Three Years Old

Crosby Martin is three years old today!


This boy is the perfect mix of sweet and ornery. He sure went out with a bang on these terrible twos. The past couple of weeks it seems that he has lost his listening ears many times, but when he’s not causing trouble, he is just a sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and give hugs (many times to complete strangers). He is fun-loving and is absolutely hilarious. The morning after we went to Legoland he came straight into our room from his room (at 7:30am, I might add) and started singing “Everything is awesome!“. Not only did we think it was hilarious and awesome, he sure did too.


Crosby is an active little boy. He loves to run and jump. You can always find him jumping on the couch, from the couch to the ottoman, on the trampoline, from his bed to the floor, and anywhere he can get some air. I love this picture because I feel it perfectly captures him at this age. Climbing and hanging on something, then jumping right off. Without fail, every single day we threaten him with “do you want to go to the hospital today?” The answer is always “no” and it usually causes him to stop doing whatever it is for a brief moment. Whenever he puts on his tennis shoes, he says he’s going to go “run really fast” and he does. He sure has a lot of energy!

He’s doing very well in school and is learning so much! He’s been practicing his days of the week and months of the year thanks to special songs during circle time. He knows exactly when his birthday is and does a great job with his letters. He is getting better with his counting and can usually make it to 20 with no problems. His speech is not nearly as clear as Kenley’s was at this age and he still has a lisp, but overall his speech is very good.

I wanted to continue with the tradition from Kenley’s third birthday, so I asked Crosby the same questions in a little interview. It’s funny to see their answers side by side. We also read Kenley’s answers back to her this week and she thought they were hilarious.

What is your name? Crosby Gilbertson
How old are you? Three
What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my fire truck
What do you want to be when you grow up? A garbage man
What is your favorite food? Grapes
Who do you like to spend your time with? Kenley
What do you do really well? Play with toys
What makes you laugh? Knocking stuff down
What is the best time of day? Singing ABCs
What are you afraid of? Um, a monster
Who is your best friend? Kenley
What do you like to do with your family? Play with all the toys and give them away
What do you love to learn about? Poopy
Where do you like to go? Chic-fil-A
What is your favorite book? The pumpkin book
If you had one wish, what would it be? A surprise

I love that he absolutely adores his sister, even though he loves to torment her most days. I am also not surprised that “poopy” came up in his interview because he talks about this daily. He thinks it’s hilarious. We don’t. Their class has a parade on Monday and they all got to choose which community helpers to be. Crosby, of course, chose sanitation worker, so we got him a cute little yellow vest. He loves garbage trucks!


3 years notes
Weight – 33-34 pounds, we’ll see at the doctor today
Height – TBD
Hair – Blondish brownish and in serious need of a haircut
Teeth – A full set of 20
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 3T; size 9 shoes
Diapers – Size 2T/3T undies
Likes – Legos, especially his new fire truck, reading books, trains, construction vehicles, garbage trucks, Batman, Batman gummy vitamins, saying “cheese” for pictures, tormenting Kenley, trucks, cars, running, being silly, saying “poopy”, using the word “poop” to describe anything, jumping, sleeping in, riding his balance bike, going to the park, swimming, sharks, pancakes
Dislikes – throwing up, getting woken up in the morning, getting into trouble


Happy birthday C-man! We love you so much!

Crosby’s amazing photos are by Dearly Photography! I can’t wait to share the rest!

5 Years Old

Kenley Dee is five years old today! I can’t believe how old that sounds! Five seems like a whole new ballgame and I am excited to see what this year holds for her.


Kenley started VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) in August at her same school. She has a new teacher, who we love, and has a lot of her old friends in her class again. During the week, they rotate between music class, PE, and art class one day a week and she has French two days a week. They are continuing with a letter of the week, but have also started sight words and other activities that introduce reading. Kenley does very well writing her name and all of our names using both lower and upper case letters. She loves practicing her writing and asks us to spell out words for her to write. She also has started working on math. She will have me write out simple addition problems and she fills in the box. Sometimes she will grab a handful of crayons so she can pull out five, then two, and count them all together to make seven. It’s super cute! Thankfully, we haven’t had much homework this year because I am sure we’ll get plenty next year when she starts kindergarten.


