on friday night.
the house was a mess and we had a list of things to do, but we chose to just sit on the couch.
it was awesome.


we ran errands on the other side of town, which happened to be near one of our favorite places for lunch.
jason’s deli! yum!


mr. chubby cheeks and i watched the colts game together.
what a game!


he wasn’t as excited about the sunday games today, watching them with daddy.


the laundry never ends…


we had a good weekend, but it’s back to the grind tomorrow.
i’m back to work and crosby is off to school.
new year, new routine.

how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos


thursday, we headed to kenley’s school for breakfast with the toddler rooms.
it was so fun to see her in action, but also quite chaotic.
santa made an appearance!

So excited for the 'jama party at school today. #latergram #ilovechristmas

i always loved the day before christmas break at school, even as i got older.
kenley is already getting a taste of what fun it is too.
she was so excited to wear her pajamas for the ‘jama party at school on friday.

thankfully, we started putting together some christmas gifts early…
i will tell you there were curse words being mumbled during the process.

a major portion of our weekend consisted of laundry.
including diapers. washing and stuffing. repeat as necessary.

you may have to adjust your volume to hear it, but little man was a snoring machine during our snuggles.

kenley has been learning to ride her trike since her birthday.
she’s getting the hang of it!
while many of you may be jealous of our weather today, it’s entirely too hot considering christmas is in three days.


our weekend was good, but we are more excited for this week!
how was your weekend?

my weekend in photos

One of the many, many reasons I love October... Breast cancer awareness month! Thanks Tijuana Flats for supporting a great cause. #tijuanaflats #thinkpink #october #ztathinkpink #savethetatas

we had tijuana flats for dinner on friday. love the breast cancer awareness.


as i headed to the couch, greg headed to the alterbridge concert at the house of blues.
it was awesome, according to him.


kenely and i did some shopping on saturday.
buy buy baby was one of our stops. completely overwhelming, but i love this store.

Just in case y'all were wondering where babies came from... They are not included with this baby carrier. #goodtoknow #duh

please note, baby not included!


since someone got up super early, i had to wake her at the two hour mark of her nap
in order to get out the door for sesame street live. we were still a half hour late.


we had great seats and i was surprised that kenley wasn’t afraid of the ginormous characters.
apologies for the horrible picture, but i didn’t get many.


she was not as enthralled with the show as she was for mickey mouse, but she did a good job.


after the show, we headed out for an early dinner. kenley and her friends had way too much fun running around.
luckily, there weren’t many others eating dinner at 4:30pm.


of course, we had to get dessert (or gassert as kenley calls it).

(Hopefully) my last pedi before baby. Team green!  #represent

i snuck out for a quick pedi saturday night. hopefully my last before baby!
team green all the way.


just mowing the pavers.


kenley and i hung out all day today, which included doing a massive amount of laundry.
good thing she’s a good helper.


we had a busy and tiring weekend.
greg worked a lot, but we’re already looking forward to fun things planned next weekend.

how was yours?

Where the laundry gets done…

Finally! Our laundry room is done!
I know that I am probably going to go into way more detail than you would like to know
about our laundry room, but this room is important to us. Between our cloth diaper laundry
and laundry for two adults and one little person, we use our laundry room a lot!
With that being said, I was very specific about what I wanted.
It needed to be 100% functional, and of course, cute too.


Moving into the house, this is what the laundry room looked like.
If you would have seen the before-before pictures of the house, you would have
seen a washer and dryer in there… somehow in the process of the bank fixing up the house,
those did not make it. We think someone just took them… along with the fridge,
which we were way more bummed about, but I digress.
We were so excited that there was already a sink and cabinet in there, which saved us some moolah.

Things that needed updating in the original laundry room:

1. Open wire shelf. From our last laundry room, I already knew that I wasn’t a fan,
so when my mom and I painted the room over Christmas break, I didn’t let them put the shelf back up.
I thought this would force us to actually do something with the room, but here we are 5 months later…
We had to replace it with something and tossed around the idea of getting cabinets, but opted for
a shelving unit we found in the As Is section at IKEA for a whopping $25!


