my weekend in photos

Happy birthday @doubleg1011! The closest thing to NY bagels outside of NYC.

greg and i took friday off to do nothing. it was awesome.
it was also greg’s birthday so we hit up brooklyn bagel for
the best bagels outside of new york.


only the best for my hubby on his birthday.
including holiday wrapping paper. #fail

Iceeeee creeeeeaaaaaam. #YummyTreat

after running errands on the other side of town on saturday, we hit up our one of our favorite places,
jason’s deli. kenley obviously loves the free soft serve ice cream with your lunch.


kenley got some more practice in with baby greyson. she was so sweet to him.


greg and i went out for what will probably (hopefully) be our last date night on saturday.
we opted for sushi. so good.


we also hit up oktoberfest which was happening right in our community.
it was happening.

Weird pregnancy craving of the week. #cherry #coke #yum #37weeks

i should also mention that our date started at lowe’s to get toilet parts
and ended at 7-11 so i could get a slurpee i was craving.


we headed out to breakfast sunday morning (apparently we ate out a lot this weekend),
then went to the pumpkin patch!







as usual, this october weekend did not disappoint.
but, we’re also looking forward to more birthday fun this week,
and hopefully an actual birth day.

how was your weekend?

Happy Halloween!

It’s hard to believe how much has changed from one Halloween to the next.

Our little pumpkin, just 12 days old.

Our little strawberry who is one!


We headed to the pumpkin patch a couple weekends ago to really soak in the fall fun.




Do you love how Greg is in shorts and I’m rocking the boots?
It just didn’t feel right wearing flip flops to the pumpkin patch.

We were able to get the girls all dressed up in their Halloween outfits this past weekend
before we headed out to the Halloween celebration in our community.

Kenley missed the memo to smile.

Happy Halloween!

my weekend in photos


kenley stayed home from school with grandma on friday
they had a lot of fun and played at the park


birthday party prep continued throughout the weekend


we tried a new cup that is not as easy to throw…
success (so far) and it makes her look so old.


headed to oktoberfest and drank some oktoberfest brew out of a boot




after not sleeping well, i got up super early for the
u can finish 5 miler + 2 mile race


and used my [early] birthday gift for the first time
i was pleasantly surprised with my times for each race


we headed to the pumpkin patch today for some fall fun.
kenley walked all over the place the entire time….
then came home and took a 2+ hour nap, which is unheard of for this girl.
more pictures to come.


we had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fun week ahead!
how was your weekend?