We continued the birthday interview tradition, so you can learn more about what she likes straight from her! Here are her answers from her fourth birthday.

What is your name? Kenley
How old are you? 5
What is your favorite thing to do? Go swimming
What do you want to be when you grow up? An ambulance driver
What is your favorite food? Ice cream
Who do you like to spend your time with? Mommy
What do you do really well? Ride my bike
What makes you laugh? Wrestling
What is the best time of the day? School
What are you afraid of? Monsters
Who is your best friend? Caelyn and Caleb
What do you like to do with your family? Wrestle
What do you like to learn about? The ABCs
Where do you like to go? To Kyler’s house
What is your favorite book? Madeline
If you had one wish what would it be? To visit Santa
What is your favorite color? Purple and pink
What is your favorite TV show? Sophia the First
What is your favorite animal? Giraffe, because it has a long, long neck
What is your favorite movie? Rapunzel (Tangled)
What is your favorite drink? Milk
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What is your favorite restaurant? Tijuana Flats
What is your favorite place to go? That jumpy place (Rebounderz)
What is your favorite song? Princess songs (Disney songs)
What is the best part about school? Computer, where I work by myself
What is your favorite cereal? The ones with the sugar on it (Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
What is your favorite snack? Life (the cereal)
What do you like to take to bed? Coco, the monkey that we used to have but we gave it away
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Ride my bike
What is your favorite fruit? Apple
What is your favorite ice cream? Mint
What is your favorite outfit? A dress
Where do you live? United States of America
What is your favorite sport? Soccer

My favorite thing about the interview is that last year she said broccoli was her favorite food and this year it’s ice cream. SO true. She is still a great eater and usually goes for her veggies first, but she’s definitely becoming more opinionated about what we have for dinner. There will be nights that she will go without dinner because she “doesn’t like it” but she will eat the exact same meal the next week with no complaints.

Kenley is slowly dropping her midday nap. On school days, we usually get the report that she lays quietly or does a quiet activity. On the weekends, it depends on how much we do or have planned for the day. She can definitely take a nap if we want her to, but that also means that she will go to bed a little later that night. She goes to bed around 8pm each night and gets up by 6:30am each day, no matter what time she goes to bed. She is definitely a creature of habit.

Kenley Dee, you are bright, energetic, and have a big heart.
Happy birthday, sweet girl!

34 Months

C-man is just two short months away from turning three! I will spare you all the reasons how this is entirely not possible, but we’re almost there.

The big news this month is that Crosby started preschool! I was a little surprised that he moved up this year since Kenley did two years in the toddler hall and just moved to preschool last year. Crosby will do two years of preschool before starting VPK. I am already thrilled that he moved up as he is doing so well in his new classroom. It’s also fun that he and Kenley are in the same morning care room together now since he’s in the preschool hall. He’s been so excited about school, each morning we get to school he asks someone different if they like his new backpack, which is actually not new since he had the same one last year.





It’s really funny how opposite Kenley and Crosby are in many aspects. Kenley is such a morning person and hops right out of bed when her green light comes on. Crosby is the complete opposite. During the week of Gilbo Camp when the kids didn’t have school, he slept until 7:15-7:30 am almost every day. That may not seem late, but we are in the car by that time on a normal school day. He would even wake up, see his sun was on, and roll over to put his covers back on. I kept telling him that he was in for a rude awakening once school started and he sure was. He does not like to be woken up and he is not a morning person whatsoever. Kenley is just like her daddy and Crosby is just like his mommy.

Overall, he’s a great sleeper. He’s doing a much better job at bedtime and does get out of his bed a couple of times to “go potty” or see what we’re doing. Most nights he’s in bed for good by 8:00 pm. He’s been doing a great job of staying dry all night and has been accident free for a while. We take him to potty when we go to bed between 10-10:30 pm and he doesn’t mind at all. Most nights he’s barely even awake.