2. The fluorescent light. No further explanation needed.

3. Our $10 stand up, folding drying rack that I have had since college. It sat right in the
narrow laundry room, making it hard to open and close the front loading machines.
It was a royal pain in my arse and I swear I hear angels singing the day we installed our new drying racks.



4. Color! Fun fact: this was the first can of paint we bought for the house.
The laundry room… I told you I was excited about it.

5. Paint the cabinets. I originally wanted to do them in white, but I didn’t want to buy the
entire kit for two little cabinets, so I was going to settle with the Espresso that we had purchased already.
But, then it dawned on my to ask Sally to borrow some of her extra grey from when she painted her kitchen cabinets.
It worked out perfectly, and I love the grey!


6. Decor. We really liked the decal we had in our old laundry room so we decided to get another one.
We actually purchased it before we were officially house hunting, due to an expiring Groupon,
but the decal works perfect in the space. I also looked on Pinterest for some fun artwork,
and found the awesome laundry cheat sheet that I printed for free.


7. Store the detergent in style. We already had one large glass jar that served as a gin bucket,
so I got a matching one so we have one jar for diaper detergent and one for laundry detergent.
I made the chalkboard labels from our leftover chalkboard contact paper on the pantry door.


What we still need to do:

1. Get a matching washer to the dryer. Here’s the story.
Somehow during the moving process, the dryer was damaged beyond repair.
After a costly service call, we had to get a new one. It’s sad that the washer and dryer
do not match at this point, but I don’t care enough to go buy a new washer.
We opted not to go with the front loaders this time around, which was kind of a
spur of the moment decision, but we aren’t in love with our washer now,
so I am still very happy with that decision. I would love to get the new washer soon,
but we will use this one until it dies…and that may not be too far away.

2. We would love to eventually paint the counter top too.
I have no idea what color, but something other than what it is now.
It works for now, but I certainly don’t love it.
Updated: Project complete!

Source List:

Paint – Valspar Araucana Teal
GRUNDTAL Drying Racks
PRESSA Drying Rack
Shelf Unit – HEMNES Wall/bridging shelf (AS IS section for $25!)
Storage Baskets – Threshold Global Small Milk Crate
Detergent Jars – Target
Laundry Cheat Sheet – Print / Frame
The Laundry Room decal – Dali Decal (purchased with Groupon)
Pendant light – MINUT pendant downlight
Cabinet Paint – Rustoleum Cabinet Restoration Kit in Winter Fog
Cabinet Hardware – Handles / Knobs


my weekend in photos


part one: we made some improvements to our laundry room! i’m hoping to get it finished next weekend & share soon.
part two: freshly stripped diapers. so fresh and so clean.


enjoying time with meemaw and gee-paw before they departed on their second leg of spring break.


brunch at keke’s. yum yum yum.


alone time at target. it never gets old. never. ever.


lots of march madness. and i’m ok with that.
although, it would have been more fun watching the hoosiers this weekend :: sigh ::


checking out what the easter bunny brought!


sporting her new backpack before church.


lowe’s was empty on easter sunday. who would have thought?


he is risen! he is risen indeed!


we had a wonderful, easter weekend with family & friends.
how was your weekend?

Cloth Diapers? What?!

This is usually the reaction we get when we tell people that Kenley is cloth diapered.
And to be honest, it was Greg’s initial reaction, too, when I told him I wanted to do it.
Thankfully, our friends, Sally & Nathan had cloth diapered their little one,
which gave us someone to ask questions and see first hand how it all goes down.

For most people, when we say cloth diapers, they think of the old fashioned
cloth diapers with the large safety pins that hold them together.
Honestly, I would have too, but believe me, there are no safety pins,
that would have been a deal breaker for us.
All of our diapers have either velcro or snap closures, so they are super easy to put on.

The number one reason that we decided to cloth diaper was to save money. That’s how I sold Greg on the idea.
We crunched some numbers and that was the end of the discussion.
We talked about this towards the beginning of our pregnancy, so we had the opportunity
to register for majority of the items we needed and search for good deals.
One of the cons of cloth diapering (some say) is the cost up front.
Yes, you do have to get majority of your diapers and supplies before you start the process,
but after that, you’re set… even for your future children down that road!
The fact that they are adorable is an added bonus.

