my weekend in photos


greg met his bro up in the dc area this weekend to visit the fam.
the gilbertson men reunited.


saturday morning, kenley and i really tried hard to make it downtown in time for the march of dimes walk,
but since they decided to start early we just missed the start.
regardless, we represented jack’s pack while the fam was walking back in indiana.
we had our own little walk around lake eola and played at the park,
we weren’t going to let the beautiful morning go to waste.


first nap in the big girl bed looked like this.
she fell asleep as soon as she got back into bed, thankfully.


greg and the boys hit up the nationals / reds game at nationals park.


we hit up the splash pad for the first time this summer,
and kenley loved it. i foresee a lot of splash pad in our future.


having fun in the wa-wa


i saw on pinterest this week to put tea bags into your toms to make them less stinky.
the pin didn’t have a link attached to it, so i was skeptical, but let me tell you…
worked like a charm! i’ve worn a hole in my toms i’ve worn them so much and
they now don’t smell at all…other than a little like apple cinnamon tea.


we had a good weekend, but we are happy to have daddy home.
but, he had a wonderful time with the fam.

how was your weekend?

Joining the Pack

Jack’s Pack!

Remember this little guy?

You can read his story here.

Recently, I was browsing the 5K races in the area, in attempts to try to get back in shape,
I came across the March For Babies 5K  in Central Florida on April 28th.

I knew this day sounded familiar because majority of my family is doing the
March For Babies walk in Lafayette, Indiana that same day.
Unfortunately, we can’t attend, but I thought how awesome it’d be if I (or we) could do the run here.
I emailed the helpline to see if we could jog with strollers, which you cannot, for safety reasons,
but you CAN walk with them!

After a little more research, I found out that we could join the Jack’s Pack team in Indiana,
but walk here in Central Florida that day.
I was pumped.

So, in less than two weeks, we’ll be sporting our Jack’s Pack shirts
and walking for all the babies born too soon, like Jack!

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If you’ve already donated to Jack’s Pack, awesome, thanks!
If you feel so inclined, you can donate at one of these three pages, it all goes to the same place.

Jack’s Pack
Kendra’s Page
Greg’s Page

 Thanks for your love and support for baby Jack!