Crosby is getting so old and becoming such a little boy. He is such a lover and a cuddler. His teacher mentioned how cuddly he was after just the first day. He loves babies and loves on them so sweetly each time he sees one. He’s such a sweetheart. He also loves his sister. He hangs on every word she says and repeats everything that comes out of her mouth, which is not always a good thing.

34 months notes:
Weight – 34 pounds according to the scale at the Y
Hair – Blondish brownish
Teeth – A full set of 20
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – A good mix of 2T and 3T clothes and pajamas; size 9 shoes
Diapers – Size 2T/3T undies
Likes – Trucks, Legos, trains, construction vehicles, anything that Kenley has or doesn’t want him to have, climbing the wall in the house, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, most foods, Daddy’s ship Legos, reading, coloring, running, playing at the park, listening to Disney Junior songs, brushing his teeth, wearing his backpack, pretending he is a dog, or a baby, not listening (some of the time), popsicles
Dislikes – Waking up early, getting into trouble

We are really looking forward to a fun October and celebrating this guy’s third birthday!

32 Months 

Crosby is 32 months today and quickly becoming a little boy well on his way to three years old. Where did my baby go? In the last couple of months he has changed so much.

For starters, he is completely potty trained. I mentioned in his last update that we had just started the three day potty training method with him and he was doing well. To be honest, he completely surprised us! “They” say boys are harder to potty train than girls but that is completely untrue. I don’t know the reason but I honestly think he did better than Kenley did. He was back at school on day 4 of potty training and hasn’t worn a diaper or a pull-up since we began the process, both day and night. That’s not to say he didn’t have some accidents both at school and during the night, but we rarely worry about him now. He does a great job of telling us when he needs to go. We (mostly Greg) will take him potty in the middle of the night and he will go most nights without a fuss. We are so proud of him! His teacher also commented on what a big boy he has become since he has been using the potty. It’s like he flipped a switched and has lost all of the toddler in him. His communication has really improved too. Aside from his occasional overly excited stutter, he is speaking more and more clearly, as well as holding actual conversations. A lot of our deep conversations come while he is going poopy before bed. He says the funniest things!


Earlier this month, school ended and he transitioned out of his toddler classroom and into his summer camp room. He’s had two weeks of summer camp and they have been great weeks. It’s always hard to gauge how the transition will go but he’s done very well, especially considering that a couple of his friends were moved up to preschool, so he has a lot of new faces in his current classroom.


He has very specific interests right now. He loves sharks and he LOVES A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea. He was introduced to the video at school and asks to watch it every single day when he arrives to school. He loves singing the song and he loves the shark in it. He will carry around his stuffed shark that he sleeps with and make it “swim” through the air while he sings.  He also loves his Nemo fish and will typically sleep with him too.

Crosby now sleeps in a twin bed and we are officially done with our toddler bed. His new bed is shaped like a boat and we’ve had it since he was a baby, so Greg and I were equally as excited to move him into it. We rearranged his room since the bed is so much bigger and it looks so great. I will post updated pictures of his room soon. He does a good job sleeping, but it takes him a while to wind down at the end of the day. There have been a couple nights over the past few weeks where he has gone to sleep later than Kenley. Thankfully, he will sleep until 7am or after if he stays up later than normal, whereas Kenley gets up at 6:30am no matter what time she goes to sleep. I have a feeling he will be done napping when Kenley is done napping, which I hope is not for another year!


32 months notes:
Weight – 32-33 pounds, if I had to guess
Hair – Light brown with a fresh new cut this week
Teeth – I think all of his molars are in for a full set of 20
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – Mostly 2T clothes, some 3T pajamas, and size 8 or 9 shoes
Diapers – No more diapers! Size 2T/3T undies!
Likes – The usual suspects: cars, trains, planes, garbage trucks, construction vehicles; jumping on the trampoline, as well as the couch; swimming; Finding Dory; PJ Masks; playing, as well as arguing, with Kenley; playing the Lego Juniors app; singing Baby Shark and Old MacDonald; reading, especially Little Blue Truck Leads The Way; playing with Legos, cars, and trains; making mommy, daddy, and Kenley laugh
Dislikes – Seeing mommy and daddy upset with him or sad, staying in his bed & hot stoves.