We started Kenley in disposables because (1) we had no idea what we were doing as parents
and (2) the cloth diapers we have are for babies at least 8 pounds, so they were too big for her at first.
We made the switch over to cloth when she was three weeks and close to 9 pounds.
We already had majority of our diapers & accessories, so we were set.
Even if you don’t have all the items when your little one is that young,
I don’t see any reason that you wouldn’t be able to make the switch later on.

There are a lot of different cloth diaper systems and many different brands
and we are by no means experts on any of them, but I can share what we use and why we like them.
Our favorite diapers are the BumGenius One-Size Stay-Dry cloth diapers.
They grow with her by adjusting the snaps (up to 35 lbs!).
These come with inserts that you stuff inside the cover.
We usually add an extra insert for the night time diapers since she is in them for longer.
Like I said, they are super easy to put on, very soft, and easy to stuff.

There are several accessories that we cannot live without and wouldn’t want to!
First and foremost…the BumGenius Diaper Sprayer.
You know that little thing called poop? Well this takes care of it!
It attaches to our toilet and we just spray off the poopy diapers.
Which I’m sure brings me to another one of your questions,
no poop enters the washer at any time, thanks to this bad boy.
While the diaper sprayer is awesome, I’m not going to say it doesn’t get messy or gross sometimes.
Poop is gross. You know that, I know that.
We just deal with it, wash our hands, and move on.

So here is how it works in our household.
The dirty diaper goes straight to the bathroom,
the wet ones go straight into the pail, insert and cover separate;
the dirty ones get sprayed off with the diaper sprayer and then go into the pail.
Our pail is just a regular trash can with a lid lined with a Planet Wise Pail Liner.
We have two liners so when one is in the wash, the other is in the pail.
The pail, nor the bathroom, smell like dirty diapers at all.

Then it’s time to wash. We wash the diapers every other day, well, night, now that I’m back at work.
The entire pail liner goes from the bathroom straight to the washer.
We’ve got it down to a science now that if you dump the diapers into the washer
using the bottom of the pail liner then you don’t ever touch the dirty diapers.
The pail liner goes right into the wash with all the diapers and wipes.
We use cheap wash cloths with a spray bottle of water for wipes.
It’s so much better for her bum and so much easier to toss the wipes and the diapers into the same pail.
For detergent, we use the Rockin’ Green detergent, as well as a homemade concoction we found here.
After the wash is complete, we dry the liners and hang dry the covers.

Daycare, traveling, and just general out-and-about days do require a little extra planning & packing.
When we don’t have access to the diaper sprayer, we use the Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners.
These go between her bum and the diaper to catch any of the poop,
they go right into the toilet and get flushed, eliminating the need to spray off the diaper.
They were great when we traveled for Christmas in December.
When we’re out and about, we just pack up the diaper bag with extra diapers and the wet bag.
All dirty diapers go in the wet bag and get sprayed off when we get back home!
Same with daycare, we pack up her diapers & wet bag each day and the dirty diapers get sent home with her each night.

There are a lot of pros to using cloth diapers (cost efficient, less waste, no blowouts, cuteness),
but we completely understand that cloth diapering is not for everyone.
In no way are we judging those who do not cloth diaper.
It is a little more work than just tossing a dirty diaper in the trash,
but it works for us and we are completely obsessed!
We are always open to trying new brands and systems and I love getting new cute patterns,
so if you have other suggestions, let us know!!
If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer, let me know and I’ll be sure to do so.
If you’re thinking about cloth diapering, check out Cottonbabies Cloth Diaper 101, it’s a great place to start!

a {very} new year

While it’s a new year for everyone, this year is a new year for us in a different way.
We rang in the new year as parents, with a baby sleeping down the hall.
How weird is that?
I was drinking Monster, just so I could stay awake until midnight.
Oh how times have changed.

Today is the fifth day of the year and I feel am already overwhelmed.
I’m now a working mom with a stylish new, must-have accessory.
My breast pump.
I returned to my position in the workforce this week,
and I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard.
Real hard. 

Heading into the new year I had a few “resolutions” on my mind,
I’ve never been big on resolutions, so they are nothing too concrete, just things I’d like to do this year.
However, after this week (of only working three days, I might add)
I am thinking how am I going to have time to do anything this year?!
Cue the overwhelmed feeling.

