Chicago {Part II}

We left the city on Friday to head out to Oak Park for the wedding festivities. My baby brother was getting married! We started seeing family and friends as soon as we got off the train. The hotel was located just a couple blocks from downtown Oak Park so we were able to walk most of the weekend. We laid low Friday afternoon and the boys went out on Friday night for the bachelor party.


Since the kids were sharing a room, our mornings started very early while we were on vacation. Saturday was Greg’s birthday, so we walked to Starbucks for breakfast. More family and friends were getting in on Saturday and Kenley was anxiously awaiting Jack & KP’s arrival. The three of them had a ball all weekend. I was so happy to see them together, but also sad that it doesn’t happen more often.


Saturday night we headed over to Cheney Mansion for the wedding rehearsal. During the rehearsal, Kenley wore the flower girl basket around her neck and walked down the imaginary aisle (since the chairs weren’t set up yet). After her performance at the rehearsal, I really wasn’t sure what to expect the next day at the wedding. After the rehearsal we headed to Winberies for a delicious dinner!


Sunday was wedding day! After another trip to Starbucks and a couple games of euchre with the fam, the girls started getting ready around 11:00am at the hotel. We enjoyed mimosas, food, and music while we got our hair and make-up done. Kenley enjoyed the food and is still talking about the chocolate covered strawberries. She also got her hair done right before it was time to go. Meanwhile, the guys were hanging out in Michael’s room watching football and I would imagine drinking beer. After a nice relaxing morning, I was rushing out of the hotel to get over to the mansion without packing a thing for the rest of the day. I was texting poor Greg anything and everything I could think of for him to pack and bring to the mansion when he came over with the kids.



I was more relaxed once we got to the mansion and saw everything coming together and saw how beautiful it was. The girls headed upstairs to help Rachel finish getting ready before it was time for she and Michael to see each other.


We were able to see Michael walking out to their meeting spot, so I caught Rachel trying to get a glimpse of her groom. I may have shed a few tears. After Michael and Rachel had their moment together, the rest of us headed outside for pictures.

This was my first chance to see the groom too. He was so handsome.


Following pictures (and more pictures), the ceremony was set to begin! The guests started arriving and the wedding party took their place.

Kenley was the last to walk down the aisle and she did a great job. She dropped a few petals on her way down then proceeded to drop the rest of the petals where we were standing.



The ceremony was beautiful. Michael’s good friend Alex was the officiant and did a great job. Of course, no wedding is complete without the first married selfie down the aisle.

Kenley and Jack soon stole the show and the party began!







We sent the couple off with sparklers and headed to the after party at Bar Louie. Greg took the kids back to the hotel around 8:30pm after Crosby slept in the stroller at the reception for a little bit. Both of the kids were great most of the day and we all had such a great time.


Monday morning we were able to hang around for a little bit and watch the happy couple open their gifts. We said our goodbyes as everyone started to head out of town. We took a cab to Midway for our flight and the airport was packed! Apparently TSA doesn’t like you¬†having about 50 bobby pins in you hair either. For the first time, I had to take Crosby out of the Ergo in order to go through security. I had to do the extra screening and get a pat down since I couldn’t get through the metal detector without setting it off. But, at least my hair still looked good! We were lucky to be able to have lunch and wait for our flights with Maggi & Greg. It was good to have two extra sets of hands and Kenley was obsessed with GiGi all weekend. Finally, it was time to head back to Orlando. We had a great vacation, but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

Congratulations to happy couple, Michael & Rachel! We love you!

Our Wedding, Five Years Later

Five years ago today, I married the love of my life.
I am still amazed by the way God brought this Long Island boy and homegrown Hoosier together.
I am excited to share our special day with you.

All festivities were held at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites.
We loved having everything in one place, especially for the many
out of town guests who were new to the area.

The day started bright and early for pictures.
Greg and I had our moment seeing each other before the ceremony
so we could get rolling early and get pictures out of the way.
This allowed us to have more time during cocktail hour to enjoy ourselves and mingle.


Flowers by Bo Kay Florist // Bo Kay Florist

We took pictures at various locations in Indianapolis, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art
and the Soldiers & Sailors Monument on Monument Circle, just a block away from the hotel.
The weather turned out to be beautiful, even though I’m sure we both were sweating.



Hair & makeup by Rachel // Beauty Anywhere






The ceremony was officiated by my pastor growing up and was short & sweet.
Cocktail hour followed, then everyone headed up to the ballroom for the reception.
We ended the night dancing and drinking with our most favorite people in the world.






Wedding cake by Heavenly Sweets // Heavenly Sweets


Entertainment & music by Dave & Rae // Dave & Rae Band



Photos by Cory Bracey // Footprints of Grace Photography

Michael + Karolina

I’m not sure if you remember my engagement photo session with Michael & Karolina since it’s been so long,
but in honor of their wedding weekend, I thought I would finally share their photos!

IMG_0007 copy

IMG_0027 copy

IMG_0041 copy

IMG_0054 copy

IMG_0066 copy

IMG_0075 copy

IMG_0093 copy

IMG_0141 copy

IMG_0161 copy

IMG_0169 copy

IMG_0236 copy

IMG_0263 copy

IMG_0326 copy

IMG_0375 copy

We had their session in Winter Park right off Park Ave. and at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market.
I had such a fun time taking their pictures and I am so honored that they put their trust in me for this session.

Congratulations Michael & Karolina!

my weekend in photos

have no fear, we’re still here. we took a vacation day today to extend our weekend.


we had no ice at lunch on friday, but how could you be upset with a sign like this?


a couple rough days of teething & drooling meant lots of laundry by friday.
that’s a total of 14 outfits in six days.


greg went to a concert friday night, so i enjoyed some march madness & sewing.


saturday morning, i helped out sally {sally sarah designs} at a craft show.
how adorable is her table?


jessie + andrew got married!


we had a wonderful night away enjoying adult conversation & time together.


you can’t argue with drinking out of a mason jar.


the entire evening was absolutely beautiful and filled with love!
we had such a good time celebrating the happy couple
(who i failed to get a picture of because my phone died).


holly hoosier helped us cheer on the hoosiers to victory sunday!
not without a couple heart attacks in the process though.


we enjoyed our extra day off at the braves/mets spring training game at disney.


kenley loved the game & cheered every time something happened.


let’s go mets!


great entertainment.


we’ve been very happy to have meemaw here.


we had a fun weekend and are looking forward to a fun spring break week ahead!
back to the real world tomorrow though.
how was your weekend?