2.5 Years Old

It’s Crosby’s half birthday and he is officially two and a half years old! This concludes the month of half birthdays for our family. April is almost as exciting as October. We celebrate the kids’ half birthdays with a donut to have something exciting happening in the spring since all of the real fun happens in the fall. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

2.5 Years Old

Crosby has a lot of updates this month!

This month was his first trip to the dentist! Kenley didn’t go until she was three years old and really didn’t like it at all, so I wanted to start Crosby sooner with the hopes that he doesn’t think much of it. It also helped that his big sister was there too. To be honest, he could care less about it and did a great job! Since he was a first-timer, he got his name on the board!



Another first this month was our trip to the ER a couple weeks ago. As I was arriving at school to pick up the kids on Thursday evening, he was playing on the playground and had a mishap with the slide. His bottom canine tooth went straight up into his top lip very close to the crease. As soon as I saw it, I knew it needed stitches and I do not do well with things like this. Of course, Greg was at work too, so we all headed to urgent care to see what they could do. Turns out, not much. After thinking everything through, I ended up going back to the house to change out of my heels and suit jacket and to put Crosby in some comfy clothes. I dropped Kenley off at Kyler’s house and Crosby and I were on our way to the ER. He ended up getting called back around 7:45pm, right at his bedtime. I’ll spare you the details, but he did awesome and I did horrible. I had to sit down because I was about to pass out. He got three stitches in his lip and one dissolving stitch on the inside of his cheek. He was limited to bland, soft foods for the week and no straw or sippy cup which was actually the hardest part. The stitches were removed on the following Wednesday and we celebrated at Tijuana Flats.


Another awesome update is that we have completed the three day potty training boot camp! We are huge fans of the three day potty training method and we started on Saturday. Crosby went back to school yesterday and had a great day. I will have a longer update next month after we have been at it for longer, but overall, I am very impressed with how quickly he’s picked it up.

Other than those big updates, it’s been normal two year old stuff around here.

30 months / 2.5 years notes:
Weight – 30 pounds at the ER
Hair – Light brown and needs a haircut!
Teeth – 18! His two bottom molars came through this month, and his top two are not far behind.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – Mostly 2T clothes, but some 3T, and size 8 or 9 shoes
Diapers – He was in size 5 disposables during the day and size 6 at night, but now he is only wearing his big boy undies! Hooray!
Likes – ALL of the cars, trains, planes, construction vehicles, trucks, car loaders, anything that moves; Jake Legos; reading books; singing songs; running; chasing and being silly with his sister; really, anything his sister does; riding his balance bike; playing with friends; watching Disney Junior; seeing the animals at Animal Kingdom Lodge; getting an M&M for going in the potty; swimming and playing with the water table; his baby froggie.
Dislikes – Pooping on the potty; waking up in the morning; getting dropped off at school; getting into trouble; time-outs.

Happy half birthday little man!

4.5 Years Old

Today is Kenley’s half birthday and just like that, we have a four and a half year old.

This girl is growing so fast. I had to go back and read her post from her 4th birthday and I can safely say that age 4 has been our favorite so far… which I am sure I will keep saying, but the first six months of 4 have been so different than age 3. She seems so much older than four and a half on most days, just by what she says and the things she asks. Greg and I are usually stumped or frustrated that we have trouble explaining what a word or concept means to her because we have never thought about it before. It is also very hard to explain what a word means without actually saying that word. She is very inquisitive.


