Our Favorites // Feeding

I have shared some of these items on our previous must have lists, but I wanted to do a full roundup of our favorite feeding items. We have retired most of these items since we have moved out of the baby stage, but they will still go down as some of our favorites.

Thankfully we didn’t have to do a lot of shopping around for bottles since both of the kids took to Tommee Tippie bottles immediately. They were very easy to clean and there were no issues with the kids going from breast to bottle and vice versa. The Tommee Tippie sippy cups were good, however, not as easy to clean. They did the job for Kenley, but for Crosby, I was introduced to the Nuby No-Spill Sprout sippy cups and they were by far the best. They were easy to clean, didn’t leak, and Crosby really liked them. Once the kids transitioned to straw cups, we found the Thermos Foogo insulated straw cups and then the slightly larger Thermos Funtainer straw bottles. I cannot stand when cups sweat, so these have been my favorite so far. Since they are both insulated, they keep the water and ice cold for much longer. Another bonus is that they don’t leak! I foresee us using the Thermos brand for a while.

When Kenley was born, there was only the Boon Grass drying rack which was perfect. Later, the larger Boon Lawn came out and once we added another child, we added another drying rack. I love the modern, nontraditional look to these drying racks. They are cute, as well as functional. There are also cute accessories such as the Boon Twig that are great for hanging pacifiers and bottle nipples to dry. We now only use the lawn and it is great for both the kids’ cups, as well as wine glasses. The only bottle brush we’ve used is the OXO Tot Bottle Brush and it is great. Again, still useful for cups and wine glasses even though we haven’t used baby bottles in quite a while.

Feeding Favorites

We registered for the Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair due to the lack of space in our kitchen area of our first house. The high chair sat directly on one of our chairs at the kitchen table and it did just that, saved space. We had the option to slide the chair around the kitchen as needed, but most of the time we all sat at the kitchen table for meals. It worked out perfectly. You can also buy different covers, so it it was nice to have a back up when one was in the wash. Once the kids grew out of the high chair, they moved into the OXO Tot Perch booster seat. Both of the kids have their own now and I love them because they aren’t bulky and they are easy to move.

When we first started solid food, the Munckin soft-tip spoons were by far the best. They are cheap, soft, and easy to clean. For plates, we loved using the OXO Tot Plate and Divided Plate. These are really good quality and the rubber bottoms were great for the younger years. We have since transitioned into the Re-play Recycled set, including the flat plates, divided plates, bowls, sippy cups, tumblers, utensils, and snack stacks. I could go on and on about how much we love this brand. They are very durable and there are so many fun colors. This is the only brand we use for meal time.

At school and on the go, there are a few items that we couldn’t live without. The OXO Tot large and small bowls have been in the rotation for years. They are great for sending snacks to school, such as fruit. They are also very durable as we’ve had our current set for well over three years now. Another item that we didn’t learn about until Crosby was born was the Dr. Brown’s Snack-A-Pillar cups. These were so useful when we were sending smaller snacks to school in the infant room because we could just stack them all together. We still use them, but they are pretty small now that the kids are bigger. Finally, we use the Bentgo lunch boxes for the kids. They are perfect for packing bento style lunches with a lot of variety. We use it every single day and they do not leak! They are well worth the money if you pack lunches regularly.

There you have it! Our feeding time favorites!

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Friday I’m in Love

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o n e

Recently, the Bentgo Kids lunchbox was on a lightning deal on Amazon. We snagged a couple and already love them! They are excellent for packing lunches and are a great size. I don’t fill the compartments all the way to the top yet, so there is still room to grow with them. I’ve already started making a list of healthy items to pack in the kids’ lunches for a quick reference once school starts back up again in the fall.

t w o

Greg is an avid ice coffee drinker, so he got a Contigo Shake & Go tumbler for Father’s Day last weekend. Since he was out of town this week, I confiscated it. It’s pretty sweet. You can shake up your coffee then pop the straw in. I would imagine this is also good for smoothies and shakes too!

t h r e e

I finally ordered Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg for my Kindle (which ended up being free thanks to my Amazon credits!) and I am excited to start reading it (you know, in all my free time). While I was learning more about the book, I came across Sheryl’s TED talk: Why we have too few women leaders from 2010… yes, I realize I’m a little behind the times. If you’re so inclined, listen to it. It has me very excited to read the book!


Your turn! Tell us what you’re loving in the comments or link back to your own post, we’d love to see!

Happy Friday!

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Friday I’m in Love

Happy Friday!

