Office / Craft Room Combo

When we were house hunting, our wish list included an office space,
whether that came in the form of an actual office (no closet) or a fifth bedroom (closet).
We were fortunate to have found our house which had an office/study
closed off by french doors (which I love!). We already had our IKEA
table we scored from the As-Is section when we redid our office last time around,
but judging by the size of the room, we knew we needed a few more pieces.


Over the course of the last six months and countless trips to IKEA,
we now have a designated office space and an area for sewing and crafting.
We have also quickly learned that color makes the world of difference in a house.
Since we started painting, we are constantly noticing now boring the unpainted rooms are.
This color is Minty Fresh by Valspar and I love it! It’s perfect for this space.


Since there is no closet, storage was an issue. We opted for the EXPEDIT
for a number of reasons. One, because I love them and this is now the third
one we have in our house. Two, because there are different configurations
for storage, which allows me to change it up down the road if I get bored with this one.
I found some inspiration on Pinterest here and here which also helped make the decision.





wall shelf, frame & printcircle cork boards, bar & hanging containers, ribbon storage
storage containers, picture frames



washi tape bunting inspiration & clothes pin inspiration


There are still a few more things I would like to do to this room, but they are not a huge priority right now:

– Instagram prints for more wall decor
– Curtains for the window
– Paint the trunk
– Hardwood floors

I have been meaning to share this space with you for a while now, but I not only have been neglecting
this room, but also the blog a bit. I am hoping to get some good use out of this room for several
different sewing projects before this baby comes and I have lots of blog posts that I’m looking forward to sharing!

my [very long] weekend in photos + giveaway winner

Let’s cut to the chase. The winner of the $15 shop credit to Sally Sarah Designs is

Shauna E.

Congratulations Shauna! Be expecting an email coming your way soon!


our weekend started on wednesday.


it was moving day! yes, that truck looks bigger than our house,
yet it still took two trips to the new house.


greg drank is coffee out of a measuring cup,
while i opted for panera coffee when i stopped to get bagels.


luckily, i got to be the one who unpacked and organized,
while the men did all the heavy lifting.
i thought i was making real progress, until the second load of stuff came over.


then, it looked like this by nightfall.


thanksgiving morning, kenley and i had to run to walmart for diapers and milk.
priorities here, people.
shockingly, the place was packed!


we spent most of the day organizing and getting more stuff from the other house.
thank goodness starbucks was open.
it, too, was packed.


it finally started to feel like thanksgiving around 5pm.
fried turkey is seriously the best. hands down.


kenley agrees.


we enjoyed thanksgiving dinner, just the three of us.
it was kenley’s first real thanksgiving dinner & she is a fan.


after taking almost the entire week off from running, unintentionally,
kenley and i went out for my last saturday run before race day. (yikes).


the rest of the weekend has been unpacking and organizing,
and of course, christmas decorating.


we had a wonderful, hectic, busy, thankful holiday weekend,
and are so happy to be (almost all the way) moved into our new house.

many pictures & projects to come!

how was your holiday weekend?