Kenley visited the dentist this month and needed several pep talks leading up to the big day. This was her third visit and she hadn’t been thrilled about the first two  visits, so she had it in her mind that it was going to be terrible. However, I was pretty concerned about a tooth, so I stressed the importance of her getting x-rays done and getting a good cleaning. At her appointment six months ago, the dentist mentioned two of her teeth that we needed to keep an eye on and she was right…both of them already had cavities this time. As I sat there feeling like a failure of a parent, she said the both teeth were doomed from the beginning just by the way they were shaped, so there was nothing we could have done about it. Kenley will have both of them filled on two separate occasions, which is a bummer, but they aren’t painful now so we will avoid that by getting them done. The good news is that Kenley has asked to go back to the dentist several times since we’ve left, so hopefully her fear has subsided and the two fillings go well.


We have officially submitted the paperwork for Kenley to start VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) this fall and she will be at the same school. Realistically, not much will change for her, but a portion of the day is free, so Greg and I are excited about that part. She is currently evaluated four times throughout the year now in preschool and already been evaluated on the VPK standards this spring. You know how it is…all about the assessments and milestones. She does very well in school and absolutely loves it, so we are very happy about that.

I’m not sure how, but sleeping has definitely gotten better with age for this girl. She willingly goes down for naps and for bedtime most nights. She can get by without a nap if needed, but sleeps hard when she does take a nap. She also will nap anywhere which she gets from her mama. If we are going someplace and we tell them they need to take a nap in the car, she’s in her car seat and has her eyes closed within the first 10 minutes. She also crawled into the stroller at Disney a couple weeks ago and went right to sleep. As long as she doesn’t fight taking a nap, we will offer her a nap, but I am also mindful of not letting her sleep too long during the day. She really will only be able to nap for another year or so, so we aren’t in a rush to drop it just yet. I hope she understands how awesome naps truly are and that she will miss them once she starts school. Her bedtime is 8:00pm and we are usually still pretty strict with that since she will get up at 6:30am the next morning no matter what time she goes to bed. The girl loves a schedule, I can tell you that. Her brother, on the other hand, will probably be done with naps when she is done with them.


Here are some of her favorites at four and a half:

Color: pink & purple
Food: strawberries
Thing to do: swimming
TV show: Sophia the First (I would have guessed she would say PJ Masks)
Book: The Foot Book
Part of school: The playground
Dessert: Chocolate chip ice cream
Brother: Crosby (good answer)
Construction truck: Dump truck
Song(s): Christmas carols & anything Sugar Crash Kids (especially Make Believe)
Lunch: Turkey (I would have guessed sun butter & jelly)
Animal: Zebra
Outfit: The heart dress

I then asked “which heart dress?” and she said “I don’t know, but I want to buy one.”

Happy half birthday Kenley Dee!



29 Months

This month Crosby started back up with swim lessons with Heidi. He has been at it for two weeks now and has picked up right where he left off. Last week, Kenley got in the pool with him and showed Heidi how she could dive off the sun shelf. Crosby proceeded to follow the lead and dove right in himself. I think it was just a preview of what’s to come this summer.


He also is into repeating everything you say with the same tone of voice, such as “oh my gosh!” and “the answer is no.” He will just sit and intently watch Kenley while she is telling a story (like the leprechaun story), then repeat the story like it happened to him.


While he is quite hysterical most of the time, this month has also been a little bit of a challenge. We’ve received some less than stellar reports from his teacher about his behavior at school, mostly stemming from not wearing his listening ears. He also loves the word “no” right now and needs reminders to use nice words and nice hands. I think the “trying twos” are in full effect over here.

29 Months

I am happy to report that bedtime has been slowly getting better. We spent a few nights at Disney this week and Crosby and I slept in the same bed for the first time ever. Boy does he move around a lot at night! Several times I had to move him back to his own pillow because either his head or his feet were in my back. The kids enjoyed sleeping in our beds, but I think they were happy to be back in their own beds tonight. Crosby likes to sleep with his lovies, animals, Mickey, boat pillow, whatever the chosen item is that night. It may be a phase, but it’s pretty different than Kenley who rarely sleeps with anything in her bed.