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o n e

I am so so so excited to be included in the Reader’s Digest home & decorating section for my chalkboard wine bottles! Check out their slideshow of 6 Crafty Ways to Reinvent Leftover Wine Bottles!


t w o

10 Processed Foods to Never Feed Your Kids

This article popped up in a mommy group this week and it was pretty eye opening. I will admit we regularly have goldfish crackers in our house, but now I am going to make a point to buy the Annie’s brand crackers now. I am happy to see that Chipotle is listed as a good alternative since that is pretty much the only fast food establishment we frequent with the kids.

t h r e e

On Wednesday, a group of eight ladies got together for Craft Night 2.0 at Sally’s house. This was our second craft night this year (hence the 2.0). I brought over my Cricut machine and we all monogrammed our own tumbler. It was a fun craft, but it was more fun chatting with these ladies. We are all somehow intertwined through our various circles – friends, coworkers, church, mommy groups, etc. so it was great meeting new faces and catching up with old friends. Not to mention, Sally made some killer brownies. It’s nice to be able to get out for some good, adult conversation on a random Wednesday night.


f o u r

My mom got these boots for Kenley for Christmas and I get compliments on them ALL the time! We love them. Kenley chooses to wear them almost everyday and they are still in great condition. I have not had the same luck with Old Navy boots, so I will be shopping the Target selection from now on.

f i v e

Here is another great article… grab a tissue moms.

Motherhood is the Strongest Bond


What are you loving this week?

my weekend in photos


practicing sharing by having a yummy snack together.
organic carrot sticks & yogurt ranch. she loves dipping her food into sauce.

Upgraded our coffee station. Big win. ☕

our coffee station got an upgrade. goodbye ugly containers,
hello pretty glass jars. thank you tj maxx!


kyler came for dinner on saturday! they had so much fun playing.


after having the fabric for about two months now,
i finally made kenley’s sheet for her big girl bed.
i thought i wanted to stay away from chevron stripes,
but this fabric couldn’t be any more perfect for her room.


sunday morning, we got up and headed straight to sea world
with hopes of avoiding the long lines for the newest penguin attraction.
kenley was excited for her first big ride!




the ride was fun, but the penguins were awesome!


we watched them swim around. 

We had so much fun seeing the penguins this morning! #seaworld

she was in awe of them. we all were actually.


as we were standing by the glass, this little guy walked right up to us.


so cute!


kenley thinking of a way to get him home with us.


after the penguins, we headed over to the dolphin show before we headed home.


we had some time this afternoon to finish up some lingering projects.
mad props to my husband for completing my pinterest projects.
he found the pallet and then turned it into a wine rack for our dining room.
this project cost us a grand total of $4, which was to buy the stain.
now we just need to fill it with some actual wine bottles.


we had a good weekend with no big obligations. it was glorious.
how was your weekend?

17 Months!

How it is March 19th already, I don’t know. This month’s post really snuck up on us.
It’s been crazy busy, in a good way, here in the Gilbertson household,
and the rest of March isn’t slowing down.

Kenley is changing every single day. It seems like each day she says 10 new words.
I know that’s not really the case, but she is full out repeating anything and everything,
so be careful what you say around her.
The last word of most of our sentences is repeated (or attempted to be repeated).
She still loves talking about her friends each day and her teachers say that she goes around the room pointing to each of them, saying their names aloud.
Likewise, she points to Mommy, Daddy, and Kenley a lot at home, reminding each of us who we are.
The girl really just loves to talk, I wonder who she gets that from?

You would be able to understand most of her words, but there are still some that we can probably only understand.
She is starting to recite some lines of her favorite books, which may be a clue to us to get some new books.
Her favorite book right now is Goodnight Gorilla.
She woke up this weekend saying “gorilla” and we read it twice before breakfast.
On a typical night, we’ll read 7-10 books before bed, and during the weekend days, add in about 10 more.
She loves to read!

Some of her other favorite things right now are CUPS!
She has stackable cups that she has scattered all over her room and in the bath;
there are cups that go with her play kitchen;
and she loves to pull out all the (clean) cups out of the dishwasher.


I am happy to report that dinner time is getting somewhat easier.
We are still eating dinner together earlier in the evening and it’s going very well,
other than the fact that I haven’t gotten on the ball with running yet.
There was an entire week this month where Kenley scarfed down everything we put in front of her.
From spaghetti to shrimp & grilled peppers, she ate it all without one complaint.
She has since put up a fight about a meal here or there, but she eventually gives in if she’s hungry enough.
There was another night where Greg made her homemade pizza on an English muffin,
but she ate two servings of peas and didn’t take one bite of pizza.
We can’t really complain about that.

Kenley still has those 12 teethers in there, but we have been working on some new ones this weekend.
I wish I could explain the amount of drool happening over here.
We’re practically swimming in it.
Poor girl was not a happy camper the past couple of days.
Let’s hope they come in quickly!

Finally, I’ll leave you with some silliness.

Happy 17 months!

