Anna Maria Island 2013

It’s been quiet here on the blog, but rest assured, we are back to the real world.
We had a wonderful week away following the 4th of July holiday & our anniversary,
where we headed over to Anna Maria Island for a family vacation.

This was our second time on the island. Ironically enough, the last time we were all there
was at our last family vacation almost exactly two years ago when I was pregnant with Kenley.
Last time, we went over the 4th of July and I was 24 weeks along… this year we decided to
go a week later since the price was a lot better and again, I was 24 weeks along.
We’ve already joked that the next time we go, probably in 2 more years, I’ll be getting my party on, finally!

We were in the market for a house to rent with a pool so we could be occupied during nap time each day.
This house did not disappoint. It was so beautifully decorated and had a great outdoor space.
The best part was that it was only a couple blocks from the beach.
The bonus points came when we showed up and there was a ton of pool toys AND a wagon.
Big win for us!



After a couple of days, Kenley was a rock star in the pool.
She loved swimming, but also loved when we filled up empty cans with water,
and she got to pour them out. I’m not kidding when I say that she did this for almost an hour one day.
She also loved throwing empty (or full) cans into the pool, which became tricky
for those who still had full beers just sitting around the pool.

We got her a Puddle Jumper right before we left that worked out wonderfully.
She had no problem keeping it on and was even “swimming” with it by the end of the week.
She also did a lot of swimming in her flip flops since the pavers were so hot
when she got in and out of the pool. This led to some wicked flip flop tan lines!




Pool time also included intense games of Pro Kadima, which meant the
boys battled all week to see who could have the longest streak.
Dad & Michael won with a grand total of 184 (or so they say!).


The beach was also great. Kenley loved being in the water and it was so warm!
We usually went to the beach for a couple hours in the morning, then headed back for nap time.
We did a great job of sticking with Kenley’s schedule and she slept great for both naps & bedtime.
After nap time, we hung out in the pool for the afternoon.









On Friday we headed out right when the storms were rolling in.
You can see the rainbow and the clear line of storms to the left.
Luckily, the rest of the day was beautiful.


Went to the beach & it started raining, so we took a selfie. #goodstory #ami2013

Thursday, we took a break from the sun and headed up to St. Pete
for the Rays vs. Twins baseball game at Tropicana Field.



Raise your hand if you're excited for baseball! ✋⚾ #rays #actionshot

In addition to the pool and beach…and just relaxing in general,
we ate well, drank plenty, and played some games.
Apples to Apples was the biggest hit, until we went through all the cards. Twice.
Some of our favorite restaurants included Sharky’s (a favorite from last time),
The Beachhouse, Tortilla Bay, Lobstah’s, and of course Two Scoops, which we got a lot!


Now it's a party! Bloody Mary extraordinaire right here people. #sansvodka #stilldelicious


Already missing vacation and the world's best ice cream. #ami2013 #twoscoops cc: @kdlower @mjlower @rachwenn @slower1974




A lot of these photos were taken with our iPhones and a few good one with my camera.
I really wanted to use my camera more, but it was just easier for one person
to whip out their phone, than for me to be in charge of pictures all week.
Looking back, I’m not sure where the week went!
We had a great time hanging with family and relaxing as much as we could.
Anna Maria Island, we’ll see you again in two years.

Now that we’re back from vacation, I have a lot of posts to catch up on,
so stay tuned!

my [long] weekend in photos


friday night we headed down to grammy’s house after work.
we pulled into town right as the sun was setting over the water,
what a great way to start the long weekend.


having a snack outside in our swim suits.
still envious this suit doesn’t come in my size. i can’t get enough of it.


after our snack it was time to take the boat out.


heading out into the blue water. amazing.


after nap time, we headed down to the beach.
we have approximately 24 cloth diapers at home that double as swim diapers…
and we didn’t even pack one on the trip. #fail


regardless, we had fun playing in the ocean.


jumping into the pool with daddy!


i enjoyed my zero proof cucumber ginger jasmine-tini at dinner saturday night.
it probably wasn’t as good as a real martini, but it was sure yummy.


sunday we headed to the rays / yankees game in probably the sickest seats we’ve ever sat in.


kenley loved that the seats were all-you-can-eat too. and she did!


i didn’t mind seeing evan longria that close.


sporting her new rays watch too.


after the game, we headed out on the boat one more time.


once we got back into town, we headed over to the jenkinson’s for a memorial day cookout.
the girls had fun being silly.


in true memorial day fashion, kenley loved the corn on the cob!


we had a great long weekend away and enjoyed our extra day off.
today we remember and thank those who have served our country so we could have such a great weekend.
how was your weekend?