We haven’t attempted potty training boot camp yet but that is the next item on our agenda. He had been sharing Kenley’s bathroom for teeth brushing and taking baths so the little potty has always resided in there. This week, he got his own step stool and we moved all of his stuff to the pool bathroom which will be his very own. The potty, toothbrush, toothpaste, and cup all got moved with the hopes that he will be excited to have his very own bathroom now! Once we start potty training, he won’t be able to go into Kenley’s room to use her bathroom, especially in the middle of the night, so hopefully claiming ownership of his own bathroom will make him more excited to use the potty.

29 months notes:
Weight – Probably around 33-34 pounds
Hair – Light brown and just got a haircut this week!
Teeth – 16, but I definitely think at least one molar is coming in.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 2T clothes, some 3T pajamas, and size 8 shoes
Diapers – Size 5 disposables during the day, size 6 at night
Likes – Saying “no”, but also saying “thank you”; cuddling; sharing; animals; not listening; swimming; Mickey Mouse; eating; riding his balance bike; helping himself to the crackers; running everywhere; playing with trucks, cars, trains, planes.
Dislikes – Getting his monthly picture taken (see above) which usually ends with Daddy trying to make him laugh and M&M bribes; getting his diaper changed; getting time outs; seeing Mommy or Daddy upset with him.

28 Months

The months keep flying by and C man is getting further into the trying twos. We are working on following directions and having good listening ears, but sometimes it is a challenge. He knows how to test his limits and likes to see how far he can get…which usually gets him a timeout.

Crosby is a funny little nugget. Any noise that he hears in the house he asks “what’s that?” then follows it up with “maybe….it’s a bus?!” or “maybe…it’s a train?!” He loves to wrestle with daddy and play “get me” which is basically just wanting someone to chase him. Kenley has called this “get me” for years, so I think it’s sticking. Like Kenley, he is fast! He still loves to climb everything, even the things he’s not supposed to, and he also loves to jump off of said things. He’s a little daredevil. He has been practicing with his balance bike and is getting pretty good at it. He really likes riding it, but in short increments.


To say he loves cars is an understatement. I have been trying to take as many pictures of his “signature position” as possible because I’m not sure how long it will last. Since the beginning of his car obsession, he has laid on the floor like this with his arm out. He’s completely oblivious to the world around him in these moments, focusing on rolling the cars (or any vehicle) back and forth.

28 Months

Crosby is a great eater. He has been doing very well with his utensils, though he needs reminded to actually use them from time to time. He loves quesadillas, chicken nuggets, pears, grapes, cuties, pancakes, waffles, crackers, cheeseburgers, green beans, black beans, cheese, and he loves to dip it all in ranch. I’m only half kidding, he will dip anything in ranch if you let him. He loves the yogurt ranch, but doesn’t discriminate against the regular ranch if it’s the only option. There isn’t much he doesn’t like, but he still isn’t a fan of bananas and he doesn’t really like peanut butter either. I think both of these things will grow on him in time.


Our biggest struggle right now is bedtime. Crosby will have a few good nights in a row, maybe even a week, but he regresses big time when he gets sick. Unfortunately, for the last couple of months, he’s had a fever every couple of weeks. It feels like we are starting over with the bedtime shenanigans each time this happens. Case in point, he was at the doctor on Tuesday this week with a fever and fluid in his ear. Since then, he has been super emotional and clingy at bedtime. Today he completely boycotted his nap and chose to read books in his bed the whole time, so he went to bed fairly easily tonight. It’s definitely a work in progress. Once we tackle this, it’s on to the next big task…potty training…which I am sure will negate any progress we have made at bedtime. You can see why I am in no rush to get that started.

28 months notes:
Weight – 33 pounds, thanks to our monthly doctor visits
Hair – Light brown and in need of a haircut!
Teeth – 16, and who knows when those molars will get here.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 2T clothes, some 3T pajamas, and size 8 shoes
Diapers – Size 5 disposables during the day, size 6 at night
Likes – Climbing; running, jumping; riding his balance bike; cars, etc.; Jake & the Neverland Pirates; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse; reading lots and lots of books; boycotting naps; getting an M&M for going to the potty; going to Touch-a-Truck; giving hugs; cuddling; push toys; the water table
Dislikes – Getting dressed each morning; staying in his bed at bedtime; taking medicine; getting timeouts

27 Months

This little man is in full out two year old mode.


