Friday I’m in Love

If you’re new to these parts, every Friday, Misha and I share some of the things we are loving.
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o n e

I have been wanting to try They’re Real mascara by Benefit for a while, but I couldn’t get over the price tag.
Over Christmas, my mom and I found that they have a travel size at Ulta for only $10,
so it was the perfect excuse to try it.
Ohmygoodness. It’s wonderful! I’ve been using it off and on for over a month and love it!
As I’m wearing it more, I’m loving it more!
I honestly didn’t know I had so many eyelashes and the wand is awesome.
The only con is that it takes a little more effort to get off at night than some of the other mascaras I use,
but that’s the price you pay. Beauty is pain right?
I’m definitely no beauty expert, so I’d love to hear your opinion. Tried it? Love it? Hate it?

t w o

I have been on a roll this week with home organization.
Really, just two small projects, but I feel so accomplished.
I am in the process of actually organizing my digital life (i.e. photos!).
A couple nights this week, I made a real effort to organize and move all of my photos to our external hard drive.
For example, I had all of my (5,000+) iPhone photos in one folder on my lap top,
so I worked to get all of Kenley’s photos into the appropriate month folder on the hard drive.
It’s taken a while and I’m still not done, but I’m getting there. This is something that has been on the back burner for a while. I am making a public declaration now to NOT do this with Crosby’s photos.
At the end of each month, I’m going to sit down and organize my life.

In the same realm, I’m making progress in Crosby’s room.
Since he’s moved in there, I haven’t felt like I’ve been in the flow.
The drawers were overflowing, diapers were never in there when we needed them,
clothes weren’t in the right spots. It’s been driving me crazy.
Somehow, I remembered I had a hanging storage thing and it’s been so helpful!
Finally, I feel like I’m getting somewhere.
I’ll share updates soon.

t h r e e

We’ve been getting into the winter Olympics in the evenings.
I really never thought I would like ice skating so much!
I loved watching Meryl Davis and Charlie White win gold this week.

Don’t you think Meryl should be Jasmine in Disney on Ice?


What are you loving this week?…besides the fact that it’s the weekend!

Office / Craft Room Combo

When we were house hunting, our wish list included an office space,
whether that came in the form of an actual office (no closet) or a fifth bedroom (closet).
We were fortunate to have found our house which had an office/study
closed off by french doors (which I love!). We already had our IKEA
table we scored from the As-Is section when we redid our office last time around,
but judging by the size of the room, we knew we needed a few more pieces.


Over the course of the last six months and countless trips to IKEA,
we now have a designated office space and an area for sewing and crafting.
We have also quickly learned that color makes the world of difference in a house.
Since we started painting, we are constantly noticing now boring the unpainted rooms are.
This color is Minty Fresh by Valspar and I love it! It’s perfect for this space.


Since there is no closet, storage was an issue. We opted for the EXPEDIT
for a number of reasons. One, because I love them and this is now the third
one we have in our house. Two, because there are different configurations
for storage, which allows me to change it up down the road if I get bored with this one.
I found some inspiration on Pinterest here and here which also helped make the decision.





wall shelf, frame & printcircle cork boards, bar & hanging containers, ribbon storage
storage containers, picture frames



washi tape bunting inspiration & clothes pin inspiration


There are still a few more things I would like to do to this room, but they are not a huge priority right now:

– Instagram prints for more wall decor
– Curtains for the window
– Paint the trunk
– Hardwood floors

I have been meaning to share this space with you for a while now, but I not only have been neglecting
this room, but also the blog a bit. I am hoping to get some good use out of this room for several
different sewing projects before this baby comes and I have lots of blog posts that I’m looking forward to sharing!

my weekend in photos: happy new year

One resolution for 2012 is to start (check!) and keep up with the series my weekend in photos.
My cousin Misha has been doing it and I really enjoy seeing what they do each weekend.
So, here it goes!

someone special got me roses

kenley’s first disney trip: dinner at fort wilderness lodge

amazing weather this weekend to ring in the new year

born this way: ready to party

been dying to make these since i spotted them on pinterest. delish!

sipping monster on the rocks to ring in the new year

another pinterest find: turn your hangers backwards on jan. 1st and if you haven’t worn it by june 1st, get rid of it!

what I do during naps. part two.

I wish I could tell you that choosing a random project over a shower only happened once.
But, I can’t.

Next up was the laundry room,
and after you see how bad it was, you’ll know why.
I almost don’t want to show you, it’s embarrassing!

I honestly don’t know how it got this bad.
It just became a collection of random things that didn’t have anywhere else to go.
Towels, coats, dirty clothes, clean clothes, paint supplies, everything.

So I proceeded to pull it all out with no plan of action whatsoever.
It all ended up in our dining room area and stayed there for a day or so.

I have been looking for organization ideas on Pinterest,
especially for laundry rooms and got an idea for a “counter” on the washer/dryer
from Young House Love (seriously, where do they come up with these great ideas?!).

Luckily, we already had plywood and white paint, so Greg whipped us up a counter!

He had to use a jig saw (thanks Chris) to cut around the hoses so it would be flush against the wall.

I already love having the room on top to fold clothes and the space to “lay flat to dry”.

Now, if only I could remember to take my reusable bags when I go grocery shopping!

what I do during naps.

Some moms use their time wisely while the baby is sleeping.
Sleep while the baby sleeps.
Take a shower, get out of their pajamas.
Clean the house. Cook dinner.

Not me.

On this particular day, I didn’t get out of my pajamas,
and hadn’t showered in two days (judge away),
but somehow,
thought it’d be a good idea to organize our linen closet.
Priorities here, people. 

Clearly, it needed to be organized.

I proceeded to pull everything out of the closet
and started bagging up what we didn’t need for Goodwill,
which was majority of the crap in this closet.
Mind you, our master bath linens aren’t even stored in the linen closet.

During this time, someone woke up from their nap,
so project linen closet was put on hold.
I only can only work on a project in 2-3 hours increments.
Of course, Greg got home during this time and everything from the linen closet
was on the floor in the hallway…. and I was still in my PJs, looking lovely.
I can’t imagine what was going through his head. 

Later that night, I was able to resume project linen closet and clean up my mess.

Alas, a neat and organized linen closet that holds ALL of our linens!
What a concept! 

Which leaves us with three garbage bags and one pillow for Goodwill
full of old towels, blankets, and sheets of all sizes.
Full size sheets… we don’t even have a full size bed!

I now have peace of mind knowing that my linen closet is organized
and that’s worth more than a shower, in my opinion!

The Randomness Continues

Since this is your second look inside our pantry in about a week,
you can tell that our life is really exciting right now.
Deal with it.

To be honest, we actually were really excited to organize our pantry
after we got such a bangin’ deal on more of the OXO Pop Containers.

Yeah. $50 for a 12 pack at Sam’s Club.
Those of you who frequent Bed Bath & Beyond or Crate & Barrel regularly know
that these are not cheap. A 10 pack goes for $100,
and I’ve never seen them on sale.

We registered for some of them way back when
and completely fell in love with them.
So much so that we buy them for anyone who is getting married
(and who is registered for them of course).

So you can imagine our excitement when we saw them yesterday
as we were wondering through Sam’s Club aimlessly…
which can be very dangerous, fyi.

Now, everything is in it’s correct place
and sealed tight for freshness!

You would not believe how much space we freed up!