Now, I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day
and I know that we’re going to eventually get into a routine.
Greg so sweetly pointed out today that returning to work after 12 weeks
would be hard on anyone, even without a baby.
Which is a very valid point.
Which is why I’m still a tad optimistic about my goals, I should say,
[rather than resolutions. I just don’t like the word resolutions], for the year.

– 1 –

I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy body.
I think that’s a reasonable goal for any new mom.
While I’ve lost almost all of my baby weight, and yes, I’m thankful for that,
I just don’t feel like I used to. Maybe that’ something I need to accept,
but I really need to get into a work out routine.
I know it’s going to be hard because I just want to spend every free minute
snuggling on the couch with Kenley.
But, thankfully Greg is really good about just getting on the treadmill
and getting it done, so hopefully that’ll rub off on me!

– 2 –

I want to be more intentional with my blogging.
I never want to feel like I HAVE to do this. I WANT to do this.
I LIKE to do this. It’s a way for me to relax, vent, have some me time.
I also love that I am documenting Kenley’s life (or any future children we birth),
how fun is it going to be for her to look back and read about all the fun
and even not-so-fun stuff we did when she was growing up.
That’s why I do it. And that’s why I’m going to keep doing it.
It also doesn’t hurt that we can keep our family & friends
across the country updated too. (You’re welcome)

– 3-

I want to keep updating, upgrading, and decorating our house!
We’ve done a lot of fun stuff to it this year,
both big and small.
I want to keep transforming it into a home.
Our home. Kenley’s first home. 
And I want to actually DO some of the things I’ve pinned on Pinterest.
What a concept!

– 4 –

I want for our family to become more regular attenders of church.
We go when we can, but sometimes make excuses not to,
which I think is normal. Maybe?
But that is something I want to work on.
I am also thinking very seriously about becoming more involved.
We love our church, but I don’t really feel like we’ve found our place there. Our purpose.
I don’t know, just something I’ve been thinking about,
hopefully by the end of 2012 I’ll have it figured out.

– 5 –

Finally. I want to learn to let things go.
Not be so stressed.
Life is short.
I am going to have a messy house.
I need to deal with it. And I’m already starting to get a little better.
I know my to-do list is going to be endless.
There is always going to be a dirty bottle, pump part, diaper or clothing article, to wash.
I need to get over it.
I’m never going to have it all together.
I need to learn that no new mom really has it all together. Right?
Again, we’ll get our routine eventually and we’ll take it day by day!

I hope to reference this post as we progress through the year to see how we’re doing.


I’ll leave you with this.

Aside from the chaos of trying to get out of the house at a decent time this week,
yesterday, I clipped the recycling bin with the front of the car
so all of our empty glass and plastic containers
were all…over…the…street.
And today, I definitely pulled out of the garage with my coffee
Even more awesome. 

what I do during naps. part two.

I wish I could tell you that choosing a random project over a shower only happened once.
But, I can’t.

Next up was the laundry room,
and after you see how bad it was, you’ll know why.
I almost don’t want to show you, it’s embarrassing!

I honestly don’t know how it got this bad.
It just became a collection of random things that didn’t have anywhere else to go.
Towels, coats, dirty clothes, clean clothes, paint supplies, everything.

So I proceeded to pull it all out with no plan of action whatsoever.
It all ended up in our dining room area and stayed there for a day or so.

I have been looking for organization ideas on Pinterest,
especially for laundry rooms and got an idea for a “counter” on the washer/dryer
from Young House Love (seriously, where do they come up with these great ideas?!).

Luckily, we already had plywood and white paint, so Greg whipped us up a counter!

He had to use a jig saw (thanks Chris) to cut around the hoses so it would be flush against the wall.

I already love having the room on top to fold clothes and the space to “lay flat to dry”.

Now, if only I could remember to take my reusable bags when I go grocery shopping!

Loads of…fun?

The downside to a long weekend away is the amount of
laundry you come home to.
Especially when you wore about 32 layers per day.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to us. We did 3 full loads tonight…
and have about 3 more to do tomorrow.

Fun?… Not really. And the worst part is yet to come.
Actually putting the clean clothes away.

Mmmm. Maybe tomorrow… 😉