We have had our fair share of time-outs this month, mostly due to throwing things that he shouldn’t be throwing, like toys or his dishes when he’s done with a meal. We have to remind him to use his walking feet and his listening ears. He also has been trying to get away with more and more, which I think is normal for this age. It’s crazy how much you forget about this age once you’ve been past it for two years now. Greg and I have to remind ourselves that we’ve already been through this once before, yet we are still surprised by each new thing.


One exciting thing this month is that Crosby officially knows all of his colors! I asked about this at his 2 year checkup because I was concerned he may be colorblind because he was so inconsistent with his answers when asked about a color. Our doctor assured me that they wouldn’t be worried about that until after age 3. He was just doing it on his own time because all of a sudden, he knew all of them! He is also getting very good with his letters and can identify most of the alphabet. His vocabulary is continuing to expand every day.

27 Months

The transition to the toddler bed is still going… Some nights are good, then he will throw us a curve ball and continue to get out of his bed for a while. Once he is asleep, he sleeps soundly until after 6:30am each day, but it’s just the staying in bed at bedtime that is the challenge. We moved Kenley’s Good Nite Lite to his room, so hopefully the moon will start encouraging him to stay in his bed. In the mornings, he will run out of his room and ask Greg “Daddy, come look!” (at the sun) and then he will ask “is ok to wake up?”.

27 months notes:
Weight – He got weighed yesterday, but I’m not sure what it was. I am guessing around 30 pounds.
Hair – Light brown and in need of a haircut!
Teeth – 16, and who knows when those molars will get here.
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 2T clothes, some 3T pajamas, and size 8 shoes
Diapers – Size 5 disposables
Likes – Choo choo trains, cars, car loaders, construction vehicles; watching the new garbage trucks pick up our garbage; playing with little Legos; food – all the food; Jake and the Neverland Pirates; talking about the (mu)seum and the big, big trains; helping himself to snacks in the pantry; calling any ball a “soccer ball”; peeing in the potty to get an M&M
Dislikes – Getting dressed each morning, staying in his bed at bedtime, using his fork and spoon, getting a time-out

26 Months


We had a wonderful Christmas with this little guy. He was really into opening gifts this year and got excited with every one of them. As soon as he started tearing the paper, he would shout “what is it?!” He also liked helping everyone else open their gifts too. He continues to talk at lightning speed, rambling on and on. He loves singing and has been singing Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells a lot this month. His go-to song is still “Wheels on the Bus”.


The transition to the toddler bed is still ongoing. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs. The first week was pretty funny considering he slept in several random positions, like the praying position on his bed and  completely flat on the floor. He’s a much deeper sleeper than Kenley, we are finding. Since the first week, he has realized he has a little bit more freedom, which has led to challenging bedtime routines. However, I’m confident that once the holidays are over and we return to our normal schedule after the new year, that he will get the hang of it.


26 months notes:
Weight – Around 29 pounds
Hair – Light brown and in need of a haircut!
Teeth – 16, but working on his two year molars
Eyes – Brown
Clothes – 2T clothes, some 3T pajamas, and size 8 shoes
Diapers – Size 5 disposables
Likes – Choo choo trains, his train table, taking his train tracks apart to make his own, finding and naming construction vehicles, playing cars, stickers, playing with Play-Doh (sometimes eating it), playing with Aerie, climbing on everything, seeing pictures of himself, saying “that’s me!”, saying his name is “me”, throwing all of the pillows off the couch to make a “house”, terrorizing his sister, Mickey Mouse, Jake pirates, eating anything and everything!
Dislikes – Laying on the changing table, getting into trouble, not getting his way, taking a picture.

26 Months