16 Months!

Literally, the day after I posted last month, Kenley mastered how to open and close doors.
It was like overnight she went from barely being able to reach the door handle,
to opening and closing every door in the house. Her favorite being the pantry.
Since then, it’s been a fun game of going into rooms and closing the door…
then opening it again…
and repeat ten times.
We quickly learned to keep the door to the garage locked at all times,
and don’t even think you will have privacy anymore in the bathroom.

This month we made some changes with food and meal time.
We had a great 15 month appointment with our pediatrician that was very informative.
Since then, we have really made a point to eat dinner together
and to feed Kenley whatever we are having for dinner.
Before, Kenley would have her own meal, then Greg and I would eat after she went to bed.
We had a great routine down, and are still adjusting to this one.
I love that we’re eating together as a family,
but it has completely cut out the time we had to go for a run after work.
It has also required us to plan dinners more and we have been doing at least
one meal in the crock pot each week, which has been so helpful.

I’ve been sitting on this gem for a while.
She really likes muffins, but for reasons unbeknownst to us calls them “robbies”.

She can now point to her elbow and knee,
and loves to point to your elbow if you’re changing her diaper.
She will also point to “owies” on herself or someone else.

She has had 12 teeth for a little while now,
the front four on top and bottom, and four molars.

We do a lot of talking and asking questions while she’s in the bath tub,
mostly because she is somewhat focused and can’t run off.
She will point out most of the animals in her bath toys
and we will talk about what sounds the animals make, colors, etc.
She really loves her bath time.


We think that she is really grasping the meaning of who we are.
She’s always said mama or dada, but now she will point to us
and say mommy, then point to the other and say daddy.
She can say her name and seems to understand who she is.
If you say “who’s Kenley?”, she says “ME!”
She also will occasionally answer, “what’s your name?” correctly.
In addition to Kyler, she also will constantly talk about her friends at school,
Caleb (a lot!), Corbin (Co-bin), Emersyn (Emmy), and Andy.
Other new words this month: open (opie), orange (or-ee), cup, table, pizza (dee dup),
Mickey & Minnie (often interchanged), hot dog (as in the song),
snail (bath toy), diapey (diaper), poo poo, and potty (poppy).

Speaking of, we are sitting on the potty every once in a while,
but we’re still holding out for the first time actually going in the potty.
She shows some signs of interest, so that’s all we can ask for now!

This girl loves to dance and sing. We’ve been singing a lot of nursery rhymes lately,
which are very hard to remember ironically… no joke, I googled
“Mary had a little lamb” because for the life of me, I could not remember the words.
…it’s fleece as white as snow, in case you were wondering.
She LOVES the itsy bitsy spider right now and will do the hand motions.
Her version of saying it is adorable and I can’t even think of how I would spell it,
but I know exactly what she wants when she says it.
I’ll try to get it on video.

She also is a big fan of the hot dog song, and will say hot dog over and over again.

Until next time!

my weekend in photos


rocked my new TOMS that i got for my birthday.
in love.
they are more comfy than my glitters, and i didn’t think that was possible.


kenley celebrated her birthday at school on friday!


family was in town, meaning we got to play some euchre.


saturday was party day! i’ll give you a few sneak peeks.


the birthday girl in her new chair


the birthday girl’s adorable cake, just for her.


kenley got an overwhelming amount of new toys and clothes this weekend,
we’re so thankful for our amazing friends and family


we laid low today, but i did make some baked zucchini coins.
they were a hit the first time around…but not the second time.


we had an absolutely wonderful weekend celebrating our little one year old.
i understand that this post may be a bit of a tease,
but rest assured, there will be many more pictures coming soon.

how was your weekend?

Twelve Months!

Happy 1st birthday Kenley Dee!


I’m not even sure where to begin. One year old, how is that possible?

Let’s dive right in.

Overall, Kenley does a very good job eating, even though it can be difficult at times.
She loves peas, macaroni & cheese, string cheese, and pretty much any fruit.
We are still continuing to try new foods and combinations of finger foods,
along with more “meals” rather than just food on her tray.
We have a good size list of the foods we have tried, but some new ones are
cheese quesadillas, chicken nuggets, hot dog (with daddy, of course), ravioli,
pancakes, waffles, noodles, bagel thins, and turkey sandwiches.
Majority of meals are hit or miss, one day she’ll love it, the next it’s on the floor.
She loves the Buddy Fruits pouches and will gulp them down for a snack.
She is still drinking breast milk from a sippy cup,
even though I finished breastfeeding around 11 months (!!).
We’ll either stay on the breast milk until it’s gone, or start mixing it with whole milk.
We haven’t really talked about it much or decided one way or the other. Suggestions?


This girl is on the move! She loves to walk (read: hates to be picked up).
She is all over the place and into everything.
There is no more “getting things done’ when you’re the only parent home with her.
Grandma wanted me to leave her a list of things to do last week when she was home on Friday.
I laughed.
By the end of the day, she was exhausted, and with good reason.
It’s hard work keeping pace with a little one who is constantly on the go.
Her teacher said she and another little boy, who just started walking,
were chasing each other up and down the halls at school this week.
She came home on Monday and Greg and I were both shocked about how fast she is now.


