Family Photos {2016}

I was determined to make 2016 the year that we got family photos taken again. We hadn’t had them taken since Crosby was born three years ago! All of those photos still filled all of the frames in our house and while I treasure those pictures, I wanted updated ones so that I didn’t have to continue looking at myself just one week postpartum. Not to mention, the kids have changed SO much in three years. So, on my birthday this year, we headed to Baldwin Park for a mini-session with Ashley of Dearly Photography. I am over the moon with how many great shots she got of us in just 20 minutes.




Thank you so much Ashley!

Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

o n e

I love photography. If there was more time in the day, I would definitely learn more about it and practice more often. One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Ashley Ann (I know I’ve mentioned this before) and I really loved this post this week. It captures the small things that could easily have been overlooked on a busy Easter Sunday.

t w o

Are you tired of the mommy articles yet? I kind of am, but I do need to share these… 10 Things Working Mothers Don’t Want To Hear and 10 Things People Say That Drive Working Moms Crazy. Please take note.

t h r e e

Baseball is back and we are excited in the Gilbertson household. This week I stumbled upon Bleacher Creatures, specifically the Matt Harvey Bleacher Creature. How adorable? I definitely think C-man needs one of these.

// source //

f o u r

You know it’s the little things when you get excited about organic fractionated coconut oil. Fractionated coconut oil does not harden like regular coconut oil does and I’m so excited to use it as a carrier oil with my essential oils. I’m going to be mixing up some concoctions this weekend.

young living essential oils fractionated coconut oil

Your turn! What are you loving?


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Have a great weekend!

Friday I’m in Love

o n e

Due to time constraints (read: two children and a messy house), I haven’t been on Pinterest much lately, which is unfortunate. When I do get on Pinterest, I’m quickly rummaging through my board of recipes to find one that we haven’t tried before…which is most of them. This week, however, we made not one, but TWO new recipes and they were both delicious!
The first was apple cinnamon slow cooker porkloin. I was apprehensive because I tend to overcook meat in the crock pot since it’s cooking all day long, but this was really great! We had [instant] mashed potatoes and mixed veggies on the side.
The second recipe was oven baked fajitas. I was drawn to these because we could put them together the night before and pop them in the oven when we got home. Also, very good!

t w o

While I was doing my weekly stroll through to see if there was anything I couldn’t pass up, I found this onesie and fell in love. It’s just so sweet. If you’re pregnant with a “little sister” this is for you! And no, not for me, there is a reason I didn’t buy it, even though I thought about it.

t h r e e

I love photography and I love social media, so it’s no surprise Instagram is one of my favorites and one app that I am constantly opening on my phone. I follow a good number of people, most of who I don’t even know, they just take very pretty pictures. I really enjoyed Lindsay’s tips for editing photos for Instagram this week. And while we’re on the topic, Ashley Ann’s challenge for herself, which I can totally relate to. Enjoy!

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Happy last day of February!

my love for photography


this moment is why i love photography.
we were watching mickey mouse clubhouse, like we do often in our house,
and snuggling together on the futon in the playroom.
she had no idea how sweet she was being and probably just thought
my growing belly is becoming the perfect armrest.
she was even oblivious to how squirmy the baby was being at that moment.
but, she melted my heart.
i am often guilty about worrying about having my phone with me at all times,
but i’m sure glad i grabbed it before we headed upstairs.
the picture isn’t great quality and i even filtered it through instagram,
but i will cherish it and that moment.

happy weekend everyone!

Our Wedding, Five Years Later

Five years ago today, I married the love of my life.
I am still amazed by the way God brought this Long Island boy and homegrown Hoosier together.
I am excited to share our special day with you.

All festivities were held at the Hilton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites.
We loved having everything in one place, especially for the many
out of town guests who were new to the area.

The day started bright and early for pictures.
Greg and I had our moment seeing each other before the ceremony
so we could get rolling early and get pictures out of the way.
This allowed us to have more time during cocktail hour to enjoy ourselves and mingle.


Flowers by Bo Kay Florist // Bo Kay Florist

We took pictures at various locations in Indianapolis, including the Indianapolis Museum of Art
and the Soldiers & Sailors Monument on Monument Circle, just a block away from the hotel.
The weather turned out to be beautiful, even though I’m sure we both were sweating.



Hair & makeup by Rachel // Beauty Anywhere






The ceremony was officiated by my pastor growing up and was short & sweet.
Cocktail hour followed, then everyone headed up to the ballroom for the reception.
We ended the night dancing and drinking with our most favorite people in the world.