She is quite vocal and has started saying more words.
Each night she says “night night” and we think she understands what that means.
She as also added cat (“ta”), dog, book (“boo”), along with hi, bye, mama, dada, and ball.
We’re working on up, please, and done. She can say done, but chooses to yell majority of the time.
Along with words, she has tons of new sounds and tones that she uses.


We have our evening routine pretty set in stone.
Each night we try to go for a run, or at least a walk.
Kenley has recently started having an actual dinner (rather than just milk before bed).
After dinner, it’s bath time (still in her Whale of a Tub, which we may be graduating from soon),
then it’s to her room, sound machine on, and in the glider for some books.
We say night night and she goes down in her crib.
She rarely cries for more than about ten seconds, snuggles up with her lovies, and is down for the night.
Recently, she’s been waking up crying one to two times a night, it’s usually short and we think she’s still sleeping.
It’s more of a quick scream and a little bit of whining, rather than crying, but it’s still sad.
Hopefully it subsides soon.

Updated 12 months stats:
21 pounds 8 ounces 
29 1/4 inches


This girl in insanely fun and insanely funny too.  She can really crack us up.
I think I speak for Greg as well when I say that I cannot believe how quickly one year can go.
This has, hands down, been the best year of our lives.
We are still amazed each day that we (one) have a child and (two) have such a great one.

Kenley Dee, we love you so much and thank God every single day for you.
Happy birthday!

Eleven Months!

Eleven months slash 48 weeks old today!


Our photo ops are becoming more interesting. This girl is all over the place and hates headbands.
It’s quite hysterical, between Greg and I singing, yelling, dancing, and making weird noises,
to Kenley crawling all over the place and trying to find the headband on her head
(picture dog chasing his tail) before she finally yanks it off.
However, we got a few keepers.


Kenley is becoming such a toddler. I can’t even consider her a baby anymore.
Long gone are the days of cuddling, bottles, and pacifiers.
With that comes a bit of ease. We usually know her wants and needs, so we’ll gladly say
good riddance to the days of a crying baby and clueless parents.
By no means do we have it all down. We are still battling nap time on the weekends,
but I think we’re not doing too bad at this point.

Kenley is also developing quite a little attitude personality.


One of her teachers even described her as “bossy” at times.
We are definitely learning how to share and have nice hands.
I have a feeling she’s going to give us a run for our money.


She is a great little eater, but we are struggling to keep up.
We really love making her food and feeding her fresh fruits and veggies,
but since we’re moving out of the puree stage, it’s getting hard to add variety.
I have been scouring Weelicious and other toddler recipe sites, but we are open to suggestions.
She is doing well with her sippy cup and has recently started to use her straw cup too.


Her new class and new teachers are wonderful!
She is one of the oldest in the class, so I think this may have something to do with her bossy tendencies.
Maybe she’s just being a leader? …maybe?
They seem to have a great schedule for them during the day which translates to a good weekly schedule for us too,
even in the mornings! We are getting better, that’s for sure.
Since she has started in the new class, she has been signing. We had not done it much at home, but are getting better.
The most frequent signs are “more” and “all done”, with the occasional “please” in there.
She is also becoming more verbal. She does a good job of repeating words and sounds that we do.


One month ago Kenley took her first few steps and she is getting better and better.
She is getting more brave and is starting to take it upon herself to walk from one thing to the next.
Of course, she does it on her own time (i.e. not for the camera), which is perfectly fine.


We have hit a new level of teething this week. We are guessing it’s time for molars.
I cannot begin to explain the amount of drool that is coming out of this child’s mouth.
Not to mention a fever, which has kept her home from school the last two days,
and just an overall whiny, puny, not good feeling.
The doctor checked her out and she’s not sick, so that’s a plus,
but she has cuddled and fallen asleep on each of us, which is a definite sign that she’s not feeling well.
It’s heartbreaking. Sleepless nights are back in the Gilbertson household.
Let’s hope they don’t last long!

There you have it! Eleven months!
One month until the big O-N-E!

my weekend in photos


someone really loves her books.

I don't know why but I can't stop dying laughing at this email. #whatadope @DoubleG1011

i honestly died laughing when i read this. in target.
while i was in line at starbucks and greg was in produce.
he makes me laugh.


took advantage of the baby sale at old navy.
kenley will be rocking stripes this fall.


i made zucchini muffins. from scratch. believe it.
recipe from weelicious. we all liked them too!

Long walk. Beautiful evening. #nofilter

long walk on saturday evening.
it was beautiful.


weekend nap wars continued at our household.


judging by our photos, or lack there of, our weekend was not too exciting.
but that’s ok.

how was yours?