Wedding cake by Heavenly Sweets // Heavenly Sweets


Entertainment & music by Dave & Rae // Dave & Rae Band



Photos by Cory Bracey // Footprints of Grace Photography

Michael + Karolina

I’m not sure if you remember my engagement photo session with Michael & Karolina since it’s been so long,
but in honor of their wedding weekend, I thought I would finally share their photos!

IMG_0007 copy

IMG_0027 copy

IMG_0041 copy

IMG_0054 copy

IMG_0066 copy

IMG_0075 copy

IMG_0093 copy

IMG_0141 copy

IMG_0161 copy

IMG_0169 copy

IMG_0236 copy

IMG_0263 copy

IMG_0326 copy

IMG_0375 copy

We had their session in Winter Park right off Park Ave. and at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market.
I had such a fun time taking their pictures and I am so honored that they put their trust in me for this session.

Congratulations Michael & Karolina!

hello 2013

As we rang in the new year, I found myself revisiting my New Year goals from this time last year.
I decided then that they were goals, because I don’t like resolutions.
I quickly realized what a different place we are in and how much has changed in just one short year.
The memories of returning to work after maternity leave flooded back to me,
and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief that in this new year, I don’t feel that stress.
The year wasn’t always easy, but to see where we are now, I can safely say, we survived.
A year ago we were still in uncharted territory learning to be Kenley’s parents,
to understand what it means to be working parents, and yet, still be a married couple.

The reason I wanted to look back was to see just how we did with our new year goals.
as well as look forward to 2013 to see what we want to accomplish.

For a quick look back:

(1.) I have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy body (and then some) by running a half marathon,
and mostly by breastfeeding for over 11 months.
I didn’t share much about that journey because I wasn’t sure how to do that (maybe next time?),
but one of the biggest goals of last year was to have Kenley on breast milk for at least a year,
and we most definitely succeeded and it was most definitely a family effort.

(2.) We have also grown our blog over the past year.
I say we because, even though I may do most of the updating, it is really a family effort.
There are many, many nights that Greg was on dinner & dishes duty (for example) so I could sit down to write.
A lot of people ask, how do you do it all? and the answer is that I don’t! Not by any sense of the word.
We have a great system down and I couldn’t do 99% of the stuff I do without his support.
We’ve done a good job of documenting Kenley through her first year & beyond
and our goal is continue to do that, as well as keep friends & family up to speed on our ever-changing girl.
It is definitely fun looking back through posts of the last year and seeing what all we did!

(3.) We did a lot of great updates and projects in our old home,
and I don’t think either of us would have thought that we would be living in a completely different house
at the start of this new year, but we feel really good about how we left our first home,
Kenley’s first home (tear), for the new owners.
And we actually completed some Pinterest projects! Always a good thing.

(4.) I still feel that our church-going habits are a work-in-progress.
There are ups and downs through the year. We will get on a roll with attending,
then have a couple busy weekends in a row and not be able to go.
Finding our place in our church will continue to be a goal for us this coming year.

(5.) I think I deserve a huge pat on the back really learning to let things go.
Having a child has totally helped me be more “go with the flow”
and really not stress out over things that are out of our control.

Looking forward:

(1. ) First and foremost, this year, there will be more Greg and Kendra time.
I’m not sure how that is going to look yet, but it is a priority.
It may just be ‘no technology Tuesdays’ or date nights in, or even date nights out (gasp!),
but something’s going to give. We love being Kenley’s parents more than anything in the world,
but we need to pay more attention to intentionally being husband and wife.

(2.) Now that we have found our house, we need to transform it into our home.
I am very excited about the (forever long) to-do list that we have,
but it will be fun slowly making this new house our own.
Sort of along those lines, I want to also learn more about sewing.
I got a new sewing machine for Christmas (!!) so I am determined to use it properly.
I am planning to make (at least) a quilt this year.

(3.) I need to stop relying on my iPhone to take all my photos this year.
I’ve become way too dependent on it and I have a nice camera that I need to use.
I also have a new lens that I need to learn to use, so there is no time like the present.
Remember (over six months ago) when I gave you Michael & Karolina’s sneak peek?
Yes, I realize, I still need to blog about their session and how much fun it was.
Hopefully, I’ll have a few more to share this year, who knows?
At the very least, I need to start using my camera more,
and while I’m at it, I could stand to get in a few more pictures too.

(4.) Church will still be a goal for us this year.
I understand there will be Sundays that we just don’t make it to church,
but I would like to take advantage of our church podcast service
and still worship, even if it’s not in person.
I don’t want this to be a cop out. I want it to be a secondary option for worshiping.

(5.) Have fun!
Life is short and it’s moving very quickly.
We’re going to enjoy the ride.


What are your new year goals?

How will your 2013 look?